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go_die818's Instagram Profile
Instagram photo by go_die818 - It's a #Cadillac
- It's a #Cadillac
go_die818 go_die818
leeonyc - leeonyc they need to repaint that building already
toothlessgary - Gary Mathis @eblackdesign @ascaribicycles @they_call_me_snatchy
they_call_me_snatchy - Benny @toothlessgary bitchin!!
dre_a - dre_a Hmmm I see it ๐Ÿ˜ณ
eblackdesign - eB @toothlessgary if I worked there I would feel like I was getting run over every time I went to work...
Instagram photo by go_die818 - Getting closer. Thank you for all the help! @pedaljay87 @crazybearbikes !!! โœŒ๏ธ๐ŸปโœŒ๏ธ #Mtb #9nerd #iwantmymtb
- Getting closer. Thank you for all the help! @pedaljay87 @crazybearbikes !!! ๏ธ๏ธ #Mtb #9nerd #iwantmymtb
go_die818 go_die818
mmaceda - mmaceda Go tubeless! It's the best!
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Jah mon! Hopefully be done with all of it by Friday @mmaceda
sambosuda - Samuel Lopez Whatcha building? ?
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Got my hands on a SS On One Inbred. My first 29" stoked to try it out! @sambosuda
sambosuda - Samuel Lopez Badass.. single speeds are fun!!
pedaljay87 - pedaljay87 No prob brah! Once that thing is rolling maybe my Richey will be done and we gotta shred
crazybearbikes - crazybearbikes We want to see that on our rack soon!!
Instagram photo by go_die818 - Shred hard this weekend! #iwantmymtb
- Shred hard this weekend! #iwantmymtb
go_die818 go_die818
crazybearbikes - crazybearbikes What up this Sunday? @go_die818
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Let's get my rig rollin between tonight and tomorrow so I can ride it Sunday! @crazybearbikes
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @desmojinx shot me a email. I have one with your name on it! โœŒ๏ธ
themelindaverse - Mel0Jack Awesome! I want one of these!
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @ladolcevelo Thanks! I have a blue one left. Shoot me a email and I'll send it your way.
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @themelindaverse thank you! Send me a email I'll send you one when I have some more made!
ladolcevelo - La Dolce Velo @ladolcevelo you already are dude, bur thanks again!
Instagram photo by go_die818
go_die818 go_die818
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo I could seriously move up here and never think about what I'm leaving behind. ๐Ÿ‘‹ #MTB #TiDBR #iwantmymtb
bunkershot_dot_com - Love it, please post to our profile site
Instagram photo by go_die818 - #vintagemtb
- #vintagemtb
go_die818 go_die818
handbuiltwheels - Ethan Fiamingo White industries.. correct?
dalecooper55 - Gertjan Needs some work!
buddyhomie - buddyhomie Looks like ti too
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo Good eye! @buddyhomie 94 ti DBR
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @handbuiltwheels you got it!
go_die818 - DieGo Trejo @dalecooper55 it's going to get fully tuned after big bear today. It sure does need a good cleaning!