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Instagram media by bonesbearings - Backside noseblunt slide @decenzzzz photo by Geoff Clifford.
Backside noseblunt slide @decenzzzz photo by Geoff Clifford.
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    @sk8np0ng1 the angle makes it look like a frontside nose slide but it's actually a backside noseblunt slide. So "we" call it what it is. There was a time when "we" looked at photographs in a magazine and tried to figure out what was going on. Now "we" just want to be told what is going on. Would you be happy if I said Ollie over to frontside noseslide? Either way it's hard and neither you or I is doing this.

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    I am happy calling it a back noseblunt, which is what it is. It seemed there was a time when a blunt performed on a rail or similar two-sided obstacle was called a transfer nose or tail slide depending on how you slid it and how you came out. Maybe I am tripping or it was a local thing. Just throwing out the question. Certainly not attempting to correct the stated name of the trick.

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    I assume transfer tricks all originated with transition/spine skating.

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