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Instagram media by matthewpaulturner - Jetpack crafted by @jessicanturner
Jetpack crafted by @jessicanturner
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  • User profile for stephaniedrury

    I AM MAKING THESE. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • User profile for steph_snod

    That's an awesome idea!!

  • User profile for jonahbonah

    G E N I U S

  • User profile for davehuth

    What @stephaniedrury said.

  • User profile for jessicanturner

    Pinterest ;) my tutorial coming soon

  • User profile for brookescollins

    Someone's been watching The Rocketeer lately.

  • User profile for eln777

    That is fifty twelve kinds of FREAKING AWESOME.

  • User profile for christopherbattles

    Nice. The Rocketeer.



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