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Instagram media by loveandlemons - My lap warmer
My lap warmer
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  • User profile for acouplecooks

    So cute! (But stubborn, really? I don't see it... :) )

  • User profile for nicolegulotta

    So sweet!

  • User profile for loveandlemons

    acouplecooks_sonja she's deceptive like that. When the clock strikes 5pm the little monster wakes up and starts biting and barking at me.

  • User profile for lauracrocodile

    Soo cute, what kind of race is it? Looks like a fox 🐺

  • User profile for loveandlemons

    Japanese, shiba inu, very fox-like (this one)

  • User profile for 1d_lover2014

    Awe that pup is so Adorable

  • User profile for dottiess3

    OMG he is a cutie

  • User profile for loveandlemons