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Instagram photo by thecurtiscasa - wait, so which way is the elevator? 🙈 🔙 😂
- wait, so which way is the elevator?
thecurtiscasa thecurtiscasa
mcmalloryj - Mallory Jett If you make your way to p7 you only have to take one elevator, as the sliding doors open for you! That's what I always do!
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @mcmalloryj tricky! I wondered that but always forget when it's time to go back the next year! ;)
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @alibgant hah! you always make me laugh. your sweet lil family is so precious!!
classyclutter - Mallory & Savannah "To the left, to the left!" 🎼🎵🎶
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @classyclutter heh!
brian.pierce9gsu - Brian Pierce It's to the left in case you're still looking. You're welcome!
frillsandflightsuits - Audrey @ frillsandflightsuits Ok, this is hilarious because we actually looked for the elevator on another floor at the same mall for the longest time! It was hidden in the most odd corner..Where were the arrows when we needed them!
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @frillsandflightsuits no way! Hahah how funny. Small world!
Instagram photo by thecurtiscasa - chicago from the top of the Hancock building is quite a sight! 👏
- chicago from the top of the Hancock building is quite a sight!
thecurtiscasa thecurtiscasa
bellatheblog - Elisabeth Mcknight Gringeri Isn't it! We love eating up there while we're in Chicago just for the view!
waitingonmartha - MANDY KELLOGG RYE Oh my goodness you're already there? Can I still email you suggestions. Quick one make sure to get Garret's popcorn the Chicago mix and eat it when it's warm.
esthomason - Elizabeth You have to go to the Sky Deck at Willis Tower! It's AWESOME.
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @bellatheblog fun! I don't know if we could do a full meal, it made my husband a little queasy up close to the windows!
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @waitingonmartha ha yes! No worries! we've had a blast! will look out for that popcorn this afternoon! 👍 @esthomason thank you! it's on the list! 😊
esthomason - Elizabeth The popcorn is at Navy Pier. It's delicious. Have fun!
kkgardynski - Kathy Gardynski My hometown has the BEST architecture!!
Instagram photo by thecurtiscasa - it's a good saturday morning 💖 #thecurtiscasa
- it's a good saturday morning #thecurtiscasa
thecurtiscasa thecurtiscasa
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @inhonorofdesign @morganrapp thank you!
mamacbrown - Mamacbrown Wait! Is this your house?!
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @mamacbrown hah yes!
mamacbrown - Mamacbrown It's transforming into more amazingness!
thealisonshow - Alison Faulkner Haha no worries! Obviously I trudged forth but still wanna bug you!!
ahomefullofcolor - Shavonda Gardner Heck yeah it is!!! So pretty Whitney😍
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @recycleddesign @ahomefullofcolor thank you! :)
Instagram photo by thecurtiscasa - pretty fall palette in the garden this morning 💜 #tccgardens
- pretty fall palette in the garden this morning #tccgardens
thecurtiscasa thecurtiscasa
lindsaycoletta - Lindsay Coletta Do you have window boxes?
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @lindsaycoletta no, this is just a big container. i have a good place for window boxes though!!
thecurtiscasa - Whitney @lindsaycoletta 😊😊
jordanbrantley - jordan brantley Whitney! I'm on my way to ATL right now... Would you happen to be free for coffee tomorrow? I know it's SO last minute so no worries if not! ☺️