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Instagram media by sideshowsito - ... On my way downstairs till I run into ... #wtf #cat #mitsualvina
... On my way downstairs till I run into ... #wtf #cat #mitsualvina
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  • User profile for jenn_nnay

    Is he stuck ? 😥

  • User profile for sideshowsito

    @jenn_nnay : probably just dreaming of dinner as always =^_^=

  • User profile for 8263junjun

    @sideshowsito Ha! That's my dogs name, Mitsu... Pure black chow chow.

  • User profile for mnmsmom

    I love black cats @sideshowsito they have the best personality!

  • User profile for misslaurelle_

    YOU HAVE A CAT?! Omg, mines better

  • User profile for sideshowsito

    @misslaurelle_ pfft didnt u meet him before ? Um no way, mine will eat yours

  • User profile for misslaurelle_

    @sideshowsito no he totally didnt show his face when I came over which automatically makes him lamer. But yes he could probably eat my cat

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