Instagram photo by gg.foodnfitness Sweaty, bare faced selfie for #Gymshark66 straight after my New Year’s #UFBG workout 💪🏼 don’t think I’ve ever posted an actual pic with no makeup anywhere, so feeling like a scruff/grub but that’s usual lol (I don’t even know how to make up so just avoid selfies in general) 🙃 Learning to embrace myself with no cover up! Realised my writing was backwards after deciding on selfie whoops so just ignore that 🤷🏼‍♀️ aaaand posted a bit late, but still just made the cut off!! Anyway, after consuming chocolate in place of regular meals and participating in minimal exercise (emphasis on minimal) for the past two weeks, I say it’s time for a challenge 👊🏼 in saying this, we all NEED a break at some point.. Although I don’t have ‘goals’ as such, I genuinely believe that consistency, effort and most importantly balance will really reward me in the end. After struggling with severe anxiety all my life and the various health consequences it has entailed, I know now that balance really is key to maintaining optimism and contentment and managing anxiety. It’s so easy for many of us to get so caught up in ‘clean’ eating, counting calories, working out vs rest etc as well as small insignificant difficulties that life throws at us that really shouldn’t matter at all, and letting it all rule our lives. But no, this year let’s rule it!! Let’s start this new year right!! 😎 @gymshark #Gymshark66 #nomakeupforme #grublife
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