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Instagram media by babyrabies - Suddenly just remembered I hate this. So ticklish!
Suddenly just remembered I hate this. So ticklish!
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  • User profile for babyrabies

    @cryswiltshire I hope you get out and get to treat yourself soon!

  • User profile for somebodysparent

    I HATE pedicures. I only get them so my toes won't be all boogity.

  • User profile for babyrabies

    @somebodysparent same here. I did opt for the upgraded foot and leg massage today so I at least got something out of it.

  • User profile for vaughnmom

    I'm so tinklish too!!!!! But I still go every 3wks!!

  • User profile for mrsandreateresa

    Oh man, I ❤ pedicures!!! I'll trade places with you right now 😉

  • User profile for mtnmommaljh

    I got one 3 days before having my son, and cried when the sweet technician put my socks & boots back on my feet for me. She got quite a tip!

  • User profile for txnewsprincess

    Mine told me I was having a boy, then told me she wouldn't be rubbing certain spots on my feet until closer to my due date, because it could cause contractions. HELLO!

  • User profile for uncoordmommy

    This was so a secret picture, wasn't it Lol



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