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Instagram media by babyrabies - Blonder. It's the only way to fight the grays. #NotThatOld #NotFair
Blonder. It's the only way to fight the grays. #NotThatOld #NotFair
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  • User profile for adayinmollywood

    Mine are silver and reflect the sun. I'm extra special.

  • User profile for tifathgf

    Yeah- I'm 32 and I don't think I can put it off any longer. But I have DARK hair. I don't know that going lighter is the way to go for me. I have such ethnic features...

  • User profile for kungfoofeltus

    My hair is medium/dark brown but I bl

  • User profile for kungfoofeltus

    Cont. apparently. - I lighten a lot to hide the "sparkles" nowadays.

  • User profile for acutedesigns

    It looks really pretty! I am afraid of gray hair....

  • User profile for disenchantedsl

    I like haw you're all woe is me, mid thirties and have gray hair.... I'm 28 and have had them for years and years!

  • User profile for disenchantedsl

    But your hair looks lovely whatever you do with it!

  • User profile for cryswiltshire

    I've been getting the odd grey for a few years...and I'm only late 20s :( started resorting to colouring too as its gotten worse. Not fun.