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Instagram media by hauspanther - Here's a sneak peek at a little #Catification project I've been working on.
Here's a sneak peek at a little #Catification project I've been working on.
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    Love it. I've got something similar bouncing around in my head. It's nice to get a visual @hauspanther

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    I love the idea of these but then I think about having to get them down to go to the vet. I guess you could just take them down temporarily?

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    @jesseanneo that's what succulent chicken is for

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    @tjasacerovsek I would love to think that would work but I have 2 "former ferals" - one needs to be sedated even for a home exam and the other freaks out so bad if he thinks you're planning to touch him when he doesn't want to that he hides all the way under furniture & stress-poops - and will body slam the screens or windows in a panic. It would probably would with my more friendly guys though!

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    @jesseanneo 😕

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    @tjasacerovsek it's okay - they've gotten better over time & I knew what I signed up for!

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    I similarly have put cat walkways up in my spare room :-)