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takinyerphoto's Instagram Profile
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - wallflower - #ifyouwearred
- wallflower - #ifyouwearred
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @belengerf ❤️❤️❤️
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @taylerstein probably the same reason I never see you 😁
hazzelnad - Nad Faizal Im one of ur followers! From malaysia❤️❤️
thaiandtattoos - Shazmin Taylor Hey, that's me! 😄 ✌
samantharoberts - Samantha Roberts Omg @thaiandtattoos SO COOL!!
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @thaiandtattoos @samantharoberts haha! always so cool when some on finds they're on my feed 😁
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - I need a fix 'cause I'm going down
- I need a fix 'cause I'm going down
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
lcardillojr - lcardillojr @alarendsee 🚠🍻
ducks_off - ducks_off Mother Superior jumped the gun 🔫
carissaanne7 - Carissa Anne🌻 What a great shot😍
julraasch - Julie Raasch Loving the abstract quality and reflections... in reality the direction is disorienting. Great capture and job puzzling the mind.
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - show of hands, who's excited for the weekend? 🙌
- show of hands, who's excited for the weekend?
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
aaronrickford - Aaron Rickford @sohoodinharlem finally!
gingerbiscuit - gingerbiscuit @martinvtorres 😊😊😊
michan210 - Michelle An @trlckynicky 😁
asyrafacha - Asyraf Rizkyawan Great Gallery with nice feeds👍👏 Greetings from Germany🇩🇪👋 @takinyerphoto
trlckynicky - Nick K ^____^v @michan210
mariafranciska - Marion You have more followers again, zo sad.
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - in bloom and on the move - #umbrellaseries #crosswalkcatwalk
- in bloom and on the move - #umbrellaseries #crosswalkcatwalk
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
neginygh - neginygh @sajadpix قشنگه
henchling - Kristin H. @takinyerphoto d'aaaaw ☔
giyowsome - Gio Zaragosa Nice umbrella! 🌂☔️⛅️
leica_lover - Tony McDonough What a great umbrella;)
treysee718 - Tracy Madaj Baro Great umbrella but let's talk about berry deli!!!! Friggin love those guys, this is my work deli and I feel SOOO lucky @takinyerphoto
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @treysee718 my go to for morning and afternoon coffee!
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - 😱
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
ranoyer - Rodolfo Noyer @kmno4 demasiado bueno!!
ashleynyoka - falcon. @vidiev dude we was just down there lol
danny748 - Danny Looks familiar @skobak ?
skobak - Sarah Huh @danny748 😳
danny748 - Danny We walked by this wallpainting in NYC @skobak 😄
tonygramss - Tony Ruedas Took a picture just like this!
erinmel - Erin This is the most amazing picture ever
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - autumn in the park
- autumn in the park
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
ashhole1124 - ashhole1124 I visited NYC twice this year (I want to move there BAD!) but I. Have to say, sitting in Washington Square made me so incredibly happy. I could seriously sit there for hours upon hours. NYC is one of the greatest cities I've ever been too!
eyeofgotham - Rob Hafner My days of walking through there (80's, mostly) feel like another lifetime ago.
iequaltrac - Trac Nguyen @audbird HA. NAILED IT
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - #bigbag, bigger hat - #safetyfirst
- #bigbag, bigger hat - #safetyfirst
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
ayanah - Ayanah The Mad Hatter meets Mary Poppins.
mackenziegreer - ᴍᴇᴍᴇɴᴛᴏ | ᴍ ᴀ ᴄ ᴋ At arise. you're around the corner from me.
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @mackenziegreer ha! classic. I saw arise TV come up in the locations and I thought that was one of yer spots. small world