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Instagram media by woodchuckcider - #Cider #Saturday with some clean and refreshing Farmhouse Select '91. #photooftheday #cheers @brittanykolar
#Cider #Saturday with some clean and refreshing Farmhouse Select '91. #photooftheday #cheers @brittanykolar
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    @yaboycodybush @toad_sandwich

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    Yesssss my faaaaavorite!

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    Two things: 1) this is porn and 2) can I get this in Columbus Ohio? @woodchuckcider

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    I need this in San Mateo, CA or either Austin (or Round Rock or Cedar Park) or Spring, TX!

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    The Farmhouse Select is the best woodchuck I've ever had.

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    I love Woodchuck but I'm not a fan of the farmhouse. Far to sweet for my taste. Overwhelming honey flavor was tasted by my friend and I.

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    This is fancy woodchuck. He needs a monocle.