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Cara McLeay


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Instagram photo by carajourdan - Just hanging out with @getplenty #AFLAxPlenty 🌸
- Just hanging out with @getplenty #AFLAxPlenty
carajourdan carajourdan
whiterosesandcoffee - Jo Your hair! πŸ’—
__dalyn - Paper & ✏Skirts @ajsmum2 I want these waves!
erandivelarde - Erandi Velarde Amazing photo Cara!! πŸ’–
saraskw - Sara Willett Hair looks fab in this shot
getplenty - PLENTY Beauty inside and out! πŸ’–
ajsmum2 - Aβ€’B♧ @__dalyn awww man..we don't have long hair anymore :(
carajourdan - Cara McLeay @erandivelarde 😘😘
carajourdan - Cara McLeay @getplenty πŸ’•
Instagram photo by carajourdan - Adventuring in Stanley Park 🌿
- Adventuring in Stanley Park
carajourdan carajourdan
thatkidburns - kenz πŸ’Ÿ You're so beautiful!
andeelayne - Andee Layne In love w your hair πŸ‘Œ always perf
shazyak - Shaz K @yassy_m1 hair
joeydawn - jolene friesen This picture captures YOU so beautifully!! Mwuah
sanddollars26 - sanddollars26β˜€ @blonde_em double take thought it was you
luvuon - luvuon Oh my God! You’re so beautiful <3
Instagram photo by carajourdan - b l o o m s 🌸
- b l o o m s
carajourdan carajourdan
simplyshe_ic - Christiana Speed Hauser Haha, looks like spring and white cherry blossoms are on all of our minds lately. I posted a pic like this earlier today too ☺️ @carajourdan @danicawobser
mash.elle - mash.elle πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
fionakdesigns - Fiona Roberts I miss home!! Haven't been back in over two years now. 😒
danicawobser - Danica Wobser Haha! True @simplyshe_ic :) love spring!
julielmilner - Julie Milner Great to see you yesterday!!!!
carajourdan - Cara McLeay @julielmilner you too!! πŸ’—
Instagram photo by carajourdan - Laced Up πŸ’« #liketkit
- Laced Up #liketkit
carajourdan carajourdan
sarapenning - Sara Penenberg @mnruan OMG love it so trendy
bowstogo - Bows To Go Β© @themermaidds are helping you gain! Pls follow them! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•
bthat6176 - Bailee Thatcher Omg love thoes shoes!!! @tan_ya_theboss
infrontrowstyle - Infrontrowstyle I love Isabel Marant shoes!!! Lovely ballerinas, Cara!
katarinadevine - katarinadevine Love the flats πŸ‘
Instagram photo by carajourdan - #NYFW Diary & City Guide now up on AFLA πŸ—½πŸ‘ πŸ΄
- #NYFW Diary & City Guide now up on AFLA
carajourdan carajourdan
luciloves - LuciLoves My favorite @zimmermann_ look!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•@carajourdan
elizabethtrembley - elizabethtrembley @kelseyp10 I can't get over them and our visit to Hampton store😍😍😍 everything.
kelseyp10 - kelseyp10 @elizabethtrembley soooo good!!
theheartsdlite - Stella Compiseno Pink + burgundy is my absolute fave combo! The 70's inspired flare is just icing on the cake. β€οΈπŸ’—β€οΈ
sindeysayz - sindeysayz Gorgeous coat!!!

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