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Instagram media by babyrabies - Elf time.
Elf time.
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  • User profile for bebehblog

    We're watching too. Actually I think Caroljne has that shirt. Twins!

  • User profile for kfelux

    elf...on the....shelf?

  • User profile for adeenap

    I love that movie. 👍

  • User profile for melodymaeolson

    Favorite movie!

  • User profile for littlemsvaughn

    Lol! I'm not the only 1 posting pics of my toddler girl & Elf, but mine is named Jovie. 😊

  • User profile for kenner82

    Just finished watching it!

  • User profile for jayme_kubo

    @speediefreedie One of my sisters twin girls is named Jovie! Great name ☺

  • User profile for jollymae

    Every time I see your entertainment center, I show my hubby and ask him to build me one! PS...I <3 Elf



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