Instagram photo by suhgacity Writing Fantastic Content Online . Whether you are writing content for your website, your social media, your local newspaper or anything else, content follows basically the same rules. If it is not relevant to the reader, if it’s not of value to them, there won't be people reading it. . The Seven Reasons Your Content is Failing Online . 1. Not Search Focused . You need to include content, keywords and key phrases that your customers are looking or you will be wasting your time if you write great content no-one can find. . 2. Not Sales Focused . There is no point in writing about trivial rubbish (like what you had for breakfast when you are selling houses). You will wake up one day and realise you’ve just wasted years of writing on the things that did not get you one sale and never stood a chance of getting you that sale. . 3. Not Specific Enough . You need to narrow down your content to specific things. Don’t shotgun approach your content. Drill down on specific items, practice essentialism. Content that is not specific does not get readership and does not sell. . 4. Nail Down Your Buyer Personas . Most people don’t think about what constitutes the persona of the person that is going to buy from you. You need to nail down that persona because that will allow you to target your content at them. . 5. Not Consistent Enough . People don’t want to see someone's site that does not update their content on a regular basis but also alongside this your content must be consistent on your site. If this week you are talking about speaking then next week it’s cars you are going to lose readership. . 6. Too Ego Focused . You are talking too much about yourself, showing off, telling people how big your company is, telling them about you and essentially just giving yourself an ego boost. – Guess what? No-one cares about you, they only care about themselves. Your ego content is boring, uninteresting and turns People off!! . 7. Be the TEACHER to make OTHERS Successful
Instagram photo by coastalcrochet Good Morning Everyone! 😊 I’m still feeling tired after the fabulous weekend at @thecrochetsanctuary so thankfully I had this post ready to go before the weekend! 😂❤️😊.... And now for something a little different but very traditional! A little nod to the humble ‘granny square’ stitch! And as you can see I’m having to really come away from my coastal colours if I want to use my stash! But actually this stitch and colour remind me firstly of all the granny square blankets that must be stored in beach huts around the coast and also to strawberry ice cream- a perfect seaside thought!! 😂💕😉🍦🍦⛱🏖 . So at the end of row 21 you should have joined a new colour but NOT made a turning chain. This is so we can make a slip stitch at the start of this next row to get the hook into the right position so that we can then get 60 x 3tr clusters in this next row... Remember it’s UK crochet terminology.(ss=slip stitch) . Row 22: 1ss in next st, 3ch (counts as first st), 2tr in same st, continue with (miss 2 sts, 3tr in next st) and repeat to end missing the final st, join with a new colour at end of row, 3ch, turn (60 x 3tr clusters, 180 sts) .
Row 23: Miss 2 sts, 3tr in space between each 3tr cluster to end, miss 2 sts, 2tr in final st, join with a new colour at end of final st, DO NOT make a turning chain, turn (59 x 3tr clusters with 1tr at the start of row and 2tr at end, 180 sts) . Have a great week...😊💕 #seasidestashbustingblanket #coastalcrochetcal #coastalcrochet
Instagram photo by leftcoastcreativity I often forget to explain what I do, because I either assume people know what I do (you know what they say about makes an ass out of you and me 😉) or nobody really wanted to know. Pretty silly right? - If I’m running a business isn’t part of it telling people what I do so they can purchase my services? 😂 I’m cracking myself up as I write this. Sometimes I don’t see how ridiculous a thought is until I write it out. - So, without further ado here’s more about what I do ☺️: - I help creative entrepreneurs build and design Squarespace websites. Why specifically Squarespace? The three main reasons are: 1. It’s VERY user friendly. 2. It’s an all-in-one platform. That’s right, you don’t have to have a separate hosting site or buy your domain somewhere else. It’s all in one spot! 3. Their templates are GORGEOUS and customizable! - What’s involved in the building and designing of the website? 1. First, I send my client a questionnaire to get to know their business better and than we hop on a call and dive into the details and really uncover what the purpose of their website is and discuss any questions or concerns they may have. This step is the most important one! 2. After the call I create a Squarespace trial for them and we get to building out the website. I add the pages of the website they want and the content they have prepared for the website. 3. Then we get into the fun part, the design! This is when the site comes alive. I add their color palette, logo, photos, and layout it all out. 4. During the process my client and I are in constant communication. I ask them to check the site a couple of times to see if there are any revisions needed. 5. Before we launch the site I do a few back end things to make sure the site runs correctly. Like making sure all buttons are linked to the right place. 6. The LAUNCH! Which means a solo dance party in my room to celebrate! 🎉 - I’ll be going Live tomorrow (2/19) at 9am PST talking more about my top 3 reasons for using Squarespace! Come join me! ❤️ • 📸: @em.magical Edited in: @acolorstory #acolorstory Designed in: @adesignkit #adesignkit #instagramadvantage
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