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Instagram photo by gracegulley Can I say a word about personal growth vs personal development? . . We work (or should work) daily towards developing personally. We are better for it. Our business is better for it. Our relationships are better for it. Yadda! Yadda! . . But personal evolution! This is one I think I've been struggling with. I've been doing this thing now for some time. @cylcollective has evolved over the years and gone through a lot of changes. This process has been beautiful and illuminated a lot of things I didn't know about myself. It's really solidified my values and made me want to get my life and business in total alignment! . . Personal evolution is accepting yourself and allowing changes to occur naturally. It's knowing who you are and accepting that so you can enable that real you to FULLY SHINE! . . Okay WHOA WHOA WHOA! You are probably asking 'but how can I accept myself AND evolve?’ We start by removing barriers to evolution. We start by shedding the expectations others have placed on us and uncovering our true values. Next we acknowledge our flaws and say 'that's okay!' We don't attack those flaws. We have to start living in alignment with that person we know we can be (or want to be)! . . I couldn't be more grateful to finally be stepping into this person. And I am even more grateful to have a tribe of so many amazing women taking this journey alongside me! . . As part of this evolution, I'm working on some special surprises for CYL, for this community. Surprises that bring me back into alignment and allow me to give from an even more authentic place. Stay tuned y'all! . . Big things are happening. And even bigger hugs to you all! . . xoxo, Grace 💋 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Instagram photo by gracegulley A few months ago I partnered with @squarespace to help educate small business owners why they should have their own website. While there are a multitude of reasons (most of which I'll be sharing in my free website crash course launching next week! Use link above to sign up and get it directly to your email), I'll stick to one of the biggest reasons today. 👆🏻 Having a website means you can build a road map for visitors and create specific Calls to Action. Do you know how IG only has one active link in your bio (unless you use LinkTree... but even then...)? That means every time you want your audience to do something you need to update the link (and then remember to switch back later!). Not super efficient. With your website, you get to choose what to showcase, as well as when, where and how. You are telling your audience how you want them to interact with your business. For instance, on my @cylcollective @squarespace site, my priorities are educating my audience by offering freebies. So when you land on the site, immediately you find multiple links to all my current free offerings. This is super limited across social media! Easy, peezy with a website! Again, a website lets you guide your customer's experience. 👌🏻 So there’s the why, do you want the how?? I’m sharing an exclusive crash course on how to build your site using Squarespace next week-to registrants only! Click link above so you don’t miss out! . . #squarespace #sponsored
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