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Instagram photo by gmyersmartin - Baby Jane! (@annamariahorner and @thimbleblossoms patterns)
- Baby Jane! (@annamariahorner and @thimbleblossoms patterns)
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
martin1633 - Mary Jo Martin Beautiful baby girl and work of art!
elise430 - elise430 I love love love it! I wish janes face wasn't so apathetic in this picture. Doesn't she know she's wearing the cutest dress ever?
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @martin1633 @thepincushion thank you! 😘
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @elise430 ha! I really like her expression actually. She's all, "This is nice, but next time I'd like one made with silk dupioni."
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin #thimbleblossomsmini
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
thepincushion - Stephanie What a cozy nook 💗
jennisellers - Jennifer Sellers Lovely. Did you screen print the pillow fabric? So cute.
elise430 - elise430 That looks so pleasant! Can we come over?
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @thepincushion it is cozy! I hope to make it even more so with a new quilt ladder. One day!
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @jennisellers thanks! A friend got it for us from uptown artworks. It's definitely a favorite!
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @elise430 @martin1633 come on over!
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin - Make love. Not war (reenactments).
- Make love. Not war (reenactments).
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @maxgarnish thanks! Too bad the light turned green before more people in colonial garb got in the frame. It was pretty hilarious.
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
skibomber9 - skibomber9 @gashwilson are you working out?! Looking ripped. I'd wanna cuddle you too
maxgarnish - J Michael W #ItstheBruceWillistshirt
gashwilson - Andy Martin @skibomber9 I stay photo-ready by constantly flexing
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
lilbri02 - lilbri02 @gmyersmartin ❤️❤️❤️
gmyersmartin - Grace Martin @lilbri02 @christinejamyers @faithmyers33 @marymyers5 Wish you were with us this weekend!
marymyers5 - marymyers5 ^ Me too!! This is a great photo!!
Instagram photo by gmyersmartin - UNCLE TIM IS HERE!
gmyersmartin gmyersmartin
newcs - newcs To be clear, I am just liking you and Uncle Tim, not Fenway. #goyanks