During the month of Thanksgiving and to celebrate the launch of our 2018 workshops, I've been prompted to celebrate our beautiful community by hosting a live video meditation or tutorial every day until the end of November! Thankfulness and generosity go hand in hand, and I'm thankful for YOU, my fabulous art community. Join us live if you can to be an active participant in the conversation, flower joy, Q+A, dancing(?) 😆...or catch up later by checking my stories to join the fun. I'll be hosting the live community love at different times of day (and night) so we can reach most time zones throughout the month. Check out last nights video for more conversation about the month of teaching and music, and stay tuned on the stories as I'll often be announcing the times for the next daily video ❤ Love you guys. Be well today. Photo: @maria.lamb at Ponderosa Workshop this June Floral assistants: @jenn_pinder_flowers, @mariamarin_atelierfloral Venue: @balitx.davall Model: @annkazakova

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