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Jeanine Donofrio


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Instagram photo by loveandlemons - Hotel St. Cecelia ❤️
- Hotel St. Cecelia
loveandlemons loveandlemons
blogoslavic - Blogoslavic Guys have you seen this new fashion app Qute? It helps you choose what to wear or buy 😍 Check it out at
xx_bombshell - xx_bombshell jadore 💙 best in atx
madelinebevs - mbevs This looks gorgeous
mervekici - Merve Ekici @sarahisasantos look at this hotel, its in Austin
belengmh - Artist Lost In Austin,TX @rosimendo q buena pinta!
hannah_shelby - Hannah Shelby Lea @laurenverhalen @sarahgabauer we gotta go here Thursday!!!
linds_jane - Lindsay Hughes @jacoblacey you've been talking about Austin, TX.. Let's go! And stay here!
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - My favorite vegan Mac & Cheese recipe with a few healthy handfuls of spinach mixed in. (on the blog now)
- My favorite vegan Mac & Cheese recipe with a few healthy handfuls of spinach mixed in. (on the blog now)
loveandlemons loveandlemons
goldie.swag - 🎀Lana The Golden Retriever🎀 I tried this recipe last night but with linguini noodles tweaked it a little and oh my god tastes like creamy carbonara!!
thatsandwichlife - Can we make this please @laurenkingsley
laurenkingsley - Lauren @thatsandwichlife @ktrev36 yes please
thatsandwichlife - @tiffanitrevethan
missjgirl5 - JDB @janzi_14 this looks amazing! I wanna try this!
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - A matcha made in heaven: 🍵🍦
- A matcha made in heaven:
loveandlemons loveandlemons
scullbach - Kate Scully Krebsbach @kshannon817 had my first matcha morning today, so great. But it would be #betterwithicecream 🙌
kwansperm - Angie Kwan @thinkflo matcha :')
zhangsal - Sally Zhang @thinkflo @kwansperm 😍😍
kwansperm - Angie Kwan @zhangsal @thinkflo matcha :')
tahko.m - Nice🍃
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - "Cheesy" 💚💛 #vegan
- "Cheesy" #vegan
loveandlemons loveandlemons
beckspe - Rebecca B Yes, @loveandlemons; Perfect for all that (vegan) cheese!
thefitforkfeed - Lindsay Catlow I'm not vegan (although I do love vegan food) and this little looks delish!😍
rachmalish - Rachel Hartsfield Malish Just saw this pop into my email inbox! Looks so good!
cynpipkin - I am vegan!!!!!💖💖💖💖
samme_xo - Where can I get the recipe?
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - I 💚💜 spring
- I spring
loveandlemons loveandlemons
ramyaprakash - Ramya @loveandlemons Hey, look:
cynsnaps - cynthia Thanks for the gorgeous pic, reminded me I have to start chopping and using mine!
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - Yeah Way Rose. #afwfest
- Yeah Way Rose. #afwfest
loveandlemons loveandlemons
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio @londonbakes aww, such a small world :)
rachhuseby - @chris_don
haleymusial - Sundayspentcooking All day rose! What's that bottle your drinking?
steffiiburns - Stefani Burns Thank you @loveandlemons for the Insta-love!! Chateau de Berne Impatience Rosé at @impatiencerose #impatiencerose ✨