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Instagram photo by aprilriverslocke - First #babybump pic! It's the beginning of the #secondtrimester #week13 #herewego! #baby #pregnant #cantwaittogethuge
- First #babybump pic! It's the beginning of the #secondtrimester #week13 #herewego! #baby #pregnant #cantwaittogethuge
aprilriverslocke aprilriverslocke
glitterwiggles - Lauren Schwind OMGomgomgomgomgomg so happy for u both
mell0wmama - Ash 🌈 Sancheezy Love it! 💗🌀🌈✨
familleribeaucourt - Ribeaucourt You are so beautiful - lovely photograph, and of course I love the curtain behind you too :-)
ajelyn - ajelyn @aprilriverslocke congrats ! U look beatiful
aprilriverslocke - April Rivers Locke Thanks @glitterwiggles @mell0wmama @ambercommander @familleribeaucourt and @ajelyn ❤️🙏😘
Instagram photo by aprilriverslocke - Laced selenite icicles #holidaydecor #vintage #lace #cleansingstones #handmade #peaceful
- Laced selenite icicles #holidaydecor #vintage #lace #cleansingstones #handmade #peaceful
aprilriverslocke aprilriverslocke
annarosesouther - ar I second that @paigemaccready! I want!!!
aprilriverslocke - April Rivers Locke @paigemaccready @annarosesouther these are for a commissioned project but I would be happy to make you some, message me and we can talk timeline and price 😉
jlobchuk - jlobchuk Oohhh! I'd love one of these!
michaelbirch - Michael-Birch Pierce Yessssss yessssss yesssssss
aprilriverslocke - April Rivers Locke @jennn_erator a while back I gave you my email but has since changed. I know you were interested at one time in a smaller custom piece and I have a bunch of sweet little bones available. My email now is if you are still interested :) @jlobchuk email me also if you are interested in prices of Icicles!
aprilriverslocke - April Rivers Locke @meredithannesutton yes! $8 each, if you want more than 10 than $7 each and I can make any amount into a garland if you want :) they are about 4 - 5inches long
Instagram photo by aprilriverslocke - We're havin' a baby! #pregnant #expecting #announcement #seedling #overthemoon  @mydailybeard
- We're havin' a baby! #pregnant #expecting #announcement #seedling #overthemoon @mydailybeard
aprilriverslocke aprilriverslocke
garrettcannon - Garrett D'Entremont Finally! The pact that we made under the blood moon of Orion's nubula can come to fruition... "Boy or girl we shall name it after thee Garrett Cannon D'Entremont" That's what you said and I'm totes holding you to it. No take-backies
aprilriverslocke - April Rivers Locke Thanks y'all! @katherinesandoz SO French indeed 😉
unklpaulie - Paul Michalec Wow! Awesome! Life is so precious.
kate_on_fleek - katie Congratulations!!!!
whityoerger - Whitney Dail Yoerger The sweetest announcement!