I'm in Utah on Young Livings dime. They have beyond spoiled us with free oils, products, a beautiful hotel room, good food, and an overall great experience here. I'm so impressed by this company. Even more than I was before. Yesterday we visited the Mona farms and got to see where some of our oils come from and see the whole seed the seal process. If you don't know what seed to seal is, it's Young Livings commitment to provide you with a pristine final product that you know has been created with conscious Sourcing, Science, and Standards. Every bottle of oil comes from hand selected seeds. They grow the product, and they don't use toxic products on the plants. They actually use their own essential oils instead of pesticides on their crops. They distill it once and it only comes in contact with stainless steel or glass… Not plastic. Throughout the entire process they're also testing it in-house and through a third-party making sure the quality is top notch. They have their hands on the whole process which is incredible and honestly one of a kind. Loved seeing this process first hand yesterday and made me fall even more in love with this company. Check out @juniperandco_ for more photos and stories.

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