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Instagram media by bonesbearings - @getzhabitat ollie one foot. Photo by @ryangee_photo
@getzhabitat ollie one foot. Photo by @ryangee_photo
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    @doublecrossxx I know. I never skated it.

  • User profile for deadpoolskater

    Awesome mini! I want another one so bad!

  • User profile for bonesbearings

    @therealbamboozled_ 👍

  • User profile for deanoslave

    I've seen this mini ramp somewhere before, is it on the east coast?

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  • User profile for kerrygetz

    @deanoslave yup in my old backyard in nj. It's gone. I rebuilt and new one at my new crib. Pretty much the identical ramp.

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    @getzhabitat man I live in cherry hill nj, I'd love to skate with u sometime man

  • User profile for dvcozgrove

    Nice surface



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