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Instagram media by donalskehan - Mid morning snack @glenilenfarm! :)
Mid morning snack @glenilenfarm ! :)
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  • User profile for good4unutrition

    My dad LOVES this stuff

  • User profile for laurmazur

    You can get it in the market in Mahon point on thursdays

  • User profile for __louloubelle

    I miss these :((

  • User profile for nickybjones

    Love them❤

  • User profile for irmavet

    Yummy! I'll look for these yogurts when I'll be in Ireland for my next holidays! :)

  • User profile for tangiblechanges

    THE best yogurt, sadly we cant get then outside of Ireland.

  • User profile for cannellevanille

    Looks amazing

  • User profile for annieponders

    Ooh I love these! You can get them from Ocado in England. 😊



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