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Morgan Satterfield


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Instagram photo by the_brick_house - some mountain.
- some mountain.
the_brick_house the_brick_house
maryaliceeckart - maryaliceeckart so happy you're back! 💙
jaymelang - Jayme Anne Photography Oh, so glad too see you post!! Miss your blog!
lailasmila - lailasmila Could you PLEASE get in touch re. an order ( nursery pendant ) I placed at your shop ' CAMP ' over a year ago for $200.00. I never received the item and have been chasing a refund ever since. A response would be appreciated. Not sure if you are legit????
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - The Goon Docks!
- The Goon Docks!
the_brick_house the_brick_house
jesgagnon - Jes Gagnon You should also hit up the antique shop there, I forget the name of it, but it's pretty big.
urbansoule - urbansoule I used to live next to the "Goonies" jail! In Astoria!
3at12 - Monica Davison Goooonies Forever!!!
ebaygoogle - Stephen Jones Good job cropping out the Zionist signage the owner has put up.
robinfisher7 - Robin Fisher @ryan_bidigare !!!!! Goonies never say die
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - Foggy foggytown Portland.
- Foggy foggytown Portland.
the_brick_house the_brick_house
vonbraunvintage - Von Braun Vintage & Home Good to have you back Morgan!
sierrakeylin - Sierra Keylin Gotta LOVE a moody PNW evening😍
tylerdurdin101 - ➕TYLER➕ Kik This pic got me all “She was a brunette, and that meant trouble... I jammed the roscoe in his button and said, Close your yap, baby, or I squirt metal.”
ekezsuzsi - ekezsuzsi So happy to see you back!
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - Browntown Joshua Tree (sky time)
- Browntown Joshua Tree (sky time)
the_brick_house the_brick_house
mayaschindler - mayaschindler Maybe u coming here? Please?
chicmodernvintage - Editor @tonia.lee WOW seriously you've been missed
urbanroutine - Lara Murphy So excited to see you posting.
worklovely - Wanda I miss your postings!
woodandfaulk - Matt Pierce Well, hello mysterioso.
rachellehannahmb - Rachelle Bourget Happy to see you back :)
amy_lynne_k - amy_kohrman Hey - Don't know you but enjoy your posts! Thanks for sharing!
rabbitsandbirds - rabbitsandbirds So strange to miss someone you don't know personally. But I've missed you! Looking forward to more of your posts
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - 2 x 🌈
- 2 x
the_brick_house the_brick_house
jahzibrand - 👑Jahzi Brand™👑 @alexisgaudy for you this week! Double the blessings! Let's go Lex!!!🙌🙏😌
alexisgaudy - 👑Alexis Carrington👑 @jahzibrand 😢🙏🌈🙌🙌🙌☺️
rocketgirl3 - Kristina So glad to see you back and hope you are well! You have quite a following here in the mid-west! Hope to see some more posts soon. Take care and thank you for all of your past inspiration! 😄👍
rick0 - Ricardo Ontiveros What the hell! You post like nothing's different. Like you haven't been gone for almost a year! Like you left us without any of your amazing diy's. BAM. Double rainbow, then gone again! I can't. I. Just. Can't.
jlurssen - janet lurssen You're back - you're back - you're back 💃💃💃
jjburke - Jen B Glad to see you back Morgan! Hopefully some blog posts in the future!!
lailasmila - lailasmila @TAMEAST3 did you receive a refund from morgan? I had the same problem as you, paid $200.00 for a nursery pendant from the camp shop. Nothing arrived and I have been chasing a refund for over a year now.
tameast3 - Tammy I did!!! I contacted her on here and then emailed her and I asked her to still mail the product. She did do in a really timely manner! She definitely made it right. Have you tried emailing her?? I can send you her email if you need it!!
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - someones a filthy tired mess of a fluffy girl after weekend shenanigans.
- someones a filthy tired mess of a fluffy girl after weekend shenanigans.
the_brick_house the_brick_house
ashlyschilling - Ashly @tameast3 I know as much as you do.
mimosabyme - madeline ellis | jewelry Miss your posts. Miss you. Hope all is well.
leroyk - Dom Used to be an avid follower and now I fear something bad has happened :(
leroyk - Dom @doorsixteen do you have any info re: Morgan? We are all fearing the worst I think. Lots of people on the Internet wanting to hear from her..
doorsixteen - Anna Dorfman @leroyk Sorry, no, but to be frank, I think if Morgan wanted to publicly share the reason for her absence online, she would—or she or her family would ask someone to do it for her. I know that you mean well in asking (really), but it's not anyone's business unless Morgan chooses for it to be.
leroyk - Dom @doorsixteen thanks for replying. Oh yeah totally agree with you, was more concerned something awful had happened to her. Guess these are uncharted Internet-age waters we navigate now
smellyyomon - Shawn Covington Miss you, Morgan! I hope everything is ok. I love your dogs, your house, and your witty humor :D
blackwhiteyello - Jessica @ Black.White.Yellow. Hey Morgan, I just saw a photo of your house on Pinterest and decided I really missed your presence and lovely wit. I hope everything is well with you and your family. Best, Jessica
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - Should have maybe mentioned that me and my CAMP stuff can be seen at the #remodelistamarket in LA today. (I'm terrible at business)
- Should have maybe mentioned that me and my CAMP stuff can be seen at the #remodelistamarket in LA today. (I'm terrible at business)
the_brick_house the_brick_house
paolaatripto - Paola_. ❤️❤️💡💡 wonderful!!!
tameast3 - Tammy Hello, had anyone ordered anything from this Camp site????? I can't get a hold of Morgan and I need to be sure she received my order from April!! Any help would be great!!! Thank you!
phennyphenny - phennyphenny @tameast3 if you check her twitter and IG she hasn't been online in almost a year. No one can figure out what happened.
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - stringing together a rope light for an upcoming event. this is about as much holiday flare as I can manage.
- stringing together a rope light for an upcoming event. this is about as much holiday flare as I can manage.
the_brick_house the_brick_house
josikristin - Josi Where are these from? I try to refrain from asking usually...
the_brick_house - Morgan Satterfield @josikristin I made it, so my hands?
jodyryan - Jody I miss your blog posts xxx
tinytribemag - Tiny Tribe Magazine You have inspired me to create a cabinet just like this in my bedroom. Absolutely in love 💕
mylestipley - Myles Henry Tipley Hey Morgan just checking in. I know people reach out every day and its probably annoying just want to make sure everything is well with you. Hope to talk soon.
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - evening fibers (favorite fibers)
- evening fibers (favorite fibers)
the_brick_house the_brick_house
garybwell - Gary B. Wells Can we freaky Friday switch brains? U can be a gay guy with a big beard.
fantasticfabrics - Fantastic Fabrics Love this!!! Check us out and let us know if we can help you in any way
rocketgirl3 - Kristina Oooo-so pretty!
americangarage - J. Tauritz got any cool fibers to sell @the_brick_house??
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - color batch testing some options for an ultra new & extra simple CAMP Sconce. (*actual decisions about actual colors needs some more fretting and pacing time)
- color batch testing some options for an ultra new & extra simple CAMP Sconce. (*actual decisions about actual colors needs some more fretting and pacing time)
the_brick_house the_brick_house
the_brick_house - Morgan Satterfield @mwmmpls @maison21 Oh yeah, you know it. brass is standard on everything. forever.
modernhaus - Summer/MODERNHAUS Is that a murdered finish??
_ch_ - charlie wright All matte black everythang.
mwmmpls - martha mcquade I want BRONZE. no brass
the_brick_house - Morgan Satterfield @mwmmpls I lack a foundry to make bronze bodies. (my metal working is mainly unfinished brass & steel).
the_brick_house - Morgan Satterfield @modernhaus matte is murder?
modernhaus - Summer/MODERNHAUS Considering it on my 10-year old Lexus.
lkherzig - lkherzig Hi, are you still making these lights? I love 'em. Thx
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - stinky Bea post emergency bath scrubbing
- stinky Bea post emergency bath scrubbing
the_brick_house the_brick_house
doorsixteen - Anna Dorfman Bea! I've missed you.
katherine_jalaty - Katherine Jalaty that's funny @catchtilly -- i was about to tag @catchlink , too!
v_bee - v_bee Why is she Stinky?
catchlink - Christina haha aww! Thanks @catchtilly and @katherine_jalaty (@catchtilly is my sister Katherine) cute small world!
junedotbe - Junedotbe Uh oh. What happend there ?
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - vintage leather & steel (for better booze storage)
- vintage leather & steel (for better booze storage)
the_brick_house the_brick_house
lanabark - lanabark @tifflorez let's make this too
arliz - arliz I can almost see DIY's of the racks soon! Very cool.
bradenalexander - Braden Alexander @vankunder I thought of you when I saw this!
mariusnilsen - Marius Nilsen @fredrik_jonsson ja takk
emma_austen - Emma Lusting after this Arthur Umanoff wine rack! ❤️ @the_brick_house
Instagram photo by the_brick_house - hey.
- hey.
the_brick_house the_brick_house
djdandeleon - Dan De Leon @djjoshwhitaker awwww
neyrey - Renee B. Wow, adorable!!!
wickedzombiecat - **Neva** @stephnsteph han je meurs trop de mignonitude💛
stephnsteph - StephNsteph @wickedzombiecat mais nan trop mignon les deux!!! Arfff😩moi aussi j'aime cette couleur, marron comme ça c'est très recherché 😍🐶