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Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - this guy
- this guy
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
papigreg - Grégoire Papilloud @karbonkid je t'ai reconnu !
ayanah - ayanah Wow. I'm guessing he smells of beef and cheese.
andersonemi - E Anderson Haha at the beef and cheese comment @ayanah ! Love all your pics @takinyerphoto
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - #snow making its first appearance since May in Times Square
- #snow making its first appearance since May in Times Square
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
bucci221 - Cbucc @takinyerphoto it actually snowed two weeks ago there too
romipellegrino - romipellegrino Tenes que volver @leandrovaccaro
gemzgemm - Gemma Robinson @naomiromanov 😩😩😩
sashakate - Sasha - I wish I could be in NYC right now
mary_m0524 - Marina Myatejnikova Oh dream!amazing!!!
miphamredfox - miphamredfox I miss those lights.. Touristy as it was ...
bonbonushka - Daria @kristinat0nkih Duffy?)) крутое красивооо
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - went looking for a lamp, didn't, found a #staircase
- went looking for a lamp, didn't, found a #staircase
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
brooklens - Clayton How'd you get it home?
notis7777 - Nōtis Worse walkup to have...ever. @tek775 @niugirl lolol
niugirl - Rachel Niu @notis7777 @tek775 😂😂😂😂 you guys are saints for helping me and @maggieniu12 move!
mazzafl0w - ⓜعℓⅈssa @annielev hmmmmmmm hahaha
annielev - Annie Levinson @mazzafl0w hahaha woaHhhh!!! Great minds think alike? 😏😛
tek775 - tek taukiuvea I'll never forget those @notis7777 @niugirl @maggieniu12
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - lighten up
- lighten up
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
ceciliabaracchini - cills ✺ @andrecapo95 a l'e n'affare che belan
happygreeny - happygreeny Gorgeous!! Tdy I was supposed to be there...😭😭
annikaluciavendela - Annika Lindroos I am interior and facade designer of that H&M store at Times Square with that giant logo on top.
Instagram photo by takinyerphoto - 👻 - #doubleexposure
- - #doubleexposure
takinyerphoto takinyerphoto
doberecic - Doris Berečić Kada? Da krenem štediti... btw.. ti znas da za ovo moras na avion??? @crofilio
gingerwthompson - gingerwthompson Wish I could like it twice!! Beautiful @takinyerphoto !
roonesshop - Roones Love your photographs
takinyerphoto - Anthony Danielle @roonesshop ❤️❤️❤️
carlysb - Carly Stevens Brittain @bryness makes me think of when I came there and Meredith and I walked to see the skaters... Think it was Central Park though. Either way- miss you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!
helenahn - Helena Ahn Wish I could double like it, it is so interesting to look at