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Instagram photo by m_higdon - glad i get to adventure with you forevaπŸŒŽπŸ’­ @bookoutm 😘
- glad i get to adventure with you foreva @bookoutm
m_higdon m_higdon
bookoutm - Matt Bookout @badic awesome man you excited? I don't know that we will make it this year but for sure heading that way next year. Hopefully pulling the Comanche!
badic - Drew Rich Badass, next year will be better for me as I'll be settled in to the new job location by then. Where are you living now? @bookoutm
bookoutm - Matt Bookout @badic sweet we are just south of Nashville in Spring hill, Tn.
katie_roden - katie_roden yall so damn cute
badic - Drew Rich Nice. I'll be back that way in a few weeks if you make it to Chattanooga mid August, hit me up and let let's grab some Champys or something.
bookoutm - Matt Bookout @badic yes sir we make it back quite a bit so let me know when you head in town and we will head that way!
badic - Drew Rich Coolio, will do sir. @bookoutm Meg sorry to kill your post.