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Instagram photo by gmyersmartin - Pregnancy hormones + national puppy day = feeeeelings
- Pregnancy hormones + national puppy day = feeeeelings
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
thepincushion - Stephanie 🎉🎉 Congratulations!!! 🐶💙
martin1633 - Mary Jo Martin Love at first sight!
kieraslye - Kiera Slye Omg I've been thinking about u lady!! Let's catch up soon! I want to see you and your beautiful baby belly!!!
stavanshah7 - stavanshah7 Beautiful news @gmyersmartin !!!
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @thepincushion @stavanshah7 thank you!!
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @kieraslye YES! I want to catch up very soon! Maybe a south end coffee date?
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
clawles1 - clawles1 "What is this 'fetch' you're talking about?"
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @clawles1 You nailed it. I'm honestly not sure if he doesn't understand the concept or just has no interest. Either way, it's entertaining.
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin - So excited to welcome our baby boy this June!
- So excited to welcome our baby boy this June!
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
embartzen - Happy happy happy ♡♡
charney - charney You look so cute @gmyersmartin 💜 congratulations you two!
egonzales1023 - egonzales1023 Congrats Martin family!!!
claireshappell - Claire Shappell So awesome, way way happy for you guys :) :) :) !!!
elise430 - Beautiful!! Xoxoxoxo
kmorph - kmorph Congrats Grace and Andy!!!
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
lilbri02 - lilbri02 @gmyersmartin excited to celebrate you and Baby Martin this weekend! Xoxo
elise430 - Bernie, how are you liking the snow!?
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @lilbri02 so excited to see you and Matt!
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @elise430 he LOVES it. He doesn't understand why I'm so annoyed.
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin - So much SNOW!
- So much SNOW!
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
elise430 - BERNIE!!!
thepincushion - Stephanie I love the flop flop flop flop of the ears 🐶
martin1633 - Mary Jo Martin ❄️❄️⛄️⛄️❄️❄️
newcs - newcs So cute. But if you get sick of shoveling it's 60 and sunny here!
amy_jusa - Amy J Soooo cute!!!
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
nldoro - nikki dorough He prob got exhausted trying to figure out how that whole "fetch" thing he keeps hearing about works. #berniemusings
gashwilson - Andy Martin He's so f-ing impressed with the big rug find at the thrift store today
thisisdan1 - Dan "Well, I guess I will just never get this thing untied..."
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin - My heaven.
- My heaven.
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
danicarog - Danica Rog Just love that coat on you!
martin1633 - Mary Jo Martin Wow...a dream come true!!
thepincushion - Stephanie 💗💙💜❤️💚 Enjoy!!! Touch all the liberty!
_lamisse_ - _lamisse_ So cute! Pure happy smile 😊❤️
newcs - newcs I love that Instagram juxtaposed your post and Andy's pizza post. #perfectcouple
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin - Baby Jane! (@annamariahorner and @thimbleblossoms patterns)
- Baby Jane! (@annamariahorner and @thimbleblossoms patterns)
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
martin1633 - Mary Jo Martin Beautiful baby girl and work of art!
elise430 - I love love love it! I wish janes face wasn't so apathetic in this picture. Doesn't she know she's wearing the cutest dress ever?
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @martin1633 @thepincushion thank you! 😘
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @elise430 ha! I really like her expression actually. She's all, "This is nice, but next time I'd like one made with silk dupioni."
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin #thimbleblossomsmini
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
thepincushion - Stephanie What a cozy nook 💗
jennisellers - Jennifer Sellers Lovely. Did you screen print the pillow fabric? So cute.
elise430 - That looks so pleasant! Can we come over?
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @thepincushion it is cozy! I hope to make it even more so with a new quilt ladder. One day!
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @jennisellers thanks! A friend got it for us from uptown artworks. It's definitely a favorite!
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @elise430 @martin1633 come on over!