Instagram photo by go_die818 - Woke up like this. #Thugcamp
- Woke up like this. #Thugcamp
go_die818 go_die818
buddyhomie - 📷 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @pedaljay87 let me know when!!
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Stinky salty men! 👍 @bradleybicycle
pedaljay87 - pedaljay87 @go_die818 ... Wednesday night would of been good lol
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Hahaha next Wednesday I'm down again! @pedaljay87
pedaljay87 - pedaljay87 @go_die818 I'm down!!!
Instagram photo by go_die818 - 1am. Summer night. S.F.V #Thugcamp
- 1am. Summer night. S.F.V #Thugcamp
go_die818 go_die818
retrobikestuff - A flying backfire, a raccoon hiding in the roof, wtf is going on here!?!
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Hahahah!! Our friend has a rad collection of bikes hanging in his garage. I just spotted the raccoon tail. @retrobikestuff
Instagram photo by go_die818 - Good boy.
- Good boy.
go_die818 go_die818
lolitaab - He's beautiful!!
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo :) It's Claudias new pup! @lolitaab
kpfunism - K.P. Hey, why the long face?
illy_wonka - That is an awesome looking dog 👍👍👍
reesakat - Reesakat 🐷🐖
Instagram photo by go_die818 - Needs a little love. #bridgestonemb1 #vintagemtb
- Needs a little love. #bridgestonemb1 #vintagemtb
go_die818 go_die818
papayafactory - Flyingpapayafactory Very cool! No brakes! 🙈
randonnerd - There is a dope @bontrager on clist up here I am trying to swing...
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo What model?? @randonnerd
randonnerd - Privateer Comp
Instagram photo by go_die818 - Soft on the tail. #vintagemtb #DeKerf #RitcheyDropouts
- Soft on the tail. #vintagemtb #DeKerf #RitcheyDropouts
go_die818 go_die818
schralpinsteve - Stephen Crowley That thing deserves a better build
schralpinsteve - Stephen Crowley Or not. Can't really see what's on it
panaroiabikes - Panaroiabikes IT defenately needs an other crankset. A specialized crankset on a dekerf? If it gets changed, i could use it.
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @panaroiabikes wish it was mine. It's off to San Diego already 👋
panaroiabikes - Panaroiabikes You just missed it @go_die818 ???
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo I work next door to bike shop and the guys call me over sometimes when they have cool stuff like this. I think all they did was swap out the pedals for the owner of this bike. :) @panaroiabikes