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Posted in Discovery on September 10, 2014

@ink361 x @ampt presents @sandelii


Bio: My name is Sandra (@sandelii) and I’ve been living between Germany and China for the last couple of years. My greatest passion is traveling, there’s so much out there to explore and experience. Trying to capture those moments is how I’ve discovered mobile photography for me. I’ve become keen of it after I discovered that Instagram is such a wonderful platform to meet the most amazing people all over the world.

Description: This photo was taken at on of my favorite spots in Shanghai, the Power Station of Art (@powerstationofart) which became a regular hang for little instameets. I had my umbrella with me this day since it was rainy outside and asked my friend to jump for me in front of this beautiful installation so it seems like he’s being taking away by the wind.

Process: The picture was taken with the native iPhone 4s camera. In order to create this unreal look I erased his shadow with Retouch and I used Snapseed to turn up brightness, contrast and sharpness. I also changed the color of the umbrella from pink to red so it’s a bit more manly. Finally I ran it through PS Express to reduce noise to make it more smooth. Tada!

Posted in discovery on September 03, 2014

Getting to know @mrbrock21

I’ve always been a huge fan of Brock Sanders’ works. Through the support of INK361, I managed to have a small chat with Brock about his photography adventure. He is a very friendly and supportive person, who is full of passion and enthusiasm. Brock Sanders was a landscape photographer who has recently fallen in love with shooting portraits. View his gallery of amazing works on Instagram - @mrbrock21, and give him a follow. He is also the founder of @thepostcarddiary, an interesting project about community. Go to to read more about his photography journey, but here is the full interview to get you started.
1. Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Brock Sanders (@mrbrock21), I’m a native californian and a self taught photographer living in the San Francisco, Bay Area.  I’m 34 years old and I’ve lived through the transition of film photography into the digital age.  You could say I’m a bit obsessed with Instagram, or maybe it’s just my main artistic outlet.  
2. When did you first take up photography?
When I was about 9 my parents bought me my first camera.  It took 110 film.  Basically a film format that was super easy to use and probably cheap to develop.  I remember going on a trip to Washington D.C. and snapping away with that cheap little black camera.  I still have a few prints, specifically John F. Kennedys grave sight, the eternal flame.  Since that camera I was hooked and have been taking photos every since.  Later on in High School I took all the photo classes my school had to offer and ended up being the teachers assistant in the dark room.  I was getting ready to apply for photography schools and my teacher told me not to waste my time and that I would never make money being a photographer.  Of course I listened and ended up going off to a University and majored in Political Science and History.  Over the years I sold off my photo equipment.  A few years ago I turned to my iphone to capture images and it was life changing.  Then about two years ago I downloaded Instagram and was hooked. Now many years after high school I’m finally doing what I always dreamed of doing, capturing images! 

3. How do you describe your style of photography? 
The word I use to describe my style is moody, which is how my girlfriend often describes me, but aren’t all artist moody.       
     - Any particular things or places you always look out for before you shoot. 
As a landscape photographer I’m always scouting and searching for new places.  I love shooting fog, so being in San Francisco is a bonus.  I often have to take weather and seasons into the consideration to shoot foggy conditions.  To capture that perfect shot I usually end up visiting the same location many times.  When I’m not shooting fog, I’m usually searching for soft golden light.   
Lately I’ve been shooting more portraits which has always been a dream of mine.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with many models over the past couple months and I must say I think I enjoy it more than landscape photography.  I love the ability and the challenge to create an image with a model.  Taking a person and putting them in an environment is something that I find exciting.   With landscapes I sometimes feel like i’m waiting for nature to create the moment I’m looking for.
4. Whats your favourite tools or apps that you use for editing your photos? 
I do a lot of my editing on my iphone mostly because I like the ease of being able to edit on the go and whenever I feel like.  I’ve always been a VSCO lover and it is my go too app to edit my photos from both my Fuji gear and iphone5.  Lately I’ve been using a bit of SnapSeed because of its amazing ability to allow selective adjustments.
     - A certain style/look you always go for.
I use a lot of the same filters in my editing which makes many of my photos have the same tones no matter what the subject is.  I’ve always enjoyed the F2 and M3 filters available on VSCO.  These filters are described as mellow and moody.  I also really enjoy some of the new essence filters as well as the Hype beast presets.  Lately i’ve been doing some layering of filters, in which I edit a photo and save it to my library and then upload the edited image back into the app and apply another filter. 
    - The workflow.
My workflow usually consists of importing my favorite images from the day to VSCO and applying similar edits to all the photos from the day to keep things consistent.  Then after that I will go through and fine tune images and sometimes upload to Snapseed if I need to adjust selectively.  Another secret of mine when posting to Instagram is using some of the adjustment tools they offer after i’ve done my edits through VSCO.  I really enjoy Instagrams ability to lower the shadows.  

5. Do you always keep in mind the consistency throughout your gallery?
I don’t think my gallery is consistent like a lot of galleries on Instagram. I would love to do something like a gallery all based on whites, but it would just put such a limit on photos I could post.  I feel like my Instagram gallery has a consistent edit that brings all my photos together no matter the image.  
6. Any other photo projects that you are working on right now or plan to do in the near future?
Right now I’m working on a blog project of all my model shoots.  I’ve been sharing series from each of my shoots that consist of uncropped full size images.  I’m also in works with a female model to capture all the possible emotions that one feels through music.  In addition I am working on a series in which I will capture a female model in everyday life around her home.
     - which brands or artists u want to collaborate with, the most.
I’m open to collaborate with any brand or artist, but I particularly want to collaborate with dancers.  There is something about ballerinas that I just find beautiful and graceful.  
As for brands I would love to do something for Free People or Ubran Outfitters.  I often find myself having my models going that style route and it would be an amazing opportunity to shoot either of those brands. 
      - Which other area of photography that you’ve always wanted to explore.
I’ve always wanted to explore nude photography more.  Not the gritty type stuff, but just natural beauty in the skin that we live in.  Capturing people how they really are, without much edits.  I’m not one to touch up skin much or edit out or hide imperfections.  I call that being human and thats what I want to capture.  

7. What are your other hobbies/interests besides photography? 
I’m a big sports fan, especially baseball.  In october you’ll find me in front of the TV watching the World Series.  I’m also a big movie fan and catch many flicks at the theater.  
8. Are there any tips or techniques you would like to share with our new and aspiring photographers? 
I would tell any new or aspiring photographers out there not to focus of camera gear or editing tools, but to get out there and shoot.  Not just shoot, but shoot every single day.  Go out there and find your style and how you view the world through the camera.  Set a goal of shooting 10,000 images and when you do and you think you have your style down, go out and shoot another 10,000 photos.  It’s so important to find your own eye as a photographer.  As artist we are always growing and each day we have the ability to become better.  Don’t let yourself get stuck and think that their is only one way to be a photographer.  A lot of photographers didn’t accept social media playing a role and they were left behind.  Keep an open mind and don’t be scared of change. 
      - What advice you wished you had known earlier that would help in your photography career
I wished I would have stuck with my dreams and not followed the advice I was given to not be a photographer. You’ll either end up not doing what you love and find yourself returning back to your passion down the road.  Or you’ll live life doing what you don’t enjoy and when it’s all over you’ll wish you would have made your life what you wanted it to be.  
9. Recommend some Instagrammers that inspires you.
There are so many good ones out there, but I’m constantly looking at the Instagram feeds of @basementfox, @jaredchambers, and @benjaminheath.  They are all true inspirations.

Article by Hans Ding, who is an iPhone photographer from the tiny island city-state of Singapore. With curious eyes and keen awareness to his surroundings, Hans readies his trusty iPhone, standing by interesting pockets of light and awaiting to capture that opportune moment. His photographs are of personal moments in his daily commute and meetings. They highlight human interactions filtered through his eyes and introduce serenity to the usual hustle and bustle of his home city. For more of his work, visit and follow him on Instagram @hanliang.
Posted in Discovery on September 02, 2014

Streets of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, has approximately 1,2mi people and is one of the most livable places in the world. The city of bikes, welfare, hipsters and Michelin restaurants. Lately, the best way to discover Copenhagen is to follow these great feeds and enjoy the city with another eyes.













Article contributed by Camila Stadler Buschle @kindofcamila, Constructing Architect M.A.K.


Bio: My name is Lisa Zhang (@deviousstudios) and I’m an Australian living in Shanghai. I’m an architect by trade but started a blog way back in my university days as a visual diary to document my architectural studies, love for photography and fashion. Moving overseas and recently having to travel a lot for work has made me more aware of my surroundings and pushing me to see cities not just for their architecture but for its people, its culture and for its story and history. I aim to take as much photos as possible so that I am able to document the visual memories of each and every place I visit.

Description: Growing up in Australia I have BIG love for the seaside. I recently went back to Australia to work on a project. The first opportunity I got was to make my way to the beach and soak in life by the sea (something that is sorely living in Shanghai). This photo was taken at the infamous Icebergs Pool in Bondi. It was a pretty cold but calm day, so not many swimmers or surfers were out in the water. I noticed one man doing laps at the length of the pool which reminded of the swimming emoji hence the hashtag #emojisinthewild.

Process: This photo was taken on an iPhone 4s using the in built camera app. I then uploaded it into Snapseed to adjust and correct the tones of my photo. Snapseed also allows me to spot adjust brightness and contrast at certain points of my photos which gives me better control of colour/tone/brightness. In this case I spot bumped exposure to the white rim of the pool.  I usually do this because having am image with even tonal and brightness means that when you apply a filter, it produces a much more consistent looking image. I always sharpen my images in the Snapseed just to give my images that extra bit of pop and clarity. I then exported it VSCO and using my go to filter of HB1 from the VSCO x Hypebeast Collection. I always crop to the 1:1 ratio as I have more control on where the centre of my image is. I then rotated my image until I was happy with the framing and there you have it!

Posted in Discovery on August 26, 2014

Top 10 Coffee-grammers

A couple of months ago I got the idea to use my Instagram account as a sort of coffee diary chronicling my daily cup of jo while also providing a bit of a glimpse into my personal life. The fact that it’s not uncommon for me to have my phone in one hand and my coffee in another AND my profile was already called @cupajotogo led me to this obvious conclusion. Understandably I have been hunting for other kindred caffeine loving Instagrammers ever since. Here are my Top 10 so far… 

@elephantgroundscoffee – A coffee shop based in Hong Kong with a quirky and talented crew behind the camera. While many coffee shops profiles are strictly commercial, I’ve enjoyed following this more personable feed… and their cafe looks cool.

@Coffeewithme – A talented Australian photo blogger who understandably has a large following. I feel I am learning from her and appreciate her point of view. She takes great shots, oftentimes with a cup of jo, and I notice she collaborates sometimes commercially with her community but with respectable subtlety.

@Wickedcoffee – A coffeeholic rocker chick with clever humorous quips and a talented camera trigger. Follow along as she shares her journey with a bit of badassery…

@Coffeenclothes – Folks from all over use the #coffeenclothes tag creating a great collection of pics with cool threads and coffee scenarios. Also, a great way to get some ig visibility.

@Bushwickcoffeeshop – A Brooklyn café with a lot of personality. It’s got a cool and artsy vibe with live music shows and you can just tell they’ve got the neighborhood shop love going on. I’ve never been to Brooklyn but the moment I do I’ll be lookin’ this place up.

@TASTEOFALOHA – A Hawaiian coffee connection reminding us constantly that coffee is a happy drink. They are often there first thing wishing you “Good morning” encouraging you how to start the day out right… with a smile and a cup of jo. 

@coffeeinlove – A fellow coffee chronicler sharing her love of life and a good brew. She speaks in a language I do not know (anyone know what it is?) but I sense from her photos that we are on a similar Instajourney.

@BIGCITYCOFFEE – This list wouldn’t be complete unless I gave a shout out to one of my favorite local coffee shops. Big City Coffee, in my opinion, has the best Mocha in town (Boise, ID in case you were wondering) and pretty much anything you order there is BIG and crazy good. Where would coffee be without our local coffee shops? – A relatively new Kuwaiti feed inspiring coffee lovers across the globe reminding us that coffee is a global delicacy, not just a local love. Their oftentimes humorous yet romantic adoration of coffee makes me feel as if I’ve met a kindred spirit.

@Cupajotogo – And then there’s me. I want to build a fun community for those that enjoy coffee and life while inadvertently sharing mine. There’s something fulfilling about having something creative to do outside your normal sphere of life. Feel free to follow me on my journey – I’m not exactly sure where it will take me… Ideas welcome!

This list wasn’t meant to be comprehensive, but hopefully it was a springboard for discovery. I am still so new here and already I sincerely enjoy my Instagram community. I hope I have introduced you to something that will expand your universe a bit.



Posted in Tutorials on August 22, 2014

Getting Started with Fragment

The popular app Fragment created by Pixite originally for iPhone and iPad has just been released on Google Play after months of requests from users over Twitter and Instagram. Fragment lets you see your photo through the lens of a prism, crystal or gem. The app bends and refracts your photo to create something totally new and surprising.


In this tutorial we’ll give you a brief overview of Fragment showing how to create stunning effects with your photos and very little effort.

Select a photo:

When you launch the app for the first time, you’re presented with three main options. Tap “Photo” to load an image from your device, “Camera” to take a photo and “Inspiration” to view work created by other artists using Fragment.


Once you select or take a photo, you’re given the option to crop your image. The four available aspect ratios are 1:1, 5:4, 3:2 and 16:9 as well as an option to load without cropping. When you choose an aspect ratio, an icon appears allowing you to rotate the orientation.

Once you’ve cropped as preferred, tap the arrow to confirm to move onto the editing screen.


Photo and Fragment manipulation:

On the next screen you’ll see your cropped ( or not cropped ) photo appear with a randomized Fragment and effect. You’ll be prompted to “Tap the shuffle button to get started”. This is a great way to get a quick look at what’s possible with Fragment. In some cases, you’ll end up with a very cool edit ready for sharing!  


On the bottom you’ll see a collection of shapes. Tap or drag the shapes to browse through the collection.

Above the shape selector, there are four buttons. From left to right they are “Position Presets”, “Rotation Presets”, “Scale Presets” and “Shuffle”. These tools are great for precision placement. You can also drag to move the prism effect and pinch to scale and rotate.


At the top of the screen are three options. “X” to go back to the home screen and a checkmark to export or share your final edit. In the middle there is a blue circle which when tapped, toggles between Photo and Fragment editing. Fragment editing means your gestures on the screen will move the shape around. Photo editing means your gestures will move the photo within the shape. This toggle will also change what the preset buttons will affect. Play around and you’ll quickly get the hang of it.


In the bottom you see a grey arrow pointing up. Tap or swipe up to access the effects menu.


At the bottom you’ll see five icons, “Brightness”, “Contrast”, “Additive”, “Difference” and “Saturation”. Tap an icon to adjust that effect. Use the slider to edit the value. Negative values affect the Photo inside the shape while positive values affect the section of the Photo outside of the shape.


Drag the color swatches to apply a colorization effect. This only affects certain effects.

Tap the “Reset” button above the effect icons to reset them all to 0. Tap the “Shuffle” button to randomly select a shape and effect as on the shape selection screen.

Once you’re happy with your results, tap the checkmark to save, share, send to another app or “Refragment.” This option allows you to add an additional Fragment to your edit.


The creative options are limitless with Fragment. Minimally enhance your photos with a unique graphic embellishment, or use “Refragment” to layer on shapes and compose a complex and detailed edit.

Posted in Discovery on August 21, 2014

10 Instagrammers to Follow Right Now

Instagram can be the ultimate visual daydream and serve as a major inspiration source for professional and amateur photographers alike. But it’s not always easy to move past the overwhelming amount of #selfie, #gymflow, or #swag posts that sometimes dominate the popular photo sharing app.  If your timeline could use an update and some major visual stimulation, be sure to check out these 10 talented Instagrammers creating innovative images with their phones.

Instagram name: @thuglifeforevs

With a penchant for color and arranging common (and sometimes unusual) things neatly, Emily Blincoe has what has to be one of the most inspired accounts on Instagram. The Texas native manages to consistently create next-level images in the simplest of ways – and isn’t that the making of any gifted artist?



Instagram Name: @Nazyxo

Residing in Zanzibar, Nasrin Suleiman beautifully captures the varied beauty of her country and culture. From the white sand beaches of Zanzibar Island to the talented local artisans creating one of a kind art in Stone Town, her account transports you to a breath-taking paradise that will leave you wanting more.



Instagram name: @Briannyongesa

Brian Nyongesa is a humanitarian and documentary photographer with one of those very rare feeds that make you stop aimlessly scrolling and pay attention. His work runs the gamut of documenting education initiatives, refugee camps, and devastation relief throughout the world; all the while still dignifying and humanizing his subjects.



Instagram Name: @dirtyyydan

After relocating from Miami to New York, Daniela Spector effortlessly captures the essence of New York in a refreshingly dynamic and romantic way. This cool girl is a master of lighting and her #stridebye captures are not to be missed. Be sure to also check out her #danslefthand hashtag which features minimalist images of her left hand interacting with a bevy of colorful and interesting objects.



Instagram name: @sanajaverikadri

Mumbai native Sana Javeri Kadri is one to follow for her beautiful images AND witty banter. Beside’s her knack for composition and color, what is most impressive is her ability to delightfully capture the spirit of each subject in the many portraits she takes.



Instagram name: @findfarah

With each beautifully captured dessert, it’s easy to assume that Farah Guy is a full time pastry chef, when she’s actually a doctor! But the inspiration does not end at her homemade pastries – be sure to check out this account for amazing landscape and nature photos, as well as great floral arrangement ideas. Plus, her cat is just the CUTEST.



Instagram Name: @visiterlafrique

Created and run by Cameroonian native Diane Audrey Ngako, this account is special because it features several incredible tourist destinations within Africa. From unique local market treasures in Congo and white sand beaches in Rwanda, to dancing with the Maasai Mara tribe of Kenya, this account does a great job of engaging its followers by showing both tourism opportunities as well as the beauty of every day life throughout the continent.



Instagram name: @connortd

How interesting and rare is it to find a photographer that makes minimalism look and adventurous? Well, Connor Dwyer is able to do just that. He is definitely not one to miss.



Instagram name: @ohmynessa

Vanessa Granda is a Miami native that takes full advantage of the beauty that surrounds her everyday life. With an affinity for street art, the talented photographer constantly finds new and creative ways to capture the best (and sometimes hidden) gems throughout her city. 



Instagram name: @thiswildidea

Theron Humphrey is a photographer who captures his dog, Maddie the Coonhound, posing gracefully in the most impressive ways. While it is a wonder that Maddie is able to consistently pose with such poise and grace, what is most delightful is to feel the love and trust that is shared between this dynamic duo.



With passions in design and photography, Lee Litumbe is a Cameroonian by birth, American by upbringing, and nomad at heart with a deep-rooted appreciation for a well traveled, creative, and adventure filled life. For more of her work and travels, visit and follow her on Instagram @spiritedpursuit.


Instagram is getting increasingly popular within architecture. With this popularity, it has become a great way to get a daily dose of inspiration with front row seats on the perspectives of some of the most influential architects in the world.

Here are my top architects, architectural photographs and architectural news to follow on instagram:

1.            Architizer, News  @architizer


2.            Julien De Smedt, Architect @juliendesmedt​


3.            Zaha Hadid, Architect @zaha_hadid


4.            Michel Jojkind, Architect @rojkind


5.            Vivien Wei Wei Liu, Architect @vdubl


6.            Henning Lasen, Office @henninglarsenarchitects


7.            MVRDV, Office @mvrdv


8.            Snøhetta, Office @snohetta


9.            Bjarke Ingels , Architect @bjarkeingels


10.          Dezeen,  News @dezeen


11.          Archdaily, News @archdaily


12.          Fernando Guerra,Architectural Photographer @fernandogguerra


13.          Iwan Baan, Architectural Photographer @iwanbaan


14.          Pedro Kok, Architectural Photographer @kokpedro


15.          Tomas Koolhaas,  Documentary shots , about his father, Rem Koolhaas @tomaskoolhaas


Article contributed by Camila Stadler Buschle @kindofcamila, Constructing Architect M.A.K.


Bio: My name is Megan McLellan @littlebrownfox and I reside in Vancouver, Canada. You can usually find me out adventuring, dropping my phone in a creek or the like. I love approaching photography rather haphazardly and not really planning too much. Just working with whatever my present surroundings happen to be, whether that be in my home, on a mountain top, or shooting a portrait.

Description: I took this photo at sunset after hiking up to Garibaldi Lake which is located in Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia. This was actually the first hike I ever did (when I was 6 years old) so it’s a pretty special place for me.

Process: This was taken on my iPhone 5s using the native camera app to shoot. For this shot I first used the @SKRWT app because I got the lines on the dock a little crooked! Then I took the photo into VSCO and bumped the exposure way up, and increased the temperature, contrast, and fade. I followed by adding a little bit of magenta to the highlights, and a touch of grain. Presto there you have it!

Posted in News on July 31, 2014

Instagrams good enough to literally EAT!


Take #foodporn to the next level by getting your very own Instagrams printed on delicious marshmallows with £2 off using code INK361 at check out!

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