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Ming Lee


Instagram photo by iamminglee - When they call u a OG ... N u be like Who
- When they call u a OG ... N u be like Who
iamminglee iamminglee
tayy_so_sweet - C.R.E.A.M @shanonce I know I seen my baby giving life
ms_kellkell - K€££í Cräîg❤ Yaaasssss that bathing suit material helps the twerk 👌 @shanerii
love_kael - Doll That damn Ming..... @xalexxis_
xalexxis_ - xalexxis_ @love_kael don't u love herrrrr
Instagram photo by iamminglee - Sitting ☺️ #Ming&Bling
- Sitting ️ #Ming&Bling
iamminglee iamminglee
radsha_ - radsha_ @missyshivanie die linker
haam44 - Y M M Nice body 👌 @iamminglee
missyshivanie - missyshivanie @radsha_ wat is er mee ;)
oharadavies1 - Ohara Davies Looks like @asia_lechang
asia_lechang - Official㊙️Asia💫Le_Chang @oharadavies1 wow she's 😍😍😍!!!! I'm hella Honoured💕
kianil - kianil Your legs are so pretty!
Instagram photo by iamminglee - Miss lil Attitude
- Miss lil Attitude
iamminglee iamminglee
mrsuper_fitness - Ashan G.C You should check out my page
queen2aking13 - Queen2aKing13 @iamminglee since you are in Miami I would love to meet you for some advice on being successful my bestfriend @shirleysophisticatedstyles just opened her own salon and we would love to do lunch with you before you leave
stephaniexashley - stephaniexashley Where's your swimsuit from ???
pretty_dark_skin_baby_ - princess Girl I got them slippers in every color u werk girl
Instagram photo by iamminglee - Morning like this 😍
- Morning like this
iamminglee iamminglee
msqueenporfavor - That's enough, thank you. ^^^^ aww that's wonderful to do😊
guns_heels - Teiara @iamminglee I watched ALL your youtube videos trying to learn to become someone in this world like you.!! I recently was trying to purchase wholesale from your website but only certain legnths & textures came up. Is thats all thats available right now or that is all that you sell.?? Thank You in Advanced😍 buy wholesalev
1bornqtpie - U are so the truth , sharing is caring i ♥ur realness its relentless #blessedbcusurareablessingtoothers #urock #youngblkfemale #snoblife
xokershey - xokershey Beautiful view!
motovatingtalent - Sam Sammy I'm n love come to NYC let's work
Instagram photo by iamminglee - Little Black Dress Occasion ❤️
- Little Black Dress Occasion
iamminglee iamminglee
jitimyoung - Jitim Young #DreamGirl #SuccessLookGoodOnYou :-)
iamminglee - 👑Ming Lee @justheadliner I'm thinking bout going
phatbrownin - Race des vainqueurs  @blvck_cobaiin rwin??? Errm sie ist hässlich aber dieser body hummm ....
blvck_cobaiin - 👑 Prince 👑 @phatbrownin genau deswegen nd eure locken
phatbrownin - Race des vainqueurs  @blvck_cobaiin ach u meintest Twin hahaha jetzt hab ichs
blvck_cobaiin - 👑 Prince 👑 @phatbrownin jaaa haga
dj_determine - dj_determine You are so beautiful my love whoever you have in your life is so blessed to have you😉
Instagram photo by iamminglee - Should be getting dress for dinner ....
- Should be getting dress for dinner ....
iamminglee iamminglee
ciagordon - CIA Gordon Have fun for me too
candirain777 - CJ Johnson @teebeepluspeyton
chano1234 - Chano Perfect too c first thing in da morning,
asvpd_1 - Hooper @iamminglee i just seen you
mac_graham - Taylor @iamminglee do you have a closure or a lace frontal in?
iamminglee - 👑Ming Lee @mac_graham closure
Instagram photo by iamminglee - 💗 My Blood @j0rgio #hbd
- My Blood @j0rgio #hbd
iamminglee iamminglee
angel05240 - angel05240 "Move around"....really
selina6977 - Dimples I understand freedom of speech...but it still sends out a negative message when your being admire by leary and a good leader as to what you post...not being a hater just keeping it real..
elledivamua - Suellen ElleDiva Brown I agree with you @selina6977
just_l3x - Alexis Le sigh. ....smh..... still love you Ming. I guess after serving my country for 5 years and carrying real weapons for a "real" reasons seeing pictures like this just makes me squint with the Dafuq face. Me and Ming round the same age at some point stuff like this gets old. But I get it I guess, she supporting her fam it ain't that serious.
iambailing - BAI LING 💋 Ppl always jumping to conclusions about shit they don't know about. Shit irks me. This damn lady is shooting a fucking movie. All these haters need to STFU!
sexiestscorpio32 - sexiestscorpio32 I cant stand these insta critics
Instagram photo by iamminglee - Happy Birthday @latifah_chantell91 We came a long way together❤️words can't describe how much I appreciate you and thank you for being apart of Snoblife 😘 #MyBoothang #dontPlayBoutThisOne #GoFollowHerAndTellHerIsentU #SeeUInMiamiTomorrow #ImNotGoneBeAGrandma
- Happy Birthday @latifah_chantell91 We came a long way together️words can't describe how much I appreciate you and thank you for being apart of Snoblife #MyBoothang #dontPlayBoutThisOne #GoFollowHerAndTellHerIsentU #SeeUInMiamiTomorrow #ImNotGoneBeAGrandma
iamminglee iamminglee
shoeloungeatl_ - Shoe Lounge Est. 10/28/2011 My Lil Baby all grown up now!! Beautiful & Blessed so proud of you Tifah Happy Birthday!! @latifah_chantell91
latifah_chantell91 - 💋Latifah💋 Chantell Awww thank you Ming for everything😘😘😘 I love you and can't wait to turnup wit you🎉🎉🎉
godsgift09 - Nate Warren @iambeckychukwu bring that Snoop Dogg lookin face over here! Ol hating ass fuckkkk you meannnnnnn!!! And she look better then you!
hawtcoco - HAIRLIFE CEO 👑 @iamminglee I gots to see it to believe it #notgonbeagrandma 😂😂😘😘😘😘 miss u
iamminglee - 👑Ming Lee @hawtcoco 😂😂I'm out here
garthgunter77 - garthgunter77 Good night to you Garth Gunter 77
flyy_azme - Az Babii Look ur dress @msrutt_prettygang
Instagram photo by iamminglee - TomBoy☺️
- TomBoy
iamminglee iamminglee
styledbyjaleesa - Jaleesa Beautiful! If you're every in NJ NY let me hook your hair up. 😘
chinababy313 - chinababy313 Brains, beauty, great personality and cool as hell that is u all in one. Love the pic 😘
r_brooke - r_brooke 😍Dress Deets
blocpawty - Kolossuz♋ As fine as they come👌
dat1gentleman - D KARTER You just DNT know!😱😜😍
Instagram photo by iamminglee - Now all I need is a frame 🙌
- Now all I need is a frame
iamminglee iamminglee
wannabpaigeb_ - wannabpaigeb_ 🙌🙌🙌💯💯💯💯
princess_kadesha - Kadesha herring @la_belladee I was thinking the same thing
tiyaliya - tiyaliya @iamminglee send me a good picture of it I will frame it for you as a wall mount. Email me beautiful picture
elle_hollywoodz - Pronounced L Why she popping on the next pic?? 😥😥 @princess_kadesha @la_belladee
carlad2 - C D @tay_lor_gan9
Instagram photo by iamminglee
iamminglee iamminglee
brooklyn_bran - brooklyn_bran @namememsbreezy @rayndqua @chellebi
vonnie_22 - vonnie_22 I need that hair in my life!!! Your so pretty!
rickboss63 - Smoke Dogg Trill pic lookin good
misschloewerk - Miss Chloe 👑 @iamminglee hey love I am living in atlanta now . I wanted to know if you all were still hiring looking for positions and also if I could interview you and have ya featured in my blog . My name is Miss Chloe
gorgy_p - Paris. @badgalyaz 😍
Instagram photo by iamminglee - 2 year ago u became my guardian angel 😇 #LaceySisters #iMissUTaiTai #soWishUWasHere
- 2 year ago u became my guardian angel #LaceySisters #iMissUTaiTai #soWishUWasHere
iamminglee iamminglee
hair_scientist - Erica Kane OMG I have been looking for Taylor I did her hair for graduation and prom and have been thinking about her heavy. Please don't tell me she passed away
hair_scientist - Erica Kane Man this is devastating I loved her she was so amazing in very sadden by this information. I was naive thinking she was in college having a ball cause that what we talk about. I actually did her hair for the picture I believe man I'm hurt
uppitynegrowoman - Plus Size Vixen #sisterskeeper Before I had friends, I had sisters. May she rest in peace and I pray for peace and understanding.
Instagram photo by iamminglee - Good girl Gone Great ☺️Never Bad
- Good girl Gone Great ️Never Bad
iamminglee iamminglee
asia.latrelle - A A 🌻 What inches and how many bundles do you have in on this picture? I want to order this for my 21st Birthday next week! 😍😁
iamminglee - 👑Ming Lee @asia.latrelle 28/28/30/30/30 5 bundles
_ebonynoivory - Beautiful Nightmare 🎀💋🎀 I saw you last night at blue flame I just wanted to reach out and hug you! I really admire you 😍 next time I must get a picture !!!
asia.latrelle - A A 🌻 OK, thanks! I will be ordering and express shipping! Have you tried straightening this hair yet?
r_brooke - r_brooke 😍😍😍Where are these boots from ??
Instagram photo by iamminglee - Birthday Girl ❤️ London is 7 !!!
- Birthday Girl ️ London is 7 !!!
iamminglee iamminglee
chinwife - Meleka Happy birthday London 💖🎀🌟💖🎀🌟
ms_macofficial - ms_macofficial Aww that's sweet happy birthday I know she will enjoy it.
nicholemalani - ApasionadoNaturalBelleza @iamminglee are u doing another branding and marketing class in Atlanta soon?
missnakia - missnakia I imagine Nolan's 7th Bday looking something like this @jtotheam
reshonjhd - IJUSWANNABEHAPPY London is too much lol! She looked like she had fun
jtotheam - Jahmeilah Roberson 🙊😍🙊 I can definitely see that @missnakia
Instagram photo by iamminglee - Monday Are class days 😍😍 Wig making wit @ripp_ 🙌 #InvestInUrself
- Monday Are class days Wig making wit @ripp_ #InvestInUrself
iamminglee iamminglee
_fohiwantyadaddy - Juuuuu💎 Where can I buy your edge control???
_gucci_v - ✈️ Who did your photoshoot for the picture on top ?
nancybcreatives - Nancy B. Creatives ™ @foreveryoungsalon they make wigs with sewing machines? Who knew.
blackonyx77 - blackonyx77 @iamladiilou_thestylist @gerline_befabstylists @alantayhope @duh_obviously
mspopular_286 - mspopular_286 Your right. That's why your your competitors don't stand a chance against you. Your always upgrading your self and your snob family. I don't do hair bc that's stuff is hard but I would love to take this class @iamminglee.