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Posted in News on July 24, 2014

This love is Magnetic!

Like you, we love the idea of showing off our favorite Instagrams as magnets - that’s why we’re so excited to announce our collaboration with Sticky9 - the folks that brought you the original 9x9 Instagram photo magnets!

This love is Magnetic!

To celebrate our new partnership, we are able to bring you a great 3-for-2 special deal on magnet sheets! Order three sheets of magnets for the price of two - and show off more of your favorite Instagrams!

This love is Magnetic!

Magnets come in sheets of 9 in Classic Medium (15x15cm) or Classic Large (21x21cm).

This love is Magnetic!

To order your (as our friends at Sticky9 say) “magnetic mementos”, just visit


Organize the people you follow with Circles!

Change the way you view Instagram with one of our best tools to date - categorize and sort those you follow with our new Circles feature, available in both the desktop and mobile version of INK361!

Simply click the circle next to the user’s name in your feed to add them to a circle.

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

Or the circle next to the following button on the user’s page.

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

View your feed according to the circles you created by selecting the name of the circle in the top menu bar under “Feed”.

(NOTE: Because Instagram limits your Feed to only the previous 200 posted pictures, you may only see a few pictures within each Circle.)

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

Edit or delete the lists using the icons under “Feed” in the menu.

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

Sort the view of the “Following” page by using the boxes above the user’s snapshots.

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

Best thing is, Circles even works on our responsive site for your mobile too!

Organize the people you follow with Circles!

In addition to the benefits the INK361 web viewer already has in place - such as Statistics, Alerts, and Albums - the new Circles feature further improves the efficiency and experience of viewing Instagram photos.

We hope you enjoy using this tool as much as we do!


@ink361 + @ampt presents @racheycakes

Bio: My name is Rachael Fouchier @racheycakes and I have lived near Vancouver, Canada my whole life. I love to travel but I am always happy to come home to such a beautiful place where I can find balance between urban and nature adventures. I love how taking photos has made me open my eyes to see what’s happening around me more fully, I’m now able to see so much more beauty in my every day as I am always looking at pictures.

Description: I took this photo at Buntzen Lake, a local favourite spot for me, near Vancouver. This little house has a tendency to look a tad different every day and its really great to see how this scene changes with the seasons. I took this photo early spring this year.

Process: Like all my photos, this one was taken with my iPhone 5, using the native camera app to shoot. This particular shot I put through VSCO to process. Increased exposure, highlights and shadows quite a bit and also increased contrast a touch and sharpened the image just a touch. I then applied the VSCO preset M6 Fade mid strength.

Posted in Discovery on July 02, 2014

@ink361 + @ampt presents @tang310

@ink361 + @ampt presents @tang310

Bio: My name is Patrick Tang (@tang310) and Street Photography is a hobby of mine. I reside in Los Angeles, Ca so I’m close enough to travel throughout Southern and Northern California, Las Vegas, and Arizona frequently. Photography is my form of relaxation and a way to get away from the busy life. Through mobile photography, I’ve been able to see the world differently and enjoy and capture the little things that we take for granted a lot of times.

Description: This photo was taken in Big Bear, California right before the sun went down. As I was driving, I saw the sun setting and the colors in the sky forming. I had a feeling it would be a sunset I wouldn’t want to miss, so I immediately pulled over and snapped this shot.

Process: I enjoy post processing a lot due to the many different variations you can make 1 photo look. For example, I’ve seen several people take the same exact photo of a landscape scene but they all looked so unique due to their tones and creative editing style. My process for this photo was very easy. I used the average camera app and then did some contrast, saturation, and ambience adjustments in Snapseed.

Posted in Discovery on June 12, 2014

5 cool brands that inspire

5 cool brands that inspire Photo by @missionbicycle

Instagram is a great source to find inspiration across a broad range of design disciplinaries from architecture to design, photography and styling, just to name a few. In this digital age, brands are using Instagram to showcase their products by using some aesthetically stunning imagery that creates the image for the brand. The below accounts are some accounts showcasing amazing styling and visual curating work that reflects their branding image through their Instagram feeds.

5 cool brands that inspire

1. First Base @thisisfirstbase – An Australian based clothing brand brining you stunning black and white images of not only their clothes, but also a feed full of styling inspiration and quotes that reflect life on coastal shores.

5 cool brands that inspire

2. Larsson & Jennings @larssonjennings - A London based company, producing watches with British Aesthetic combined with Swedish minimalism. Who knew close ups of hands and watches can be so visually interesting and beautifully curated.

5 cool brands that inspire

3. TSUKI @tsukistore - an e-store that producing soy and gel candles packaged in glass scientific flasks. The imagery from their beautiful styling of their products from the website flows through to their instagram feed and will sure inspire your inner interior designer.

5 cool brands that inspire

4. Pantone @pantone - For the graphic geeks out there, Pantone has become somewhat of an agency cult (at least it was for me). Pantone’s feed showcases just how easily their colours are integrated into everyday life. I just absolutely LOVE the simple yet effective flat lays of Pantone swatches with physical objects that have the colour to match.

5 cool brands that inspire

5. Mission Bicycle @missionbicycle – based in San Fransicso, Mission Bicycle showcases their custom bike builds against some beautiful San Fran backdrops. If you’re a fixie fanatic like myself, then this site has provided some solid colourway ideas that has helped me build some of my own personal bikes to date.

Article by Lisa Zhang an architect from Sydney currently living a new type of city life in Shanghai. She also blogs at, Instagram @deviousstudios


@ink361 x @ampt presents @reycanlasjr

Bio: My name is Rey. I’m from London, but currently live and work in this dynamic city called Shanghai. I’m a strategic planner at a creative (advertising) agency. I travel often, which I think makes my Instagram feed just a little bit more interesting with all the different textures of places I explore. My style of photography and editing is quite varied - it really depends on what story I want to tell, the mood I want to convey, or the part of the image I want to accentuate. I shoot everything on an iPhone 5s.

Description: Where possible, I like to have people in my images - I think it gives context to places. I’m particularly fond of fun action shots, too. Here’s one that I took at Heian Shrine (located in Sakyō-ku, Kyoto, Japan). The guy in the picture, Hao, is a colleague of mine. He does Kung fu and Muay Thai semi-professionally, so, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity of doing an impromptu shoot with him against the beautiful backdrop. It took different art direction to achieve what I had in mind. Overall, I wanted height, sharp movement, and a combative facial expression that isn’t too aggressive. After several attempts, Hao nailed it. When I reviewed this shot, I knew straight away it was the one.

Process: I used the native burst mode feature of the iPhone 5s for this shot. Burst mode is fantastic for any kind of motion, especially, fast ones. The A7 chip on the iPhone 5s makes a huge difference as it delivers faster photo capture and up to 2x faster autofocus, without losing any detail and clarity. In terms of editing, I generally use a combination of Snapseed and VSCOcam. I did the cropping and initial editing on Snapseed (tuned image by giving it 25% more ambience, and sharpened it by 50%), then I switched over to VSCOcam. After trying every colour filter, I decided on the newly released HB1/Hypebeast (a current favourite of mine). This filter made the subject really pop against the background. Finally, I desaturated by -1 in order to get the skin tone of his face looking natural, and to slightly mute the bright orange structure of the shrine that’s behind him. Considering I don’t usually shoot faces straight-on, I’m really happy with the outcome.

Posted in Discovery on May 27, 2014

These 20 strangers did what?

In April 2014, a group of 20 strangers in real life decided to embark on a journey together to travel around Turkey for the most epic Instameet. We have interviewed them here on the INK361 blog to hear more about their trip!

Christina @expacs - Tell us a little about your trip.

These 20 strangers did what?

The trip was everything we could hope for. Turkey is a beautiful country with amazing food and welcoming people. As Instagrammers, we all had more or less the same goal (take a shitload of pictures), so everyone was happy when we did just that.

Mandy @kaecreative- Tell us about your group.

These 20 strangers did what?

We are a group of 20 Instagrammers that were all strangers but friends on Instagram that decided to do the most epic Instameet in Turkey in April 2014. Our group is made up of people from 5 different continents who are passionate about photography. Together, we photograph everything from portraits to ruins! You can check out our group account at @ig.instameet or our hashtag from the trip #istaninsta2014

We are @annettehoerstchen, @christmaselk, @danamarieku, @davidcrunelle, @dawa_lhamo, @doacusta, @expacs, @genyvb, @hai_huynh, @heraldherrera, @jeromerafael, @kaecreative, @manciniv, @notesofnomads, @npieper, @saverome, @tanergungor, @brubov, @atombaj, @_kai_zen_

Geny @genyvb - What was the inspiration behind this meet up?

These 20 strangers did what?

I always contact one or two local IGers whenever I’m visiting a city, I enjoy exploring new places with people who are passionate about photography. So one night in May 2013, Christina (@expacs) and I were chatting about how we both want to visit Istanbul for photography and we thought it would be a great idea if we can invite other people to join us. After a few hours, 10 other IGers signed up, the next day I designed the logo for the Instameet and after 2 days we already have a 7-day itinerary for Turkey.

Vini @manciniv - Was organising the trip difficult?

These 20 strangers did what?

This trip was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, for sure. Since I was involved with it for one whole year, helping to organize it and supporting the other group members, I was totally excited to meet all the other IGERs, cuz we were used to have contact only through the digital environment. When we met each other in person for the first time, I had the certain that it would change my perception about the Instagram experience. I can’t wait for the next one!

Kristin @christmaselk- Did you have any expectations before coming on this trip?

These 20 strangers did what?

Travel has always been an enriching experience for me, so I also expected this to be the case in Turkey. I wanted to find amazing places to photograph, but I’d hoped to make lasting friendships as well. I was surprised and overwhelmed by the hospitality of the locals. I came away from this trip loving Turkey, its people, and my trip mates more than I thought possible.

Dana @danamarieku- How was finally meeting everyone in person?

These 20 strangers did what?

It was surreal having face-to-face contact with people I had only known through IG for over a year. Many of us communicated regularly through social media prior to the trip, and I can hardly explain how exciting it was to finally shake hands and give hugs. Seeing personalities come to life was incredible. What was most impressive was how genuine our connections were with one another. The laughter, the stories, the early mornings and late nights, they are all fond memories of these newfound friendships. Also, we had the chance to meet and interact with IGers whom we had no idea would originally be in Turkey while our group was touring! Seeing such a beautiful country with others who love photography was my favorite part of meeting this talented group.

Doac @doacusta - What did you learn from this trip?

These 20 strangers did what?

Well, first of all i learned alot of things about the cultural heritage of my country within the community. Couldn’t have time to visit these places before. And needless to say that the trip helped me to know the igers whom work i do love. We shared not only good time, but also our photography in an inspiring way.

Taner @tanergungor- What was the most difficult part about being a tour guide?

These 20 strangers did what?

I think the most difficult part of being a tour guide was to get together people all the time =) Because, I had the responsibility to watch out everyone. Sometimes people can be late and I had to manage that somehow =) Yes I think this was the most difficult one =))

Annette W @dawa_lhamo - What was your favourite part of the trip?

These 20 strangers did what?

It was an absolute thrill being able to meet instagrammers from all corners of the globe in what once was the city of Constantinople, an ancient meeting place where east meets west. Mind blowing.

David @davidcrunelle - What is the best Turkish food?

These 20 strangers did what?

Best food in Turkey is hard to chose. Because they are delicious, many of these dishes are somehow available in other countries, but to try the real versions of each was just spectacular. That humus I had on my first day is still in my dreams, and the grilled meat assortiment we had at our first dinner would definitely help you to never consider becoming vegan. Simple daily life food was a true pleasure, not sophisticated, not too spicy, just real.

Ah and also Turkish junk food has a standard level that made me reconsider the “junk food” term. Seriously, food taken off the street in small kebab shops is terrific and so tasty. You can visit all the churches and mosques and ancient cities you want, you haven’t seen anything of this country if you don’t have a serious food tour.

Annette H @annettehoerstchen- Which was your favourite place and why?

These 20 strangers did what?

My favorite place was Galata bridge. This bridge is a symbolic link between the traditional city of Istanbul with the imperial palace and principal religious and secular institutions of the empire and the districts on the other side of the Golden Horn where a large proportion of the inhabitants were non-Mulims and where foreign merchants and diplomats lived and worked. Whenever I passed the bridge, I liked to make several stops and look in either direction, indulging in thoughts about how life was here in former and ancient times and at the same time enjoying the view, feeling the slight breeze and being part of the vivid life and colourful scene around me. From the bridge I could see many beautiful and interesting buildings I have already been to as well as many places I long to see in the future. I will come back!

Hai @hai_huynh - What did you learn about Instagrammers?

These 20 strangers did what?

What I’ve found with Instagrammers is that, socializing throughout the process can be just as important as the resulting photos themselves. We all come from different backgrounds and being able to see each others’ creative processes whilst the photograph is being taken is invaluable.

Jess @notesofnomads - What was the most interesting fact you learnt?

These 20 strangers did what?

I love learning the stories behind things that continue to permeate a country’s culture to the present day. The blue evil eyes sold as souvenirs and displayed in businesses and homes around the country are hard to miss. So I was fascinated to learn that they actually represent the eye of Medusa! With a cursed glance that turned people into stone, her eye became a protective symbol, forever keeping watch and evil at bay. Now that’s someone I wouldn’t mind having on my side!

Herald @heraldherrera - What do you love about Turkey?

These 20 strangers did what?

Aside from these locations we went to that we can all agree are every photographer’s haven, you can’t resist to love the country more because of its people and food. When you are surrounded by very hospitable, kind-hearted people which I think Turkish people naturally are, and combine it with sumptuous food, then you’ll be head over heels for that country.

Jerome @jeromerafael - Was there anything that surprised you about Turkey?

These 20 strangers did what?

What surprised me the most about Turkey aside from its picturesque sceneries is the people. I felt that Turkish are genuinely hospitable and kind-hearted people which made our trip extra special. Not everyone speaks good english but they make an effort to communicate with tourists to help out which I think is really kind of them.

Norbert @npieper- Which was the best place to photograph in Turkey?

These 20 strangers did what?

From all awesome locations in Turkey the Ephesus Open Air Museum stands out for me, because I had the chance to speak to a conservator while she was busy preserving a dwelling unit. After a short conversation she kindly agreed to let me take images of her deeply concentrating on her work. I remember this situation as a valuable moment of comfort and trust between photographer and subject.

Kai @_kai_zen_- What was the most fun you had in Turkey?

These 20 strangers did what?

I really enjoyed making new friends and hanging out with all the instagrammers, whether it be on a bus, ferry or plane. We saw amazing ancient ruins such as Pergamon, and incredible sites such as Pamukkale. And it was lots of fun eating and sharing a big house together!

Posted in Discovery on May 27, 2014

Now THIS is star power!

While we all use Instagram for photography, selfies, food porn and more, our favourite celebs take Instagramming to a whole other level with their impressive statistics. We have compiled an infographic using the INK361 Statistics Viewer to show you everything you need to know about the Top 10 Celebrities on Instagram (click on the infographic to enlarge it).


@ink361 x @ampt presents @sezgiolgac

Bio: My name is Sezgi Olgaç. I’m a jazz singer, writer and photography lover. Living in Istanbul for 17 years, shooting Istanbul streets is an everyday pleasure for me. Istanbul is like a kaleidoscope full of stories, colors, contrasts, surprises. A perfect city to enjoy the pleasures of mobile photography.

Description: I took this photo in Kadıköy, one of my favorite spots to shoot in Istanbul. I’m so in love with Haydarpaşa Railway Station (the building in the background) that I go visit it every once in a while, although it’s not being used any more. 5 minutes walk away from that magestic building, you can see this view. A composition Istanbul created for you with the fishing boats floating over Marmara Sea, under the soft pink-purple evening sky.

Process: I took this shot with Hipstamatic app (Jane Lens & Blanko Freedom 13 Film with no flash) and then edited the brightness and sharpness a bit on Snapseed. I’m a long time Hipstamatic user but recently I prefer using default camera of my iPhone 5S, mostly editing my photos on VSCOcam and Snapseed.



There are millions of photos captured every day, photo documenting, selfies and everything in between. The choice of weapon to snap these stills of moments have varied over the decades due to the availability and preferences of the person behind the camera. Here are some maybe interesting (or not) facts you may (or not) already know.

1. There are 12 Hasselblad cameras on the surface of the moon.


During that trip when the man first landed on the moon in 1969 on Apollo 11, they brought 12 Hasselblad cameras to document their historic moon walk. They had to leave the Hasselblads behind to be able to carry the extra lunar rock sample weight back to earth. I wonder if it was a hard choice; lunar rocks or Hasselblads. Personally I think they should’ve taken that into consideration before going up into space. Dumping Hasselblads is just painful.

2. The first digital camera was designed in December 1975 by Kodak.


The camera was designed by the engineer, Steve Sasson. And it weighed 8 pounds and recorded black and white pictures at 0,01 megapixels. Probably not even worth it to retouch a photo taken of yourself with this camera. It pretty much does the work for you. Want to hide a few extra pounds or freckles? Take a photo at 0,01 pixels. Brilliant!

3. Cameras share a history with guns.


With the manufacturing of cameras in the early days, the Colt revolver mechanisms were categorically used as models for some dry plate cameras. The design of cinema cameras was modelled after machine guns. “Freeze. Or I’ll shoot (with my phone)” Uh oh cheeeeze.

**4. The biggest SLR lens made to date is the Carl Zeiss Apo Sonnar T.*


It weighs 564 lb/256 kg and has a focal length of 1700mm. It was specifically designed to be used with a Hasselblad 6x6 medium format camera. The guy this was custom build for must’ve logged in some serious hours at his local gym prior and have the arms of Popeye the Sailor Man.

5. The man with the largest collection of cameras is Dilish Parekh from Mumbai.


He has a collection of 4,425 antique cameras. He has collected them since 1977, and his oldest camera dates back to 1907. Going to his house, must be like entering heaven for photographers, like a kid in a candy store. Also, seasonal cleaning (every day basically) must be a hassle with all of those cameras. I wouldn’t want to be the one who does the dusting in that house. Unless I got seriously paid.

6. The longest photographic negative measures just over 129 ft. in length and was created by Esteban Pastorino Diaz on June 13. 2010.


He captured this negative on the major streets in Buenos Aires. The custom-built panoramic slit camera he used was mounted to the roof of a car. Google map has nothing on this guy!

7. If you want to add a rare 1923 Leica O-series camera to your arsenal of cameras (and the bragging rights which ensues), you better have some deep pockets.


That camera went for 2,8 million at an auction in Vienna, Austria in 2012. That is the single most expensive camera ever sold in the world. Mind-blowing!

8. The birth of the snapshot was in 1900.


The simple and inexpensive Brownie camera was a cardbox with a wooden film carrier. It went for $ 1. The slogan was “You push the button, we do the rest”. It was named after the wildly popular cartoon series by Palmer Cox. George Eastman scored some brownie points!

9. “View From The Window At Le Gras”, which was taken by photographer Nicéphore Niépce at his property in France in 1826 (or 1827) , is the oldest surviving camera photograph.


The exposure time? Not more than at least 8 hours. Sure, everybody got time for that now.

10. The word camera derives from the latin word, “camera obscura”, translated to “dark chamber”.


A box with mirrors led to the invention of one of the greatest inventions ever (very subjectively, of course).

11. Some fun (at least I thought so) photography slang.


  • Chimping: When you look at your pictures on the back of the camera as soon as you’ve taken them, usually accompanied by lots of “ooo- ooohh”-ings, that’s chimping.
  • Dust Bunnies: the extremely annoying dots of sensor dust that show up in the same place in photos after photos.
  • Spray and Pray: Shooting tons of images without much attention (trigger happy), and hoping that one will turn out.
  • RTFM: A phrase which is used to yell at the people who ask multiple questions about their camera functions on internet forums. RTFM stands for “Read The Friggin’ Manual” (and yes, one of the words are censored, my mom might come across this blog).

12. It is estimated that the earth’s population has taken over 3,8 trillion photos.


Whoa. I wonder how many of those are duckfaced selfies. Every 2 minutes today we snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800s. We have become a happy trigger group of humans. The number of mobile uploads a day to Instagram is proof of that. 60 million!! INSANE!

Article by the hilarious and talented street photographer Ann Helen Myrmo - @ahmyrmo

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