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    I just found out that I work with your Aunt Ava Chambliss-Richardson. She was telling me her niece came from CO and she asked how she could get her hair to curl - you advised you had step by step videos on youtube. I threw your name out there and showed her a picture of you and your sis that you just posted on IG and she confirmed we were talking about the same person. Small world. I halfway feel like I really know you now :-)

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    Omg @iamnaturallyshy hair has grown so much! How many months has it been ?

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    My mom waited to have more kids till i got older too. I was 14 when she had my sister... they wanted baby sitters thats all lol

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    Omg u guys have gorgeous hair!! And btw, where did u get your shirt @mahoganycurls

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    Me and my brother 9 years apart too.

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    You are so beautiful