Today I had the pleasure of talking to Emma @sparrows.eave ) for day 42/100 of the #100daysofconversation project. . . . It was truly a joy! We talked about something that I think about a lot… time. This concept of time. Our preconceived notions and perspectives of it. So many of us find ourselves saying daily ‘if only I had more time.’ Well hard truth, we can’t get MORE time. We get exactly the amount of time EVERYONE gets. And those people you admire who seem to have it all? They also have 24 hours in their day. . . . The thing is they aren’t fighting this concept of time. They accept the time they have and learn to use it effectively. Working harder and grinding ourselves into the ground isn’t going to somehow help us move forward in life differently than others. You’re just going to be exhausted and burned out. And then guess what happens? You are useless to others, useless to your family, useless to your business and useless to yourself. . . . Instead learn to be honest with yourself about the time you have and how you are using it. Learn to prioritize things that nourish you so you can function effectively (hello self-care!). . . . And if you really need a hard wake up call… remember Beyonce has the same amount of hours in a day as you… so next time  you catch yourself wasting hours scrolling mindlessly through social media, think ‘I WONDER WHAT BEYONCE IS DOING RIGHT NOW.’ . . . Love you guys. Now go love yourself.

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