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Instagram photo by exilehope - Your January 2015 #bacon facts!
- Your January 2015 #bacon facts!
exilehope exilehope
erineverhart - Erin I bought that same calendar for someone on my team!
exilehope - Rainier Bobcat got me this lol. @erineverhart #bacon #allday #erryday
Instagram photo by exilehope - Nothing beats a nice grilled steak.
- Nothing beats a nice grilled steak.
exilehope exilehope
brandmitchell - Brandon Mitchell So what you're saying is you'd like a nice cast iron skillet?
exilehope - Rainier Got a spare seasoned one for me? 😊
exilehope - Rainier @brandmitchell
brandmitchell - Brandon Mitchell I don't...but I know estate sales are great places. Can teach you my method with a new one though. I'm about a decade into mine and I can tell it still needs about 10 more years to be totally done. You should see my mom's.
exilehope - Rainier Yeah I read about the seasoning method for a new pan. But it just pails compared to a 10+ year aged pan :/ @brandmitchell thx though!
brandmitchell - Brandon Mitchell Start now and don't look back.