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Instagram media by tuulavintage - "Wander"ing back to a beautiful country I haven't been to in years! ☺😍✈
"Wander"ing back to a beautiful country I haven't been to in years!
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    @tuulavintage love your style and blogg! We would like to sponsor you with some custom handcrafted jewelry pieces from The Hatters! We have been featured in Norway's KK magazine, Seventeen magazine social media, Refinery 29 US, and several blogs! If interested, please contact us at mh.michellexk@yahoo.com! We will also be sending you an email 😊 #thehatters www.wethehatters.com ❀❀

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    Wow!! You are so fortunate--Blessed!!!

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    I only have france and china stamped into my passport. I want my passport to be full like this!

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    @zhenzh_nzhen thinking of you πŸ’—β˜Ίβ€

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    @armchairastronomer they are all sooo pretty!!! (+﹏+)~

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    @tuulavintage please please answer! Where did you get the bracelet that connects to your finger? I've been looking for it for ages, does anyone know?

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    @elizabethbohlin the bracelet you are looking for is sahmeran you can find it in @lidyanacom;)



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