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Instagram photo by karleusastar - Work hard-stay humble. Let success make the noise. 🙏
- Work hard-stay humble. Let success make the noise.
karleusastar karleusastar
xxdilann_ - • ᗪIᒪᗩᑎ • Wie heißt nochmal die Frau der alles jelena nachmacht ? Kim oder so...
agbupdatesx - Arinator You was in the german tv :)
agbupdatesx - Arinator @xxdilann_ Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian
xxdilann_ - • ᗪIᒪᗩᑎ • Thank you @ @agbupdatesx
mike_goth_kvd - MIKE REVOLUTION!!!!!!!
big_snow_flake - ThatsNotMyName That's how you should have been behaving trough all this time.... Now seems pointless ,but it's never late 😄
waynerosay - @karleusastar Absolutely I like a women with #Ambition👑🎓😍💷🙌
Instagram photo by karleusastar - Great pic! 📷🎥 #storymagazine #editorial  Photo by @schomiobradovic
- Great pic! #storymagazine #editorial Photo by @schomiobradovic
karleusastar karleusastar
mschoklit - Fashion, Decor, and fun!! @laurenstedig_ yes Kim does know her. Kim has liked her pics lol
tanja_ratkovic - Tanja Ratkovic 👏👏😄👌 @zekivlada
zekivlada - Vladimir Smiljkovic Sve ti vidis :) @tanja_ratkovic
tanja_ratkovic - Tanja Ratkovic Hahaha.. Naravno 😄 i mogla je da te taguje 😄😄 @zekivlada
misinax - Mirsada Hamidovic hvala bogu za njen internationalni uspjeh, da se vise ne tjera sa seljackim zvijezdama sa ibarske magistrale, ja sam uvijek znala da je ona ekstra
starbucksnkush83 - Kristen Bivona Love and thanks for the tag
Instagram photo by karleusastar - Black😉🔥🔥🔥
- Black
karleusastar karleusastar
mayaaa__26 - Majda Well at least she wasn't sucking and fucking to get her fame. More respect to her. @donnella02005
mayaaa__26 - Majda She's had her name up. She's just pointing out how Kim is stealing her style and if u look at her page she was on the Wendy show. U can see it on YouTube as well Wendy is stating how Kim has stolen another celebrities style. @donnella02005
mayaaa__26 - Majda Girlllll I ain't got time for this lmao. @donnella02005
i_am_2beautiful - Caramel_kisses🍯 Yall bitches accept the fact that Kim is a copy cat untalented woman period!now unless she's paying yall stop defending her she doesn't know you.Go hard for yourself and your families not these celebs yall looking real corny.
amonishadae - P R E T T Y. H U S T L E R™ @kee_selfmade this her page just look how Kim copied her
i_am_2beautiful - Caramel_kisses🍯 Kim be putting money into people's accounts to defend her?lmfao 👀
raniadak3 - @maramalnami
Instagram photo by karleusastar - My girls👭❤️❤️
- My girls
karleusastar karleusastar
cherryy._ - @luckybsmith💍 Not arguing , lol I was just letting him know . @renegade__b
seeelocan - Selina Omg ☺️🔫 @meeellissa
tamar_braxton_hartnabrig - Diam Sanchez You're girls are beautiful @karleusastar just like Mommy!!! ❤❤❤
milanna21 - Milana Nikaaaa ♥♥♥♥
jiizdimndka - Pretty European girls!!!
6ixty.5ive - Crème De La Crème @lavishb0y @fashioncadet
Instagram photo by karleusastar - I love this old pic 😍🎥🎥🎥
- I love this old pic
karleusastar karleusastar
orobambino - metin This guy is looking your back
heather17 - @morganrene my wedding dress for my non wedding
morganrene - Morgan 💋 Rene @heather17 😂😂😂😂
danijelahag - Danijela Hagblom Kakva ozbiljnost @savadragana Kao da pitacamo npr.kako rijesiti glad u svijetu 😉
Instagram photo by karleusastar - Wow! Great! Thank you @leeannvisser
- Wow! Great! Thank you @leeannvisser
karleusastar karleusastar
bello_anima - Kristin Nicole Thomas Lawd now they trying to say she Copying Kim! How, when, what and where??? This Woman has HER OWN STYLE...& Kim Has Kanye who has her looking crazy more than anything...but I'm 😴
__estefanie - @karleusastar 😂 you think Kim worried about you. . She got a vogue cover & you can't reach a million followers😂 the likes you get on your pics a day, Kim gets in 2 min.. she's slaying that blonde hair, you ain't 😂 @kimkardashian
lethal.injections - @__estefanie lmao! That comment can honestly kill self esteems.
a.princess707 - Copy of @kimkardashian
tina_menon - Cristina Menon Don't worry.. Kim Kardashian is nothing. She doen't any talent... Ops... I forgot... Sleep with a lot of men ... Disgustin woman.
mrswashington23 - mrswashington 3059233151 Kim looks a fucking mess with that color
ihateciera_ - Ciera Reeves💋 Kim k wanna be, everybody commenting a damn hater!!!!!!! You can't sit here and look at this pic and know DAMN WELL she copying Kim to the fullest!!! Lmao you guys don't wanna like Kim k for shit! #HATERS #THEDEFINATIONOFAHATER
ihateciera_ - Ciera Reeves💋 na.princess707@ exactly!!!
Instagram photo by karleusastar - Ok... 😳 Is this some kind of a sick game or what? #afraid
- Ok... Is this some kind of a sick game or what? #afraid
karleusastar karleusastar
rudeboybobby - Bobby Tommy Try being flattered, ur not as fly when ur negative. Smh @karleusastar
__missmanasikar__ - Get over yourself , nobody really knows you here in the U.S. Or care 😄😂✋✌️
livysmiles - Liv @__missmanasikar__ lol but you do. Why else would you be on her page?
rihannastyles_ - Wanna be known in the us so bad fck up already nobody wants to look like ur tranny lookin ass
lupb12 - lupb12 @karleusastar Their talking about people don't know you but their all up on your IG... Lol. #original
Instagram photo by karleusastar - Today...😇 #serbiancovers
- Today... #serbiancovers
karleusastar karleusastar
sasha4245 - S•L•A•A•S•H•J•E•F KIM K DAY TOMORROW LOOK AT @kkardashiankonfession PAGE TO FIND OUT MORE
irishka0007 - @margarita27977
irishka0007 - @margarita27977 na kavo pahozha lol
papos92 - P.A. Still can't believe ur 36..look at thay cover....U look like Cher.
jessicamenton - Jessica Menton I know right! @papos92 I thought the same thing.
imzaremaklemm - Klemm Zarema @myfitnessjourney29 very good 👏
Instagram photo by karleusastar - STRIPES TB 😏😉✌️😁 #tb #tb #tb #tb #sorry
- STRIPES TB #tb #tb #tb #tb #sorry
karleusastar karleusastar
jnicoleexx - Janelle Nicole 🎀👑🔪 So kim has a new photo shoot in an outfit like this she is crazy😩😂😂 #loveyou @karleusastar
daszeron.dequan - Daszeron Johnson And kim already had a bob bitch...she just happened to dye it blonde like her makeup artist @joycebonelli you are not the first sit tf down somewhere in Serbia.
nahlahts - NTS @alanoud_alrabban so hot! Go to zara today!
s.se - سامآنثا. @al_m3lmh بالستريت♡♡
mrswashington23 - mrswashington 3059233151 Your amazing your style its good to get yourself to the top without a dick in every hole rayj put kim on the map wtf
Instagram photo by karleusastar - ...🎥📷🎥 #storymagazine
- ... #storymagazine
karleusastar karleusastar
ericalovesyou21 - Compared to fame wise. You just did the same to this lady. Yes we are FAME wise compared to both of them @niinnaa1
niinnaa1 - Nina Are u driven by fame @ericalovesyou21 get a life . Hop off no ones talking too you .
ericalovesyou21 - You trolls. You can't take other opinions. You just compared this lady by fame to Kim😂😂😭 @niinnaa1
andricaaa93 - А.П. @karleusastar омг!!!! ти ниси реална!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
magical111111 - sta si umisila da si pizda ti materina
miss_mileticeva - Stefana @magical111111 svako ima pravo da umislja sta hoce.
elsanrastoder - Elsan Rastoder Zao mi je ove greotice koja je opsjednuta Kim K. Boli nju bulja za tebe, jadnice. Kim ima 28 miliona pratilaca na Instagramu, dok ti nemas ni pola, sto zbog slave, sto zbog zavisti ovo i radis. Mozda bi trebala da pocnes da zivis svoj zivot malo, previse sebi dajes za pravo.
amazedart - blog @elsanrastoder go to hell says @karleusastar
Instagram photo by karleusastar - ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #storymagazine
- ️ #storymagazine
karleusastar karleusastar
malineiro - David Stanković @andrejic_natalija HAHAHA ovako možda u mislima samo
andrejic_natalija - Natalija Andrejic Platila da joj se nalepe ovako na staklo @malineiro
malineiro - David Stanković @andrejic_natalija HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH KOLIKO TE VOLIM
andrejic_natalija - Natalija Andrejic I ja bih se lepila da mi plate 😂😂 @malineiro
zanaaa_85 - Zana💋 I agree @mschoklit KIM K is famous for being naked all the time JK HAS 20 yrs in industry
Instagram photo by karleusastar - 😎😎😎
karleusastar karleusastar
unlabelable - Talk about obsessed lmao @kimdashsource sounding like the ultimate dick rider holy shit lmao
brathumana - ✨🌟brathumana✨🌟 Hahahabba i saw kim.first please stop.
iamdianne2026 - Dianne 💋 This is Kim outfit first, 😂
funny_account_tho - 18+ FUNNY ISH POSTED DAILY Someone said jelena wore this in red 37 weeks ago before Kim wore her red one. I'm, no. Try again bitch. Jelena's top was different 37 weeks ago. Jelena posts side by sides when kim wears something similar to her but not when she wears something similar to Kim. That's childish. Jelena even has similar accessories here as Kim did when Kim wore the red one FIRST. And if u scroll back about a year ago, jelena had more of a Punk Rock swag that was NOTHING like Kim's style now which Kim has already had for years. #facts 👊👊👊👋👋👋
milkshakebutera - Tyra And lisa💕 Yall blind and retarded af. 1. Kims outfit was RED and hers is GREEN yall color blind? 2. Kim had stripes and this one doesn't. So please stop making yourselves look dumb
mrswashington23 - mrswashington 3059233151 @karleusastar i love your style its how you wear your shit who gives a fuck what people say keep saleing out shows honey
Instagram photo by karleusastar - 🐍🐍🐍🔥✌️❤️
karleusastar karleusastar
naiiilstagram__ - I love your style 😳😍😍
brionne_star - @fashionable.us
shaybutta93 - 🌻👑🌹daschzaiy🌻👑🌹 Where did she get this two piece?!
ihateciera_ - Ciera Reeves💋 Oh ok so nobodies gonna point out the fact that Kim k had this exact outfit on!!!!!! ALREADY!!! Accessories and ALL!!! Wtf??
lo_diamonds_ve - Password Required Yea kim wore a similar look but in red ages ago. With the same accessories.
v3ryrichbitch - Yiraldy Abel @daysalinas im obsessed with her style
Instagram photo by karleusastar - 👀👀👀👀
karleusastar karleusastar
nikoladasic - Nikola Dasic 💜💜💜💜💜💜
lizmartinez85 - lizmartinez85 Relax bitch kim looks better than this. This idiot smh
lizmartinez85 - lizmartinez85 Besides that pic is a close up from a magazine I don't see u in a magazine with that pic chill who cares about u
t_ravvis - travis Kim looks better
aldiiiiiina - Aldina 💜 @lizmartinez85 no bitch YOU relax! Maybe if you were more familiar with balkan media you would know more about jelena and another slap in the face for you is go look at her post of magazines she recently added, get the facts before you talk shit, Dumb bitch!
Instagram photo by karleusastar - Amazing lace boots! Thank you @fashionbly_chic ❤️❤️❤️ Ps(and I love my short clip in bangs)
- Amazing lace boots! Thank you @fashionbly_chic ️ Ps(and I love my short clip in bangs)
karleusastar karleusastar
xoxo.elise - Elise 💋 @justlangston wait! Them is boots! 😍
molecularmixologymaster - @jessejcollections
_swizzie - Silv🎀 @maxmuchacha I thought you might like a few things about this pic!
kristie_dc - kristie @queenofczar @nicolejanell @blkkdymnd ♨
foreverdiamondsny - 💎Forever Diamonds NY💎 Certain women just have a way about themselves , they just don't need anyone's approval to be who they are. You are that kind of a woman , I knew this cause I cheated & looked thru your posts @karleusastar
Instagram photo by karleusastar - So fly! Thank you @latelierbelgrade My new @sophiawebster babies are amazing!
- So fly! Thank you @latelierbelgrade My new @sophiawebster babies are amazing!
karleusastar karleusastar
lwagabaza - Miss Elle @sophilove Gawd Dayum
purplekitten - Bo 2 Da E 2 Da💁 😩😩😩😩 @lida_season
couture_b - Ermahgawd its clear as day @kimkardashian is tryna be like you...sorry...u have an epic shoe collection..I love ur shoes...I can't explain the envy I have for ur daughters who will inherit such a trunk of goodies lol
mrs_roosh - Roosh... εїз @sarah_mahmoud @hajooh 3aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😭😭