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takinyerphoto's Instagram Profile
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - 🍍🍍
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
neufarlm - Laura @kit_sinclair that dress! 😍
kit_sinclair - Kit Sinclair @neufarlm dahhhhhh 😝
kateandmarley - kateandmarley @surfpartyapocalypse @cristinaspinei 🍍
cristinaspinei - Cristina @kateandmarley I love this! And kinda want one for myself...
_tabachnik_ - Stay Puft 😍😍😍😍
lucyg - Lucy Guiliano The car! I want it!!!
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - who ❤️s NY? - #takinyerphauto
- who ️s NY? - #takinyerphauto
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
ayanah - Ayanah I'm sure I do but it's embarrassing to say that I've never been.😕 And I used to live in Mass.
metenoyan - Mete Noyan Yorulmaz @takinyerphoto NY are my letters: Noyan Yorulmaz :)
thefi8 - Hanna ✌ Thats the perfume car from bond 09!
ktchoa - Kath @patskidoodles
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - get in or get out
- get in or get out
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
b_holsey - b_holsey Still got it!
soukiamira - Soukaina Amira @kareneschloss your hoof
soukiamira - Soukaina Amira @kareneschloss your good
kareneschloss - Karene @soukiamira truth
stephbetravel - Stephanie Be Hey! My name is Stephanie Be. I am a writer for the Huffington Post and founder of and I really like your photos. I was wondering if I could feature you in my article about the best Instagram accounts in New York. If you are interested, I would love to hear from you ! My email is
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - I love when the office turns into a beach. thanks for the AWESOME time, @hurley! #hurleysurfny #putabirdonit
- I love when the office turns into a beach. thanks for the AWESOME time, @hurley! #hurleysurfny #putabirdonit
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @vaderbreath thanks Noah 👍
beheritofdoom - Josue Angel Rock, rock, rockaway beach! Rock, rock, rockaway beach!
yogamom09 - yogamom09 @beheritofdoom same thing popped into my head too.
scunner64 - Fiona Beautiful shot buddie !!!
kruppgroup - Krupp Group Best way to spend a summer Friday @takinyerphoto!
kheslinnn - Kelly Heslin NY is having a Cali sunny summer!
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - stand out
- stand out
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
yvonnetheartist - #YvonneTheArtist 🎨💋 Yo!!! @missmarissajade #repost this!! GREAT SHOT @takinyerphoto 👍📷⚡️ and yes, she does. 😉
missmarissajade - Marissa Jade Willinsky @takinyerphoto that's insane what a small world! That's meeee u shot yesterday!
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @missmarissajade !!! so awesome!
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @johnnyphoto awesome find Adam!
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @missmarissajade I'm happy to send you a print :)
missmarissajade - Marissa Jade Willinsky @takinyerphoto I would love that! How do we get in touch?
frankensteined - DJ D 😍😍😍😍
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - radiate - #mextures
- radiate - #mextures
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
ryesparza - Ryan @takinyerphoto ooh, but really I mean any special settings
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @ryesparza ha, edited with mextures. nothing to crazy otherwise
ryesparza - Ryan Thanks, I'm gonna try that out
summybran - summybran Perfect gradation
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - got to shoot the spring '15 lookbook for @me_cutandsew. thanks for the opportunity, @beingmarcecko! - #FindersKeepersTruthseekers #marceckocutandsew
- got to shoot the spring '15 lookbook for @me_cutandsew. thanks for the opportunity, @beingmarcecko! - #FindersKeepersTruthseekers #marceckocutandsew
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
dauschinator - Kristin Dausch I walked by you this morning! Wish I would have known it was one of my favorite IG accounts!
joevaasphoto - Joe Vaas Is that @killkerin?
denny623 - Denny Balmaceda. Dope! Great working with you man!
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @denny623 @dauschinator ah man! next time for sure!
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @denny623 likewise dude!
killkerin - Kerin @joevaasphoto Nah, I wish I was that cool. I'm also more tan.
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - I'm not much of a #Porsche guy but this one stopped me in my tracks 😍 - #takinyerphauto
- I'm not much of a #Porsche guy but this one stopped me in my tracks - #takinyerphauto
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
lvl24 - LVL Babe, can I have? 😍 @lowella.oasay
lowella.oasay - Lowella Oasay Lol, is this our dream car now Babe? Do they offer the free trip to Germany? If they don't, that may be the deal breaker lol @lvl24
aspenbrewingcompany - Aspen Brewing Company Anthony, love your photos! I'm coming from aspen to NYC in October. I'm the marketing director for the Aspen Brewing company and would love to see if we can work together. I'm trying to grow our social media presence and I think it's be awesome to supply you with beers in exchange for some love here on Instagram. You think you'd be into that? My email is Let me know if you're interested! Cheers, Anthony! - Willis