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Posted in Discovery on April 16, 2014

@ink361 + @ampt presents @doacusta

Bio: My name is Doğaç (doac) @doacusta and I’m 28 winters old. I’m recently living in Ankara, Turkey and working as a specialist in a bank. I started mobile photography after grabbing my iPhone4 which i’m still using for both taking and editing pictures.

Description: I mostly go abandonment for shooting. I find it quite relaxing cause as an office worker i struggle normal life in crowds. So, anywhere I can be with myself is a big gift. One more thing that I can add is, I try to avoid touching or moving anything while shooting. I like to remain things their own in past. This photo was taken in İstanbul, Haydarpasa Train Station where is an historical place, nowadays it’s completely abandoned. The place will also be the first spot to the contributors of the first international Instameet #istaninsta2014 which i’m also invited.

Process: Like all my pictures this one was also taken with Camera+. I used Afterlight for cropping and some minor adjustments. Than processed with VSCO (B2 filter) and turned it into black & white. I love to work on black&white with Mextures by the way. Added some layers with Mextures which you can see in (LMKAGJR) formula. Finished after a little touch with Picfx.


If you haven’t noticed, there seems to be no limit to what people are creating using photo editing apps on their phones. But what about video? In the wake of Instagram’s video release, momentum is building as powerful video editing apps are hitting the market. This is a list of five apps & seven tips that can help take your mobile video editing to the next level.

UpGrade Your Camera - CP Pro

The only place to start is with your camera app and the one I’ve found most useful for live recording is CP Pro. This simple app lets you choose video quality, lets you pause/resume recording, has a smooth zoom feature and time lapse options, and gives you nine live filters. My clips have always come out crisp and export easily to the camera roll.Remember to shoot in landscape!

Take a Timelapse - OSnap!

Timelapses are a perfect way to push your video capturing to new a creative level and you don’t need a DSLR rig to create one anymore! OSnap! is the perfect app if you’re looking for a powerful interface with full manual control. This app gives you the ability to set the capture rate, focus, and exposure separately, as well as set your white balance. When exporting, you can choose the frame rate for video or just export the stills for use in another app. OSnap! outperforms others by a long shot. One last thing, don’t forget to watch out for wind - phones are light and if not secured to a tripod or against a surface, wind jitters might ruin your final video.

Collage Your Video - Diptic Video

Diptic is arguably the most successful photo collaging app on smartphones today, so it should be no surprise their video collage version makes this list. The app lets you combine both stills and video, and also has a number of playback options so you can loop or reverse your footage - this alone makes it a useful app for phone video editing. Play around and see what you come up with!

Add filters - Vinyet

A great way to add filters to your video before going to Instagram is the Vinyet app. You can import any video on your phone and add filters that utilize color blurring, sharpening, and color adjustment. It even has a stop-motion mode that lets you set a capture delay so you don’t have to perfectly tap your screen when capturing. In addition to exporting to other apps or your camera roll, Vinyet lets you export your video as an animated gif!

Add Your Music - Vinyet

Probably the best reason to download Vinyet is for its intuitive music interface. Vinyet, like many video apps, lets you select a song from your library to play behind your video. But where this app stands out is its selective waveform viewer - it lets you move the song around visually, so you can start it exactly where you want.

Vintage grain - 8mm

8mm Vintage Camera is one of the oldest video apps on the App Store, and also by far one of the best. The app lets you shoot or upload your clips with 10 authentic looking 8mm video filters as well as a handful of lenses and sounds. It even has a simple editing interface that adds transitions between your clips. This app is well worth the $1.99 - it does things other apps just don’t do, and does it well.

Light Leaks - 8mm

There have been very few photo editing trends more prominent than the light leak, and as something native to film, bringing it to mobile video seems like a no-brainer. Surprisingly, as of this post, there aren’t very many options to bring light leaks to your phone videos. The most successful one I’ve found is an in-app purchase within the 8mm app. One of its three purchasable themes adds moving light leaks to your shot. This might be exactly what you’re looking for when editing your final video!

Article by Mark Gabriel Laos, a video and design extraordinaire. Check out his website here: and Instagram @imbroglio3

Posted in Discovery on April 13, 2014

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The Team


Panoramic shots are one of the best ways to show off scale in photography. From landscapes to cityscapes, this wide angle photography method has been a classic photography favourite. Here are some of the most amazing shots we found online:


2. Nate Zeman

3. Olivier Pojzman

4. David Anderson

5. Nasim Mansurov

6. Frank Ba

7. Destin Sparks

8. Will Pearson

9. Chris Collacott

10. Jill Clardy

Posted in Discovery on April 02, 2014

@ink361 + @ampt presents @hsalnikow

Bio: My name is Harry @hsalnikow. I’m mostly English but was born and raised in Hong Kong. I like exploring and doing new and interesting things. This ‘hobby’ is vague but it allows for almost anything that isn’t just of sitting at home being boring. For the past 3 years, if I remember to charge my phone I’ll take Instagrams of these interesting things I do and places I see.

Description: I’ve been experimenting a lot recently with a photo blending app called Blender. It’s incredibly versatile. I decided a Shanghai city skyline photo was ok but lacked something. I figured twice the skyline was twice the fun so I made it happen. I like the effect more than what you get with a mirror app because it’s more organic. You get more freedom in editing, you can see that in the roads in this one.

Process: For the twisted city effect I blended the same photo with itself. Using Blender, I rotated one picture, aligned it and masking out sections I didn’t want in Normal blend mode until I was happy with the result. I always blend before I edit tones. I then made the colours truer in Snapseed and then did a very light VSCO edit to make them interesting.

Posted in Discovery on March 31, 2014

Last Week's Instagram Gift Ideas

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How long have you been on Instagram? We started July 2013 with our Instagram account @fitgirlcode…we changed the name six times. But in February 2014 we came up with the idea of #FITGIRLCODE and we knew that this was the one! Since then we have been actively posting and our growth is AMAZING! We also have a website

Tell us about your community Our community rocks! They’re women that seek inspiration to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether with food or exercise. And the beauty of this community is that through the hashtag #FITGIRLCODE we get inspired by them too!

What was the inspiration behind starting this community? We are women that want a healthy lifestyle, but once in a while go crazy with a bag of M&M’s and be totally okay with that. We found out that a lot of women feel the same way. Don’t feel bad when you “mess up” and be realistic with your expectations because your body is under construction. This message is so powerful and everything what #FITGIRLCODE stands for, it’s a journey. We’re real women, just doing our best and I think the community sees this and wants to be part of it.

Tell us about your team. Who is behind it? I started this with my best friend Christel, but now we have 6 more other women working on which is our blog. They’re copywriters, bloggers, students, community managers and the best thing is…they’re friends. So they all put their heart and soul in what they do.

How can people get involved? We listen to our community, I think that is the most important thing. We love to hear from them on how we can inspire them, the progress they are making or giving us suggestions on what to post. So if women want to get involved, they can follow us on our blog and all our social media channels. We’ll be waiting J

What catches your eye when you choose images to feature? We want images that make us go: YAY! That feeling you get when you want to show it to all your friends. We’re big fans of quotes, and inspirational quotes can apply to every woman out there. Whether you’re just finding your way on the road to fit or if you’ve been exercising for years. When you see something that makes you say; HELL YEAH, we’ve succeeded!

Do you have an all time favorite image from this community? Yes, This picture represents why we started fitgirlcode. Best friends having fun and getting fit.

Do you have any other favorite communities? We have many favorite communities. We were especially inspired by @basebodybabes.

What advice do you have for your fans? Thou shall not judge yourself or others Thou shall not diet or starve yourself Thou shall remember that bitching doesn’t burn calories Thou shall leave your mark in this world Thou shall not blame Karma, or call her a bitch. Thou shall be proud of every accomplishment Thou shall not want a thigh gap Thou shall always believe in unicorns

Posted in Discovery on March 25, 2014

14 Hot Celebrity Instagram Selfies

At INK361, we love to star gaze whenever we get the chance, so we decided to bring to you our list of recent hottest celebrity selfies from the most popular stars. Without further ado:

1. Miranda Kerr

2. Liam Payne

3. Georgia Salpa

4. NJ

5. Kendall Jenner

6. Dwayne Wade

7. Jasmin Walia

8. Cody Simpson

9. Arianna Grande

10. Ian Somerhalder

11. Zendaya

12. Pharrell

13. Selena Gomez

14. Jared Leto

Posted in Discovery on March 24, 2014

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The Team

Posted in Discovery on March 19, 2014

@ink361 + @ampt presents @xiewen

Bio: My name is Sarah (@xiewen) and I’m from the UK, but currently living and working in China. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had some type of camera with me, but only recently switched from shooting with my DSLR and film cameras to mobile photography. I have been using Instagram for over 2 years now, but have only recently had the opportunity to become more involved in the community and attend Instameets. Through this, I have met so many talented photographers who have enabled me to see more beauty in the every day, something I try to capture in my photos.

Description: Taking photos of nature is what comes most easily to me, and since moving back to China I’ve been noticing reflections like this everywhere! This one, taken at Nanjing Botanical Garden, especially caught my eye because of the vibrant colours, strong contrast, and the extra line of trees in the background.

Process: Shot with the iPhone’s native camera, edited in VSCO Cam using the C1 preset, with minor tweaks to the exposure and highlights.

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