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Instagram photo by oleanderandpalm - Frida Kahlo
- Frida Kahlo
oleanderandpalm oleanderandpalm
riad26 - riad26 Ohhhhh!!😍😍😍
smallfriendly - Carla Great job on all three!
mella2104 - mella2104 she absolutly has that kahlo look, too! @oleanderandpalm 😍👍😂
zu_love - Tanya Horta-Beltran @friducha_arte isn't she so cute?
Instagram photo by oleanderandpalm - 💚🎃
oleanderandpalm oleanderandpalm
delineateyourdwelling - Amy W You speak my colors.
oleanderandpalm - Oleander and Palm @delineateyourdwelling just need a little coral in this mix.
oleanderandpalm - Oleander and Palm @designimprovised @lkecovich green is the best color, I think :)
greenieg - greenieg Go green!!! 💚👍💚
Instagram photo by oleanderandpalm - The beautiful porches of the Wawona Hotel. #yosemite #wawona
- The beautiful porches of the Wawona Hotel. #yosemite #wawona
oleanderandpalm oleanderandpalm
ashep82 - Andrea Shepherd This place looks awesome. Kind of reminds me of Dirty Dancing
designimprovised - Design Improvised Looks amazing! Hope you are having a great time
oleanderandpalm - Oleander and Palm @pumpkinqueen_ it is gorgeous here. So nice to have a chill in the air.
oleanderandpalm - Oleander and Palm @designimprovised it's been a great getaway - we needed this. Every married couple needs to do this once a year :)
oleanderandpalm - Oleander and Palm @ashep82 believe me, Lon wasn't dancing and definitely not dirty dancing :)
ashep82 - Andrea Shepherd @oleanderandpalm Eliane from Seinfeld dancing? Haha.
Instagram photo by oleanderandpalm - Leaves as big as my head. The biology nerd says these are California Maples. #yosemite
- Leaves as big as my head. The biology nerd says these are California Maples. #yosemite
oleanderandpalm oleanderandpalm
oleanderandpalm - Oleander and Palm @parscaeli yosemite is an amazing place!!!!
rwarze - Rachel Warze Ur too cute for Words! Glad u had a little get away!
oleanderandpalm - Oleander and Palm @thecraftedlife this vest is my go-to these days. And I can fill the pockets with all sorts of things. :)