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Instagram media by woodchuckcider - The draft lineup in the Cider House is the real deal! #woodchuckciderhouse #giveachuck
The draft lineup in the Cider House is the real deal! #woodchuckciderhouse #giveachuck
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    Omfg @nickydthequeer

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    FALL!!!! 🍁🍂🎃 trying not to get too excited...

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    @champ98nyy Local Nectar is a traditional cider made with 100% Vermont apple. It is light, crisp, and semi-dry. Local Nectar will only be available in Vermont, on draft, in six packs, and in 16oz cans.

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    @woodchuckcider Looks like I've got a road trip ahead of me. Must taste every variety!

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    @champ98nyy Definitely! We have some amazng stuff on tap right now, even some new styles that we are testing out in the Cider House!

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    @jaytayjay need all of theseeee

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    @jenni_leigh06 yes!! When/where is this?!