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Jeanine Donofrio


Instagram photo by loveandlemons - All ears. #foxieannie #shibainu #mywestelm
- All ears. #foxieannie #shibainu #mywestelm
loveandlemons loveandlemons
ericjfransen - Eric Fransen @alliewester yessss
kati_km - 🐱E @zoe_rad 🐱♥️
westelm - west elm TOO CUTE! If we can share your pic, please reply with #sharemywestelm to agree. Terms of Use:
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - My sweet & salty fix. @butterfacebakeshop
- My sweet & salty fix. @butterfacebakeshop
loveandlemons loveandlemons
emmaboulware - emmaboulware @jedocone You are gonna want to check this place out!! 😛
kimpossibility - kimpossibility Thank you Jesus 🙏 I'm not! @omgitotallyheart
pocococoa - Crystal✨ holy moly! I already stalked their website and am going to the quickie pickie TOMORROW. Thanks for sharing!
livelylikeme - KarenStokes Keep Austin Weird!
buenprovecho - Claudia Well now I know what to eat for dessert tomorrow!
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio @pocococoa ha, they're also at taco deli which makes it tough for me to resist ;)
christineeyoo - Christine Yoo @ivykoobe
katerinalexandra - katerinalexandra Salt and dark chocolate is my fave combination
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - stuffed peppers from @kimberleyhasselbrink's Vibrant Food - delish & so cute! (Recipe on the blog today)
- stuffed peppers from @kimberleyhasselbrink's Vibrant Food - delish & so cute! (Recipe on the blog today)
loveandlemons loveandlemons
farmonplate - Farm On Plate So vibrant and colorful!👌 Love @kimberleyhasselbrink 's new book❤️👌
floatingkitchen - Liz Yes! I just picked up my copy of @kimberleyhasselbrink's book today. I'm loving flipping through it!
_claire_elise_ - Claire Skrabutenas I definitely have to try this next kitchen adventure!
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - Fancy s'more combos + head to the blog for a $100 @wholefoodsmarket giveaway!
- Fancy s'more combos + head to the blog for a $100 @wholefoodsmarket giveaway!
loveandlemons loveandlemons
baw.nee - 🌱 I'm trying to get your cauliflower Mac and cheese recipe for tonight but I can't open your site.
goinggreen_ - Julie Green Your website is not working today, which isn't that big of a deal, except I am majorly craving your sweet potato quinoa salad with cotija and if I don't eat it today I might cry (so what if I'm a grown woman??) is there any way you could help me out and make the recipe available?!
teamcreate - Team Create This looks delish!
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio @baw.nee @goinggreen_ omg so sorry!! Must have been down for a little bit, not sure why - it's working now.
thepalomar - The Palomar Scooby Doo style!
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - Pandora + kale rug snacks
- Pandora + kale rug snacks
loveandlemons loveandlemons
kellyaustin1 - Kellyaustin1 I have the same rug!!! #westelm #moroccan
jenn_kaay - Jenn Thisssss @drewg__ shiba inu!
pippilipp - Gunhild Soooo cute! 🐶
_lisaflk - Lisa Cool dude. Lovely picture, lovely dog, I strongly guess.
theamadelle - Thea G. @regrafael oh reg, I love it!! if you only knew.. ive been scouring the internet for the perfect moroccan rug ..and a cheap ticket to morocco lol
suechendavies - Sue Chen Davies I love your food blog and your adorable Shiba. Is she a friendly dog with kids? (9 and 12)
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio @suechendavies thanks! We have 2 actually - ours are afraid of little kids, but 9 and 12 would be fine. They're not aggressive with people, just shy and skiddish. Definitely read up on the breed first, they are unique, to say the least!
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - Corningware chic at @oddduckaustin
- Corningware chic at @oddduckaustin
loveandlemons loveandlemons
cooksophiecook - Cook Sophie Cook And my mothers too!! @beardandbonnet
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio @victoriareneexo I like the VSCO app
beanatx - beanatx My husband bought a whole set of vintage corningware last year for like $20 at a garage sale. I love it, and we use it ALL the time!
paintsewgluechew - Diana And us @beardandbonnet / @cooksophiecook .... In fact pretty sure my mum still has hers!
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio @mywholefoodlife, @taylormadeitpaleo, @cvalenziano, @lindseywilkin, @paintsewgluechew my mom still has hers too :)
paintsewgluechew - Diana Ha ha @loveandlemons #mumswithgoodtaste !!
megjoyclark - Megan Clark @annieweber Look familiar?
foodlifestyletv - Food & Lifestyle TV Wow. We had this growing up.
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - The start of some fancy s'mores...
- The start of some fancy s'mores...
loveandlemons loveandlemons
aftonsiebern - Afton what marshmallows do you use? veg?
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio @aftonsiebern this brand called Sweet and Sara - they're vegan and also the best marshmallows I've ever eaten. (find them in the refrigerated section at whole foods).
cruz_abi - Abigail @stulta1256 yes!! And we shall make more next week🔜
beautyfullperla - beautyfullperla @mammina_bella we should do these with the kids at a log cabin in the mountains after a morning of apple picking in the fall.
mammina_bella - Mammina_bella Haha nate would love that!! @beautyfullperla
beautyfullperla - beautyfullperla I smell fall @mammina_bella
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - A new favorite summer salad: toasted pita, tomatoes, pickled onions & harissa, w/ @presidentcheese feta #artofcheese
- A new favorite summer salad: toasted pita, tomatoes, pickled onions & harissa, w/ @presidentcheese feta #artofcheese
loveandlemons loveandlemons
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio @arilp23 west elm, last year
thebeardedchef - ⠀⠀⠀⠀Adam's Kitchen Ahh ok thats pretty kool... 😊
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio ombreeye I'm calling it fattoush-ish :)
elliehmsin - elliehmsin @matts_fernandes you can make this for me
bubs_85 - Hannah 😘 This account as well @kerrrryn
emarieinman - Elise Hey Jeanine! It's Elise. I happened upon an Instagram account that was using some of your recipes and claiming them as your own--I tagged you in comments on the photos. I wanted to make sure you knew so you could deal with it and make them take the photos down.
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - So fun meeting @acouplecooks for lunch at The Little Goat!#chicago
- So fun meeting @acouplecooks for lunch at The Little Goat!#chicago
loveandlemons loveandlemons
tablefor2athome - Steph The two of you together = 🙌✨✔️👍
postawchiki - postawchiki На моей странице база ссылок из 10.000 . Первому человеку 150 руб! Начните свой бизнес и зарабатывайте в разы больше!
annawatsoncarl - Anna Watson Carl I love @acouplecooks!! So fun!!
acouplecooks - A Couple Cooks It was amazing to meet you both 💜💜💜
acouplecooks - A Couple Cooks Aww love you @annawatsoncarl 😊
Instagram photo by loveandlemons - So excited to finally eat here! @stephandthegoat #Chicago
- So excited to finally eat here! @stephandthegoat #Chicago
loveandlemons loveandlemons
healthorhighh2o - Alexandria Rita, NC Absolutely obsessed with her place!
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio @stampedbyjennifer it was great! Loved the kohlrabi salad, cauliflower, squash blossoms, so many things...
loveandlemons - Jeanine Donofrio @chaiandpieco ha, next time :)
frecklesandcowspots - Lindsay Fitzgerald Get the mint cucumber cocktail!
stampedbyjennifer - Jennifer Monk Thank you! @loveandlemons! I live in Chicago & always wanted to try it out...I'm so happy to hear it's worth it. :)