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Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - #tbtInMyImagination  when I was young I believed in everything  I turned my ragman into king and I carved him a soft world from hard stone with a laurel crown and a velvet throne
- #tbtInMyImagination when I was young I believed in everything I turned my ragman into king and I carved him a soft world from hard stone with a laurel crown and a velvet throne
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
toughgirl1506 - Gabi Suchan Great pic! Love your voice !
daninj52 - Dani Strand Maybe time to start singing love to see u do that.
borntorun11 - Fab Grande Patti !!
abstauberin - abstauberin Phantastic pic :-)
melindastagl - Melinda Stagl You're Amazing! :-)
somethingaboutcupcakes - Beverley Press Happy August and new memories xoxo
maurusmawr - Maurus Mawr Rumble Doll, great record! My daugther, who is 5, loves your music! Hope to see you live in Barcelona!
radioangel - Sherry great picture, so beautiful and the kindest smile. Miss your presence on the tours
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - #tbtTunnelofLoveTour 1987 Terry we miss you
- #tbtTunnelofLoveTour 1987 Terry we miss you
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
redheadedwoman9 - Cris Tunnel of love my favourite album ever love that album <3
mayte1969 - Mayte Mendez de Vigo Elorriaga Tunnel of Love, my first show in 1988 in Madrid 🇪🇸, and my life changed! 👌
joesie_ - joesie_ I saw the show in Bremen! It was my first Bruce and the e-street-band event, but many many followed. It was so amazing- four and a half hours of great music and pure rock'n roll!!! For us it was a magic night!
highhopes14 - Di Remember you coming out holding balloons and letting them go, happy days x
gjp0 - gjp0 Sheffield, July'88. We were newlyweds 1month before, happy memories, thanks patti.x
toughgirl1506 - Gabi Suchan This album made me an
daninj52 - Dani Strand Terry a great man I know his daughter Laurie n her husband Mike. They know my kids from High School years n still friends.
kleinparijs - Jacqueline Visbeen We were there in Rotterdam. One of the best shows i think.
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - 61 red roses
- 61 red roses
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
fpisani68 - Maria Pisani Happy birthday !!!
magser27 - Maggie Murphy Belated birthday wishes from another birthday girl..... Who got 10 beautiful roses! May the coming year bring you all you hope and wish for. Thank you for sharing little bits of your life! xxxxx
susannaegiovanni - Iphone 5 🇮🇹 Happy birthday 🍰🍰🍰😘🇮🇹
martinvervaart - Martin Vervaart :-) He's good for you, take care of him!
binathens - LivmEvryDay YOU are good for HIM! As much as we all love Bruce, it is you who have given him a full, loving, contented life. And just look at your great children, and what obvious joy they bring him. You are amazing
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
redheadedwoman9 - Cris Happy B-day again <3
mattmadden33 - Matt Madden Happy birthday!!! Enjoy!!
lindaseymour73 - Linda Seymour Happy happy birthday!!🍷🎂
fpisani68 - Maria Pisani Happy birthday !!!
richnycswag - Live Life & Get Fetti Happy birthday miss ya hope to see ya soon
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - #GlobalChampionTour🐴🇫🇷 #chantilly Fedorable in France #cousins #friendship #support  thank you Angela and Maryanne❤️❤️
- #GlobalChampionTour #chantilly Fedorable in France #cousins #friendship #support thank you Angela and Maryanne
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
bruce_spring - Carol Couture Happy Happy day Patti!! Love the music, Rock on!!!
victoriasolvin - Victoria Solvin Happy birthday Patti! Thanks for all the joy you're bringing through the music, here on Instagram and in general. Here's to many more years of joy & music 🎂🎁🎶
aluminousspark - Ayanna Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a good one. xxoo
begotxxu - Bego Happy birthday Miss Scialfa!!!lots of Hugs from Spain!!!!
ali_l_images - ali_l_images Happy Birthday Patti, have a wonderful day. Very Best of Wishes to you.
par4_reid - Trish Reid Breithla shona 🎂
juanita41shots - Juanita J Belated birthday wishes Patti from Australia. Hope your day was lubly.
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - a late throw back thursday
- a late throw back thursday
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
emilioeman72 - Emilio E-man Bruce springsteen The BOss- came to austraila x2 and rocked the nation-
ellabrend - ellabrend Luv u pair of kids xxx
rathwells - rathwells Happy Birthday Patti - new album fir you this year?
casgriffiths - Carole Griffiths 🎈🎈🎈🎈happy birthday Patti 😊
vwblue72 - vwblue72 Happy Birthday!
1985anja - Nurse Happy birthday Patti! Have a great day!
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - just had to!!! What a great day!😊
- just had to!!! What a great day!
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
magser27 - Maggie Murphy I remember hearing this news and being so happy for you both.... Our children are our greatest gifts in mum@had twelve of us, and always said this! bless you all xx
grimmsab - Sabine Grimm Patti Scialfa: Zur rechten Zeit am richtigen Ort! Du bist so hässlich, aber seine Frau. Glückliches Händchen oder Fügung.
romagaral - roma Sometimes we all wiuld like they were babies like this again!!!!
oidsmom - Marilyn Weber Awww! Never saw this one, so very sweet :)
oidsmom - Marilyn Weber Oh Patti, I love how happy you and Bruce are in this photo.
patriciahagstrom - patriciahagstrom 😍 @officialrumbledoll
susie509 - Sue Bauer Happy birthday to you Patti!
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - happy birthday to you!!! happy birthday to you! You've got a birthday we got none  we sing to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- happy birthday to you!!! happy birthday to you! You've got a birthday we got none we sing to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
nanc455 - nanc455 Gorgeous cake
magnolia_72 - magnolia_72 Auguri from Italia
de_leal - Denise Leal Parabéns Evan !!!🎉🎈🙌👏
lomuteki - Laura Happy birthday to Evan!!! Wish him the best!!! Have a nice day!!!
annettapelusi - annetta Happy birthday to Evan!! From Italy @officialrumbledoll
gigimock - gigimock I've got an Evan James as well! Happy Birthday to yours!😊
oidsmom - Marilyn Weber Hey Evan, Happy Birthday!
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - #tbtLovesGlory
- #tbtLovesGlory
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
silviagozzi77lullaby - Silvia Gozzi Tanti augurissimi grande Donna
therealdove - therealdove Love you Patti! Happy birthday, all the best!
davepetillo - David Petillo Happy Birthday Patti. Your very blessed.
vinkobak - Vinko Baković Happy birthday and best whishes!
redheadedwoman9 - Cris Happy birthday Redheaded! :*
lorenzo1479 - Lorenzo Happy birthday Patti!!!
cavanmom - Carrie Donohoe Happy birthday Patty!
cavanmom - Carrie Donohoe Patti sorry autocorrect did that
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - mama's got a brand new bag!! #formentera
- mama's got a brand new bag!! #formentera
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
230402bjork - 230402bjork Denmark is at least as hot as Spain at the moment.
alefromitaly - Alessandro Fromitaly You look awesome! Have a blast!
womaninnorway - womaninnorway Enjoy Spain @officialrumbledoll 🌞
xprincessxalliex - xprincessxalliex You can never have enough bags!! 😊
anncmcloughlin - Ann Mc Loughlin ☺@officialrumbledoll love bags
romagaral - roma A woman can never have enough shoes and handbags!!! LOLO
rosanota - rosanota Formentera! I love you love my Spanish favorite island
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - happy Fourth of July 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #independenceday
- happy Fourth of July #independenceday
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
johncnolan - John Christopher Nolan God Bless you and keep you close Springsteens!
maurusmawr - Maurus Mawr 4th of July, Asbury Park!
regbav - regbav Happy Independence day Patti. X
p0mpom - p0mpom Patti we need a selfie with Bruce so we can check out his facial situation. Important stuff!
shelltime2 - Shelley Reason to believe...
lindaseymour73 - Linda Seymour Happy 4th, it has been a great one here in the Finger Lakes, N. Y.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💗
de_leal - Denise Leal ✌🇺🇸🎇🎆
xmimilaruex - Marley @officialrumbledoll I know you and your family are horse people please check out #stampedelockdown #gmckillshorses Two women bike locked their necks to the track to prevent the Calgary Stampede chuckwagon races on July 4
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - 1984 JUNE 29th BORN THE USA TOUR First show, St. Paul Minnesota
- 1984 JUNE 29th BORN THE USA TOUR First show, St. Paul Minnesota
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
qkara40 - Qkara40 My first concert ever, July 1985!!
edsnap - Ed Hanley I was at all four shows at the LA Coliseum!
wendyprendy - Wendy Prendergast Wonderful memories. X
martinvervaart - Martin Vervaart Jee...I realize I'm a fan for about 30 years now..... Thats 75% of my life :-)
conservative_patriot68 - Victoria I was 16 in '84. Now I'm 46. 40+ shows--memories to cherish forever. ❤️❤️ Thank you Bruce, Patti and the E Street Band!!
stephtrischler - Stephanie Trischler My dad has had that poster hanging in our hallway for my entire life. I love it!
amsp13 - amsp13 When the change was made uptown and the Red-Headed Woman joined the band! WOOT!
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - tbt BORN IN THE USA TOUR "OUT IN THE STREET"! Regram @ springsteenlyrics
- tbt BORN IN THE USA TOUR "OUT IN THE STREET"! Regram @ springsteenlyrics
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
jpeppnz - JPepp The dream continues xxx
liviloolarr - liv driver ♡ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
dbusch16 - David Busch I remember see you with South Side Johnny Senior Night at Great Adventure in 1978 or 1979. Love is a Sacrifice tour.
daria_kla - Daria Thunder Road 😍😍😍
gerrylovetodance - Gerry "So your scared and your thinking that maybe we ain't that young any more"-- @officialrumbledoll
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - Regram @jsprings a quick pit stop for profiteroles :)
- Regram @jsprings a quick pit stop for profiteroles :)
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
arcadia215 - arcadia215 oh too too delicious
neiswander - Lori Neiswander That looks amazing!
rn4evr - 💜 Sherry Sanders 💚 Congrats on 30 yrs w/ESB ~ keep on making beautiful music@officialrumbledoll
rn4evr - 💜 Sherry Sanders 💚 Guess I am 4 days early since u joined the ESB on 6-29-1984...but congrats on such a beautiful life. Missed u at this last tour in Oakland, CA. Thanks 4 sharing jst a small portion of you & your family's life with us on InstaGram@officialrumbledoll
romagaral - roma I'm feeling guilty just foor looking!!Lool
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - missed the plane, went to Paris ....long lunch at Café de Flore..... with the girls
- missed the plane, went to Paris ....long lunch at Café de Flore..... with the girls
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
tramp71 - tramp71 Did you take the plane at the end? 😉
lindaseymour73 - Linda Seymour Girl, can we change lives for just a couple of days? LOL!!!✈🇺🇸🇫🇷🇪🇸🇮🇹🇬🇧🇷🇺🇨🇳🇩🇪🇯🇵🇰🇷🏇🏇🍷🍤 life enriched,
supa_grammy - supa_grammy Lucky you! Enjoy the moment
ychats - ychats Bonne idée
joeswafan - Sandra M Holter What a blessed life you have.
annettapelusi - annetta Good idea ! @officialrumbledoll
Instagram photo by officialrumbledoll - Chateaux De Villiers-Le-Mahieu
- Chateaux De Villiers-Le-Mahieu
officialrumbledoll officialrumbledoll
jerseyshorerose - Rose 🌹 Gorgeous picture!!!
longvillegirl - Maria J'adore la France!
1985anja - Nurse That's beautiful
berkar - berkar Tour de France
aguedahevia - Agueda García Hevia I am today in France and we had been in Chateaux Chenonceau.......fantastic!!! You must visit Loira, i m in love with it.
annettapelusi - annetta Nice place.. @officialrumbledoll
laurentdabiel - dabiel À 20 minutes de la maison... J'y crois pas !