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Organize the people you follow with Circles!

Change the way you view Instagram with one of our best tools to date - categorize and sort those you follow with our new Circles feature, available in both the desktop and mobile version of INK361!

Simply click the circle next to the user’s name in your feed to add them to a circle.

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

Or the circle next to the following button on the user’s page.

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

View your feed according to the circles you created by selecting the name of the circle in the top menu bar under “Feed”.

(NOTE: Because Instagram limits your Feed to only the previous 200 posted pictures, you may only see a few pictures within each Circle.)

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

Edit or delete the lists using the icons under “Feed” in the menu.

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

Sort the view of the “Following” page by using the boxes above the user’s snapshots.

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

Best thing is, Circles even works on our responsive site for your mobile too!

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

In addition to the benefits the INK361 web viewer already has in place - such as Statistics, Alerts, and Albums - the new Circles feature further improves the efficiency and experience of viewing Instagram photos.

We hope you enjoy using this tool as much as we do!

Posted in Discovery on May 27, 2014

Now THIS is star power!

While we all use Instagram for photography, selfies, food porn and more, our favourite celebs take Instagramming to a whole other level with their impressive statistics. We have compiled an infographic using the INK361 Statistics Viewer to show you everything you need to know about the Top 10 Celebrities on Instagram (click on the infographic to enlarge it).


If you haven’t noticed, there seems to be no limit to what people are creating using photo editing apps on their phones. But what about video? In the wake of Instagram’s video release, momentum is building as powerful video editing apps are hitting the market. This is a list of five apps & seven tips that can help take your mobile video editing to the next level.

UpGrade Your Camera - CP Pro

The only place to start is with your camera app and the one I’ve found most useful for live recording is CP Pro. This simple app lets you choose video quality, lets you pause/resume recording, has a smooth zoom feature and time lapse options, and gives you nine live filters. My clips have always come out crisp and export easily to the camera roll.Remember to shoot in landscape!

Take a Timelapse - OSnap!

Timelapses are a perfect way to push your video capturing to new a creative level and you don’t need a DSLR rig to create one anymore! OSnap! is the perfect app if you’re looking for a powerful interface with full manual control. This app gives you the ability to set the capture rate, focus, and exposure separately, as well as set your white balance. When exporting, you can choose the frame rate for video or just export the stills for use in another app. OSnap! outperforms others by a long shot. One last thing, don’t forget to watch out for wind - phones are light and if not secured to a tripod or against a surface, wind jitters might ruin your final video.

Collage Your Video - Diptic Video

Diptic is arguably the most successful photo collaging app on smartphones today, so it should be no surprise their video collage version makes this list. The app lets you combine both stills and video, and also has a number of playback options so you can loop or reverse your footage - this alone makes it a useful app for phone video editing. Play around and see what you come up with!

Add filters - Vinyet

A great way to add filters to your video before going to Instagram is the Vinyet app. You can import any video on your phone and add filters that utilize color blurring, sharpening, and color adjustment. It even has a stop-motion mode that lets you set a capture delay so you don’t have to perfectly tap your screen when capturing. In addition to exporting to other apps or your camera roll, Vinyet lets you export your video as an animated gif!

Add Your Music - Vinyet

Probably the best reason to download Vinyet is for its intuitive music interface. Vinyet, like many video apps, lets you select a song from your library to play behind your video. But where this app stands out is its selective waveform viewer - it lets you move the song around visually, so you can start it exactly where you want.

Vintage grain - 8mm

8mm Vintage Camera is one of the oldest video apps on the App Store, and also by far one of the best. The app lets you shoot or upload your clips with 10 authentic looking 8mm video filters as well as a handful of lenses and sounds. It even has a simple editing interface that adds transitions between your clips. This app is well worth the $1.99 - it does things other apps just don’t do, and does it well.

Light Leaks - 8mm

There have been very few photo editing trends more prominent than the light leak, and as something native to film, bringing it to mobile video seems like a no-brainer. Surprisingly, as of this post, there aren’t very many options to bring light leaks to your phone videos. The most successful one I’ve found is an in-app purchase within the 8mm app. One of its three purchasable themes adds moving light leaks to your shot. This might be exactly what you’re looking for when editing your final video!

Article by Mark Gabriel Laos, a video and design extraordinaire. Check out his website here: and Instagram @imbroglio3

Posted in News on March 07, 2014

INK361 Announces Alerts

INK361 Announces Alerts

This week we officially announced our great new service, Alerts.

Never Miss an Instagram with INK361 Alerts

With the growth of Instagram, we are following more and more accounts. In addition to our closest friends, we may follow great photographers, celebrities, sassy cats, our favorite brands, and more. That means that photos in our feeds will expire faster and we miss out on that important post. With INK361’s new “Alerts”, you will no longer miss Instagrams from your favorite accounts or hashtags.

INK361 Announces Alerts

Alerts, much like our widget to add Instagrams to blogs and websites - as used by Huffington Post amongst many others - are a great tool for businesses, journalists, communities and brands, to track topics, campaigns, events, and more.

It’s very easy to set up an Alert. Once logged in to INK361, roll over your avatar icon to bring up your account menu, then click on the “Alerts” link.

INK361 Announces Alerts

From there, you can add user alerts or tag alerts to track. Once you’ve set up an Alert, you will receive emails that gives you a preview of the latest photos and makes it easy to click through to see all the photos for that user or hashtag.

INK361 Announces Alerts

Whether you want to keep up with the Kardashians, see the latest #Oscars pics or track posts related to your brand - INK361 Alerts make that happen.

Be sure to set up your Alerts today!


" alt="The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview">The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview Photo by Dan

Tell us a little bit about yourselves. We are a wife Flo (@flolum) and husband Dan (@dudelum) photography & visual storytelling team based in Vancouver, Canada. Beyond Instagram, you can find us at our blogs: &

How long have you been on Instagram. We opened our Instagram accounts in late 2011 but only became serious about the platform in April 2012

" alt="The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview">The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview Photo by Dan

Please sum up in 5 words your Instalumtrip. Adventure, inspiration, beauty, awe, freedom

What made you decide to go on your #instalumtrip? After leaving our jobs of seven years last year, we’ve been on a journey of searching for the next thing for us and our family. Photography and Instagram had become a huge part of our lives. We now saw the world very differently. The timing for #InstaLumTrip was perfect. Summer break was coming up and we were looking at inexpensive family trip options. Our daughter wanted to visit her friend in Texas so we started talking about a road trip. The flood gates were opened. A 2 week road trip turned into a 6 week adventure. We never did make it to Texas.

" alt="The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview">The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview Photo by Flo

What are the favourite places you visited? That’s a tough one. Every single stop was special. If we had to pick a couple standouts, one would be the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The sheer scale and beauty were mind blowing. The other would be San Francisco. Although we had lived there for 4 years previously, we now saw so many places in the city with a renewed perspective. Instagram had truly opened our eyes to the beauty around us.

Any other highlights on your trip? The biggest highlight for us was connecting with other Instagrammers. One Instagrammer in particular, from San Diego, had invited us to stay with him and his family. So, San Diego was added to our list. And the strange thing was, we had no qualms saying yes, as I am sure it was just as weird for them to offer… Inviting literal strangers to stay in their home for three nights. We had great meaningful conversations and all the kids had an awesome time playing together. It was truly a blessing to connect with this wonderful family.

" alt="The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview">The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview Photo by Dan

Have your kids caught your Instagram bug? They do not have their own Instagram accounts yet but they definitely enjoy taking photos. They use one of our old point and shoots.

What did you learn from your journey? This trip has only whet our appetite for more adventure. There is so much to see, explore and experience! Our desire to connect with people has increased and it’s been great meeting and getting to know other IGers… People we would never have met, if not for this little app.

" alt="The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview">The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview Photo by Flo

Name the top 10 most important items you took with you on your trip. • iphones • cameras • laptop and external hard drive to store and back up thousands of photos • chargers and lots of spare batteries for all cameras and devices • activities to occupy kids during the long drives • tent • camp stove • fire starters • lighter • great road trip music

Any tips or tricks for other families that want to embark on a similar adventure? • intersperse camping with hotel stays • stay at one campsite for at least 2 nights (1 night camping is a LOT of work and takes a lot of time to set up and tear down, especially for a family with young children) • allot time for spontaneous stops (read: photo ops) • be flexible and have fun!

" alt="The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview">The incredibly epic #instalumtrip interview *Valid only for printing your own photos, cannot to be used with any other offer, expires 2nd December 11:59pm PST

Posted in News on November 26, 2013



INK361 is proud to support The Mobile Photography Awards, founded in 2011 to recognize and celebrate the genre’s leading mobile photo and art talent. Over the course of three years, the Mobile Photography Awards has become the world’s largest annual event and competition of it’s kind.

The MPA is an international open call for photographs and images created on mobile devices (phone and tablet), with cash and prizes of more than $15,000.


Each winner in the 20 photo categories will receive an MPA prize pack - including a $50 credit for INK361 - and will be included on the exclusive MPA Exhibit Tour. Grand Prize winners receive $3000 and entry is open until December 3rd.

Founder of the MPA Daniel Berman adds “…The MPA has distributed over $25,000 in cash to mobile photographers and artists since 2011 from fine art sales and prize awards.  We believe The MPA plays a big role in helping to professionalize mobile photography. With our world premiere of this year’s winners set to take place at the Silicon Valley Contemporary Art Fair in April 2014, we expect to continue setting the standard for connecting collectors and artists in the mobile space.”

For full rules, entry fees, and category information, visit

Posted in News on September 16, 2013

Crop Til You Drop

In this visual guide, we will guide you through our simple order process and show you how to order photo prints with our new alternative aspect ratios.

1. Click on Print or directly visit

Crop Til You Drop

Crop Til You Drop

2. Select the product you want to order For this tutorial we have selected Fine Art Print, but you can scroll down to see the full range of products.

Crop Til You Drop

3. Select a size We have chosen 12” x 18”.

Crop Til You Drop

4. Select a photo or upload a photo Uploading a photo is best for better quality prints. This is especially important for bigger size prints. You can take a note of the blue star rating on screen - the higher number of starts, the better your photos will turn out!

Crop Til You Drop

5. Crop your shot You can simply drag the little blue dot on your photo to crop the shot or drag the frame around to move where you are cropping your photo. Please be aware that when you crop a photo a lot, the quality of the photo will decrease.

Crop Til You DropCrop Til You Drop

6. Preview your work of art Click on Preview to see how your crop has turned out

Crop Til You Drop

7. Click on the pink “Add to Cart” button and you’re ready to order your next print!


" alt="Crop Til You Drop">Crop Til You Drop

*Product images by @ottorisotto. **Offer valid for printing your own photos only and is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Promotion ends September 19th 2013 EST Midnight.


"Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow" is written by our awesome friends at LetterGlow.

In this tutorial we will cover some short, simple instructions on how to apply text to your iPhone photos using the LetterGlow app. LetterGlow was recently released on the App Store and can be used in numerous ways to tell more of the story behind your photos. The app includes a strong set of features including full resolution support, the ability to install your own fonts, 100+ design overlays, the ability to save templates, and extensive sharing options like Dropbox & WordPress.

Here’s how to do a simple design using text and overlays in LetterGlow.

Step 1. Selecting a photo

Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow

LetterGlow allows you to take a photo from within the app or select from the device’s photo library and then either crop to a square format or keep the original rectangular image. The full resolution of your images is retained and not reduced like many other editing apps.

Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow

After selecting and cropping (if required), you are then presented with the main screen containing the default text over the photo and 4 primary options in the bottom menu: Text, Overlays, Image Adjustments & Templates.

Step 2. Adding text

Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow

A simple double tap on the default text box loads the text edit screen. Here you enter your text and can change the font (choose from the 40 included), size, alignment and also add symbols (including items like copyright).

Step 3. Editing text

Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow

Back on the main screen, the Text option provides a number of tools to further adjust your text. Here is where you’ll find extra adjustments for font, alignment, color, size, opacity, angle, positioning, as well as line & letter spacing. The + button in the Text menu allows you quickly add multiple items of text, all with their own styling if desired.

Step 4. Adding overlays

Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow

The Overlays option provides a number or design elements that can help enhance your message or just bring a bit of extra style to the final image. The 120 included overlays are split between phrases, shapes, lines and decorations categories. Selecting and applying multiple different overlays to create your design is an easy process and, as with the Text option, you can also adjust the color, size, opacity, angle, and position of each overlay.

Step 5. Adjusting the photo

Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow

The Image Adjustment option gives you tools to add light or dark tint to the photo (helping the text standout from the background), allow you to re-crop and also to optionally replace with a new image (useful when doing similar edits with a string of photos).

The Template option provides a utility for applying designs (text & overlays) that have been saved from previous edits. Templates are especially beneficial for quickly adding watermarks to your images or for saving design projects that are a work-in-progress.

Step 6. Save & share

Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow

When a photo edit is completed, you just need to tap the small arrow in the white strip at the bottom of the screen to bring up the NEW and DONE options. NEW is used to go back to the home screen and DONE presents the sharing options screen. All of the common save and sharing options are available (email, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). Additionally, LetterGlow provides saving to Flickr & Dropbox as well as a WordPress-powered website or blog.

Final image

Adding creative text to photos using LetterGlow

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to craft your story with LetterGlow, it’s time to let loose with your own creativity. Have fun with it and share your creations with the world!

P.S. As a little bonus, here’s some extra tips for creating a great design:

Tip 1. Install your own font files to expand on the included set (from the Options area). Great free fonts for personal use are available on, and many other sites.
Tip 2. Make use of the Move tool for both text and overlays to make fine positioning adjustments.
Tip 3. When an item is selected, tapping outside the box and sliding makes it much easier to re-position things accurately too.
Tip 4. Similarly, pinch your fingers outside the selected box to re-size. This helps you get the right sizing by seeing the whole text as it scales.
Tip 5. Layer different overlays together to create a unique design. Adjusting opacity & color will bring new effects as well.


Interview with an Instagram Community: @ohmyjosh_ for @monoart

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Joshua (@ohmyjosh_) from the tiny red dot, Singapore. I’ve just finished my degree in Entrepreneurship & am currently working in a financial planning company. A few things that I love: Jesus, cycling, drumming & photography!

How long have you been on Instagram? I started exploring the world of Instagram about 2 years back when I switched to an iPhone 4 & became an active user 4 months later. I just gotta say that I’m SO glad I didn’t stick to my BlackBerry then!

Interview with an Instagram Community: @ohmyjosh_ for @monoart

Tell us about your community. What was the inspiration behind starting this community? @Monoart started back then as a tag that I used for my personal monochrome photos & it slowly evolved into a community that highlights a picture a day.

I actually did not start off Instagram with black & white photos but it slowly evolved in the initial few months. My inspiration for @Monoart came about after noticing that there were many black & white artist out there but none of the IG communities were highlighting monochrome pictures (only). Thus, I decided to fill that gap!

Interview with an Instagram Community: @ohmyjosh_ for @monoart

Tell us about your team. Who is behind it? It’s been pretty much me, myself & I maintaining the account for a while. I’ve recently opened up slots for “guest judges” & I’ve got a good IG mate, Eric (@littlecoal) who is helping me out currently.

How can people get involved? Tag your black & white pictures to our new tag #monoart_! This community is for EVERYONE.

I’m also very open to suggestions to who gets featured daily. If you’re keen to help, you may tag me @ohmyjosh_ in photos that you think deserves a feature. Another way is to drop me an email at!

Interview with an Instagram Community: @ohmyjosh_ for @monoart

What catches your eye when you choose images to feature? My eyes are drawn to lines, shapes, silhouette, shadows, portraits OR any pictures with a nice scale & DOF. Basically anything that looks good! One thing that I am less attracted to though, are pictures that are too dramatic or with too much noise.

Do you have an all time favourite image from this community? Honestly, no. We have too many nice entries coming in!

Interview with an Instagram Community: @ohmyjosh_ for @monoart

Do you have any other favourite communities? @AMPt is my favourite community that focuses on mobile photography. If you’re an aspiring mobile photographer, this is for you! Find out more at

What advice do you have for aspiring photographers? Keep exploring & challenging yourself to shoot/edit something different! You’ll eventually find what you like ;)

Posted in discovery on August 28, 2013

Exploring beaches around the world

by Simran Nanwani - a passionate photographer and writer. She photographs moments through her camera and iPhone and mainly writes about captivating moments found in daily living. Find her online at

Exploring beaches around the world Bali by @simirani

Beaches are a fun and relaxing way to unwind. As we all would love to take time of our busy lives and travel, maybe through these awesome Instagram accounts we are able to have a glimpse of the wonderful beaches around the world. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did!

We can start by touring through some Asian Beaches through these accounts. They have some creative and soothing beach photos of places in Malaysia and Indonesia. The Malaysian beach images are captivating and truly peaceful.


Exploring beaches around the world Photo by @manasy


Exploring beaches around the world Photo by @thrdn

Travel through some fine Beaches in UK and France, amongst them would be Lepe Beach in UK. The textures and sensuality of Europe Beaches are a mood of its own.


Exploring beaches around the world Photo by @amelie_and_richard


Exploring beaches around the world Photo by @stendahlmusic

Welcome to LA, Hollywood! The palm trees and the scenic beaches give a complete Californian touch. For a summer tropical taste these beaches are a must visit!


Exploring beaches around the world Photo by @alligator31_igg


Exploring beaches around the world Photo by @prtysnflwr

Aloha Hawaii! A beach scene isnt complete without Hawaii.. These galleries have a variety of Hawaii beach moments captured through their travels.


Exploring beaches around the world Photo by @maritahodges

Exploring beaches around the world Photo by @stoneriver_80

And lastly, a stop over at the land of Kangaroos and Koalas. These galleries have captivated the Australian and New Zealand beaches with an equatorial sense. Their beaches can give a misty sometimes foggy feeling and also be completely tropic.

New Zealand

Exploring beaches around the world Photo by @travel_shutter


Exploring beaches around the world Photo by @sooziegirl

May your state of wonder whilst enjoying the beaches around the world, match this quote : “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” —Jacques Cousteau

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