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Instagram photo by go_die818 - Gary fisher, Charley Kelly, Mr Tick, MMaceda, Mary Jane, Pizza and beer!!! When meeting legends make sure to party correctly! #Fuckyeahfriday #iwantmymtb
- Gary fisher, Charley Kelly, Mr Tick, MMaceda, Mary Jane, Pizza and beer!!! When meeting legends make sure to party correctly! #Fuckyeahfriday #iwantmymtb
go_die818 go_die818
dalecooper55 - Gertjan Did they sign your book?
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @dalecooper55 yup! I also had them and the director Billy Savage sign my original copy of klunkers! It was a very exciting day.
matchlessmade - Patrick Kelly You got yer yeti on backwards dog
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @matchlessmade hit up my boy @mmaceda for some backwards ITEY limited edition tee shirts ;)
Instagram photo by go_die818 - Framed up these kitty's today. #theframeandartdept #hermosabeach #hellokitty #custompictureframing
- Framed up these kitty's today. #theframeandartdept #hermosabeach #hellokitty #custompictureframing
go_die818 go_die818
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Sorry @chicacherrie they are for a customer 😏 but we can get you other prints!
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @mru58 Thank you, brotha!
dalecooper55 - Gertjan My daughter likes them!
jesther87 - Jesica @go_die818 omg I love them if you get any to sell let me know please ill buy and pick then up..
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo We can get them for you. You would just need to come and and pick stuff out :) @jesther87
jesther87 - Jesica @go_die818 :) great just let me know when n how Much?
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @jesther87 you need to come to see what you would like on them
Instagram photo by go_die818 - Work commuter. #trek
- Work commuter. #trek
go_die818 go_die818
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Thanks dude! @_baconlockstock_
neste - xavi Diego it is possible buy some stickers speed racer? @go_die818
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @neste yeah, for sure! The link is in my bio, Thank you!
neste - xavi @go_die818 diego I paid for two stickers by web page. Are you send me? My name is xavi lorza
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @neste Hello, Xavi! I shipped them out yesterday on my lunch break. Please let me know when you receive them! Thank you very much for your support, I really appreciate it!
Instagram photo by go_die818 - Love at first sight! 💘 #JeepFC170
- Love at first sight! #JeepFC170
go_die818 go_die818
reesakat - Reesakat "If I can't have you... Then I'll just take a picture... If I can't have you.. Oohh woah" 😏
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo #adventuremobile
papayafactory - Flyingpapayafactory Wow! Do you know what year they made this?
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @papayafactory i have no idea. I wish I knew! Maybe you can find some info online. The model is FC-170
mike_piercey - Michael Piercey Made em from 1957-1964 they had jeeps super hurricane inline 6 with about 100-110 hp they also had a t90 3 speed or (very rare) t98 4 speed. U can find a whole lot more info on Wikipedia
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @papayafactory we can thank @mike_piercey for the awesome info!! ✌️✌️
mike_piercey - Michael Piercey No problem, gotta love the fc
papayafactory - Flyingpapayafactory Interesting, thanks @mike_piercey @go_die818
Instagram photo by go_die818 - Yo, B! #VintageMTB
- Yo, B! #VintageMTB
go_die818 go_die818
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Hahah @mmaceda holla! ⏫
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @dalecooper55 I believe it's lycra
_superdomestik - we are súpərdomestik @teamdreamteam I don't purchase obvious knock-offs of my own kit designs! I'll be having words with Keith about this.
_superdomestik - we are súpərdomestik @go_die818 That's a damn fine jersey, and a nice memory for me, my good man.
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Hahah @_superdomestik I also dig it very much! It's my buddy @mmaceda jersey 💚💛❤️
ssssss_serina - S 🎀 CHEN @mirandaiiiii ☺️