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Instagram photo by harpkefamilyfarm - Happy Red Giant Mustard/Purple Kholrabi patch. #harpkefamilyfarm #urbanfarming
- Happy Red Giant Mustard/Purple Kholrabi patch. #harpkefamilyfarm #urbanfarming
harpkefamilyfarm harpkefamilyfarm
farm2me - farm to me We're creating a series to showcase #local book writers and bloggers from around the world - we'd love to showcase your writing ✌️Tag "#Farm2Me @Farm2me" for a chance to be highlighted here and on our site.
funshinemiami - Cindy del Marmol How do you prepare these greens - im looking for different methods
Instagram photo by harpkefamilyfarm - Sphinx moth. #nofilter #harpkefamilyfarm
- Sphinx moth. #nofilter #harpkefamilyfarm
harpkefamilyfarm harpkefamilyfarm
tamikaadjemian - Tamika Adjemian tomato horn worm family.. but they are impressive moths!
harpkefamilyfarm - Tamer Harpke @tamikaadjemian Very impressive, as is the damage the caterpillars do!😳👉🐛👎✂️😁✌️🌱
krissyd623 - Krissy Looks like it's made out of cardboard!