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This year we added ammo both FMJ and Hollow Points to the list of products we offer, make sure to stop by booth 3019 to check it out. #ArchonFirearms #Archon. Taken by archonfirearms on Wednesday 24. January 2018

This year we added ammo both FMJ and Hollow Points to the list of products we offer, make sure to stop by booth 3019 to check it out. #ArchonFirearms #Archon

  • @alpha_holic : I put a deposit on a stryk b after shot show last year and still don't have it or any eta on it .. are you guys still working on making these guns avail able or just new things

  • @mattpiva : ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ

  • @mr_joshua20 : @alpha_holic April bud. I don't know how in the loop you are but there was a major catastrophe from Arsenal Firearms USA and they had to rebrand to Archon ( @archonfirearms .) Dimitry said they'll be ready by April on one of his recent posts and all paperwork has already been submitted with support from the ATF. Have faith my friend. Jimi ( @rain6llc ) and Dimitry ( @dimitry_666 ) will get us taken care of.

  • @dimitri_541 : @jessboss2015 this is the comment I came here for โค๏ธ

  • @daniel_launius : @guvmntcheeze ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @steveleflar : A legit explanation of the delay of this gun would make a lot of us happy.

  • @mandiflick : @steveleflar there's been an explanation for about two months now, Arsenal Inc. was suing them over the name. Instead of embroiling themselves in a lengthy legal battle they've decided to rebrand (hence the name Archon) and they now have to make new slides with the new name. New ETA is April.

  • @run_andgun2017 : Whens the type b pistol gonna be for sale in canada?

  • @mandiflick : @mr_joshua20 constantly surprised by how out of the loop people are who have supposedly been awaiting the Type B so eagerly.

  • @mandiflick : @archonfirearms thank you for rebranding instead of fighting that fight, and for what it's worth I love the new name! I don't think that people really appreciate the trouble (and cost) you are going through just to get this gun to us. I'm sure you've been running yourselves ragged, I'm happy my only job is waiting lol

  • @steveleflar : @mandiflick I appreciate that explanation.

  • @bubbas.blasters : Just stopped by the booth and had a nice conversation with mr. Sargent. Looking forward to April guys!

  • @mr_joshua20 : @steveleflar Hey bud, I've been where you're at. I was confused and disoriented about the state of things.. @mandiflick gives a great explanation of what's going one. I'd like to add the press release to the mix to emphasize that @archongirearms and @Rain6llc are doing all possible. They promised a date and delivered a full day early for the press release . That's the press release for the branding issue. This can be a lengthy process as I've done recent research into the process of branding and trademarks/copyrights. They chose a path that ensured timely delivery for those most enthusiastic about the release. They put ego aside and focused on the fastest way to get "us" the consumer/fan market to get out investment as soon as possible. I thank @dimitry_666 for making the decision to focus on us, the consumer market instead of an ego filled pissing contest to keep a name when the product is what represents the value. Name aside, reviews, design and innovation will trump something so simple as a name. You cannot brand value. Value brands itself and @archonfirearms put us first. Remember that. Its only a matter of time and that time grows shorter by the day.

  • @steveleflar : @mr_joshua20 thank you very much!

  • @chainsawbayonet : It would have been a good idea to manufacture this pistol in America, and not the former-Nazi Germany.

  • @mr_joshua20 : @Dimitry_666 @rain6llc I'm watching Shot Show footage on YouTube and I'm consistently seeing that the Type B ships with 4 Mec-Gar magazines. Last I remember, it was only 3. Straighten me out here. When did I miss that update. I'd love to get 4 mags!

  • @mr_joshua20 : @dimitry_666 It's just getting better and better....

  • @stcoemgen : @mr_joshua20 Well said sir, well said. Soo many people aren't even aware or understanding of all the issues this company has faced, since its inception. Sure, they could've fought this in court and God knows how long that process would've dragged on? Your comments, as well as, @mandiflick comments were spot on and articulated way better than anything I could've coupled together. Soo many crackheads out there just jones'in for a fix. Patience makes perfect. People, this isn't a Glock (G43) rushed to market and released with known issues, just to satisfy the insatiable appetite of consumers. Oh, and to all you Glock fans I'm not hating on Glock, cause if you have an issue with your/their tool the service department is excellent. My point is Arsenal Inc, had zero issues with Arsenal Firearms, Inc. the first go around. Personally, I think this is a major dick move on Arsenal Inc's part,

  • @stcoemgen : @mandiflick You're right this absolutely could've turned into a pissing contest, between companies and ego's. The costs involved with the rebranding have to be astronomical, but I think @dimitry_666 made the right call. I personally don't care what it's called, I just need it to work. The mechanical workings of this tool are phenomenal. I love the concept and especially the execution of this design made manifest. The previous iterations of the AF Strike 1 I run are rock solid. I now see that @archonfirearms is shipping a soft case and FOUR Mec-Gar mags...this just keeps getting better and better.

  • @stcoemgen : I hate the fact IG won't let me like the comments made by other fans, but it looks like the hater comments aren't having this issue.๐Ÿค” Soo weird, right?

  • @mr_joshua20 : @stcoemgen Are you in the app or on the web?

  • @stcoemgen : @mr_joshua20 App.?! Please explain the differences.

  • @mr_joshua20 : @stcoemgen A simple difference is if your on the app you cannot copy the text of comments. Such as, links. If I posted a YouTube link, you cannot click it. You have to copy the text and paste it in browser. You can do this on the internet side but not in app. Its 1 of the major differences I've noticed this far.

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