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Instagram photo by lalalovelyblog - back porch, #book + #coffee. this won't last long, but I'll take what I can get. #reading Z - thx for the reminder to pick it back up @shopmille
- back porch, #book + #coffee. this won't last long, but I'll take what I can get. #reading Z - thx for the reminder to pick it back up @shopmille
lalalovelyblog lalalovelyblog
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly #books #saturday #rest #porch
simplygrove - Kirsten Grove I would be😴😴😴
aleeshl - Alicia Kelley @simplygrove I second that
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @simplygrove I cant seem to keeps eyes open! @aleeshl
ttandemma - ttandemma Loved that book. Still trudging through goldfinch...
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @ttandemma I remember hearing about Z from you!!! Let me know what you think of goldfinch when got are done 😁 it's so long!
shopmille - Michelle 👏👏sounds perfect
Instagram photo by lalalovelyblog - behind the camera for a bit today.
- behind the camera for a bit today.
lalalovelyblog lalalovelyblog
blujohnny - blu 🎏🎏 you're such a beauty!!
tiff_armstrong01 - Tiffanie Armstrong @lalalovelyblog I absolutely LOVE this photo!!!!!
annalisahorton - Anna-Lisa Horton Love, love, love!! You and your sweet family!! You look divine & your hair is PERFECT! 😘
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @blujohnny @looklingerlove @housetweaking thank you, lovelies! 😘
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @tiff_armstrong01 thanks, Tiffany! hope you are having a good summer! 😘
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @annalisahorton thank you!!!!!! you are so sweet!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘
Instagram photo by lalalovelyblog - really good strawberry basil #jam. #yum
- really good strawberry basil #jam. #yum
lalalovelyblog lalalovelyblog
vickylinder - Vicky Linder oh. yes. Where did you find this?!
savvyinsanfran - Melissa Oooh! That sounds so good!
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @vickylinder I found it in #colorado but saw it's made outside of Chicago ;)
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @callieezell we had it with Gouda on crackers. so good!!!
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @savvyinsanfran it's so good with cheese and crackers!!!
lisaleeman - lisaleeman Ahhh! That looks amazing!
Instagram photo by lalalovelyblog - true 💗
- true
lalalovelyblog lalalovelyblog
annalisahorton - Anna-Lisa Horton Gorgeous - you guys & the scenery x
stacyharper - Stacy Bernstein How cute are you guys? And you both look rested!!
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @terrykelley thanks!!!!!!
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @annalisahorton thanks. i forgot how almost unreal the mtns look. It's so breathtaking.
lalalovelyblog - Trina McNeilly @stacyharper thank you :) yes, a few nights of a good nights sleep does wonders!
mlinscombe - mlinscombe @lalalovelyblog u in Colorado?!
bwzibell - Brian Zibell Great seeing you all! So great!