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Instagram photo by mtv - So what really counts as sex? See what others think on #VirginTerritory tonight at 11/10c!
- So what really counts as sex? See what others think on #VirginTerritory tonight at 11/10c!
mtv mtv
geic0__0xoxo - MasqueGeico:) jajaja xD ahy ese es el show d nosotros
izabelsterker - Izabel @skyler_mclenahan hi like is adorable
regimusprime1986 - Michael Smith-Evans This show would not work in the uk lmao
4__m_i_k_e__4 - M. Alvarez This is the weirdest show I've ever seen!
reag.n - rRs comment "YEET" on any of my photos to confuse my friends
Instagram photo by mtv - Oh heyyy @austinmahone 👊
- Oh heyyy @austinmahone
mtv mtv
darcy_j_b - Darcy 😘 He is flying ✈🚀🚁
vinepeace___ - Vinepeace___ I hope you guys know that bæ means bitch always eating
ashley.villalobos - ashley.villalobos @vinepeace___ no it's short for babe or baby
vinepeace___ - Vinepeace___ @ashley.villalobos I know lol😁
maria.74 - 🎀Maria Shikwana🎀 @vinepeace___ @ashley.villalobos it actually means before anyone else
vinepeace___ - Vinepeace___ Ok I'm done with this what eva @maria.74 @ashley.villalobos
ryanjaffray_1 - ryan jaffray @010k_shoutout_u got me 1k
Instagram photo by mtv - What you #NeedToKnow on 7/29 from @ZacEfron, #TheHobbit, @isthatjessiej, @arianagrande and @nickiminaj. Get more at now.
- What you #NeedToKnow on 7/29 from @ZacEfron, #TheHobbit, @isthatjessiej, @arianagrande and @nickiminaj. Get more at now.
mtv mtv
nukaly - -A Nukaly Bang bang ! @omz69 @ahmedhamayel @azizbassrawi Basrawi u will die after u listen
jessebrian - Jesse Brian @larryupshur ayy need to knows helped me out.
manoora_2002 - muneerah🎀 @lulu__almulla @dmdm2002 we have to go to the movie its a tradition❤️❤️😂😂👌👌
lulu__almulla - لولو محمد الملا✨ Yupppppp @manoora_2002 @dmdm2002 my mom will take us enshala
Instagram photo by mtv - Head to now to watch the #AfterAfterShow!
- Head to now to watch the #AfterAfterShow!
mtv mtv
officialleemars_ - ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀King Preppy😼💯💭 God bless u😍😍😍😍😍😍👋👋 @yung.lili
ali_wendell - Ali Wendell Watch this 😂😂😂 @marcella0987
avastuder - ✵ava studer✵ AWW GOD BLESS HIM😍😍😍😘😘😘😂😂😂 @_clairelilly_ #NOHECANTDIEILOVEHIM
_clairelilly_ - claire lilly #IKNOWRIGHT😂😂😂😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ @avastuder
wireless_brain00 - Hiba 😍😍😍 asdfghjk @missrecklesszombie
Instagram photo by mtv - @mtv 💗s @mistercap (and his Chanel sunnies 😎). #BlaccHollywood
- @mtv s @mistercap (and his Chanel sunnies ). #BlaccHollywood
mtv mtv
ruanvvictor - Ruan Ribeiro siga a @fifthharmony @dinahjane97 @normanikordei @allybrookeofficial @laurenjauregui @camila_cabello
aries_mac - Aaron Sean Mcdonald Wiz Kidd hates trollers so fuck yas !
dvms1014 - Danielle Stegeman @mel210 just your type
mel210 - Melissa Thanks 😜 @dvms1014
brellaroo - I AM BRELLAROO check out the Hottest up and Coming Clothing Brand "BRELLAROO" ! Only on , follow me ! @Brellaroo to keep up with the lastest Brellaroo ! "RUNAWAY" by Brellaroo Coming This Winter ! #Brellaroo #www.Brellaroo.Com
_lauren68 - Lou✞☯☮MoTaVaToR @mtv @vh1 #arianaNOW #ariananow #ARIANANOW my love for Ariana is greater than anyone elses! when ever im sad all i have to do is hear her voice and BAMM im happy again !! my all time dream is to meet her this would truly be amazing
Instagram photo by mtv - One word for #TeenWolf tonight...BERSERKERS!
- One word for #TeenWolf tonight...BERSERKERS!
mtv mtv
niall_is_swaggy - lanadelrey @xxcamitommoxx there ya go
funny_man_2014 - Jacob Smith Jesus that's creepy
king.swift - ♚Ⓞⓡⓘⓖⓝⓐⓛ⚔Ⓘⓝⓢⓣⓐⓖⓡⓐⓜⓔⓡ♚ Everyone reply: the Onie (demonic ninjas) vs Berserkers, who would win?
king.swift - ♚Ⓞⓡⓘⓖⓝⓐⓛ⚔Ⓘⓝⓢⓣⓐⓖⓡⓐⓜⓔⓡ♚ I think Berserkers would win, with there bone armor, swords wouldn't go through. But the Onie have the power to teleport and are very skilled and lethal with their swords.
pqp_lliza - Liza @hiigormiranda já assisti bj no core
Instagram photo by mtv - My new BFF, @lohanthony 🙆
- My new BFF, @lohanthony
mtv mtv
_sydneygabreille_ - Syd. 💫 @michaelisouthere ok and.....what can you not live on this earth now
gabby.v - G @faithwhut
keetafahita - as seen on youtube @angelican79 no thankss👋 your not even close to an elder. LET ME TELL A STORY ABOUT YOU. Let me guess, you get tattoos to impress your husband and then you realize no amount of tattoos can make you any more badass. Putting on makeup cannot hide your age while your exposing yourself on the internet. And your also realizing that while your talking to me, your just as much as stupid as me. Wasting your time on me, you stooped down to my level. You lost. Okay? How about get your ass off the internet and actually pay attention to your kids. Maybe even focus on your job if you have one. And just saying, bragging about how you remember when MTV came out does not make you anymore better than anyone else. It just makes you a lot older and creepier 😂
omg.ari - dm me for a follow back 😂😂😂 @keetafahita
Instagram photo by mtv - Oh helllllooooo! Who's watching #FandomAwards? ✨💛⚡️😆
- Oh helllllooooo! Who's watching #FandomAwards?
mtv mtv
dudadng - Eduarda Dantas @bruna_mbs 😱😍😍😍
jordans_mama15 - Licha Licha Omg @evie_yves our sexy boyfriends!!!
evie_yves - Yvonne Villafane💕 @jordans_mama15 aren't they adorable! I'm so ready for their movie to come out.
jordans_mama15 - Licha Licha Huh? 😳 what movie?? Wth why didn't I know about this?!
evie_yves - Yvonne Villafane💕 it's called the book of life, it's an animated movie with the kinda of characters of el dia de los muertos, it comes out October 17th I think. you should look it up, your bf us called Joaquin and my bf is manolo Zoe Saldana comes out in it as well @jordans_mama15
jordans_mama15 - Licha Licha Oh that movie ok yea I heard about it! I thought they were gonna actually be in a movie together like themselves! @evie_yves
evie_yves - Yvonne Villafane💕 that would be amazing! I would watch it in a heartbeat. then again, I would watch anything with my Diego Luna 💖💜💞 @jordans_mama15
Instagram photo by mtv - Congrats to these Teen Wolf BBs ✨🐺✨. Watch with me on MTV + @mtvU right now!
- Congrats to these Teen Wolf BBs . Watch with me on MTV + @mtvU right now!
mtv mtv
georgymc - Georgina @ccsauchez he's a cutie but I get what you mean hahahaha
zainub1418 - zainub mohammed 👻 @zaz_az عاليسار يجنن
hani_shh - Hani W. Shehadeh Hahaha epicc @ali_saad93
brianawallace83 - Briana Wallace ∞ lil dyl spray is hot af😍👅 @ashley_wallacee
salmakhalidi - salma @taleenshokeh oh ya i forgot👻