When you're doing the thing you were made to do everything else just fades away and becomes dull in the light of shining truth. In that place, for just a few moments, there's clarity, like nothing else in the world exists. It's just you and the thing you love, and reassurance comes. Everything is going to be alright. I'm feeling the need to celebrate BIG dreams coming true and to express my thankfulness to YOU, my beautiful flower friends for being there for the journey. So, during the month of November I'll be hosting a live video meditation or tutorial daily in my studio/greenhouse. I hope you can join the joy, I'd love to see you there. ❀ Photo: @maria.lamb at Ponderosa Workshop this June of me, doing the thing I love most. Floral assistants: @jenn_pinder_flowers, @mariamarin_atelierfloral Venue: @balitx.davall

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