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Instagram media by donalskehan - Got such a lovely letter in the post today! #daymaker
Got such a lovely letter in the post today! #daymaker
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  • User profile for saffascotty

    That handwriting - wow!

  • User profile for peggyfalbo

    How lovely!! Nobody writes letters anymore!

  • User profile for trevorpower18

    I want their hand writing ... Mine tends to look like a mess.... Lol

  • User profile for pane_burro

    isn't that so amazing to get a paper handwritten letter in the new media era? I love this, thanks for sharing!

  • User profile for campbellsuz

    So nice !

  • User profile for gearoidfarrelly

    Thats lovely. Cooking gets you nice fans. Yesterday I got an emails from a prick.

  • User profile for s4saoirse

    Beautiful handwriting and lovely to see pen on paper

  • User profile for good4unutrition

    Stunning handwriting!