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Instagram photo by septopus - Filter shmilter
- Filter shmilter
septopus septopus
septopus - Lorrie @tuggywuggy, I almost titled it "Take that, tuggywuggy" but in reality I can never compete with what you got going on. :)
Instagram photo by septopus - Look! It's a "meh" doll!
- Look! It's a "meh" doll!
septopus septopus
lulutuck - Laura Tucker Is that a new addition to the family?
septopus - Lorrie @lulutuck no, ma'am. That creepy thing stayed at the antique store!
Instagram photo by septopus
septopus septopus
tuttledude - Mike Tuttle Teletubby rising? Or drunk Teletubby hanging/passed out at the boat docks?