This has been an incredibly transformational year. I started the with two declarations. This year I do more things that scare me. And I make my own wellbeing top priority. This has opened incredibly exciting doors. And led to some emotional breakthroughs. . . One of the greatest realizations I have had is that my purpose has to do with other women. I am supposed to be having conversations with them. I am supposed to be passing along my knowledge and experience to help them. I am supposed to be creating connections and empowering women. . . So what does this mean? Well last year I shut the door on Lark + Arrow. But if I’m being frank, I was scared. Scared to completely stop doing macrame. So I’ve taken custom orders here and there. But that has been a handicap for me. I look to it as a crutch, a fallback, a what if… I’m not fully leaning into what I’m really supposed to be doing. . . I’ve decided to go through my house and clear out the last macrame pieces I have. I’ve made them available @thehandmadepopup and you can purchase them through November 12th. After that point, I’m gifting them to family. . . I need to put the right message out there. I need to act in alignment with what I really want, and am supposed to be doing. This is incredibly scary to share. But I know these declarations are powerful and what I need. . . I’ve also been holding on to and have my old fiber work on there. Another thing I️’ve been needing to let go so I can move forward. . . If you do decide to stick around, this page will become more about motivating and empowering female creatives-not unlike @cylcollective. It will become more about offering guidance to break through barriers and set yourself up to run a HEALTHY business. . . Thank you everyone who has supported my journey up until this point. And thank you to those that continue to support my work. Y’all give me life! . . On a final note, if you are holding on to something that is keeping you Tethered, I️ urge you to examine why that is. Acknowledge fear. Face it. And then let it go. (Also you can DM me because I love a good pep talk!) 💛

  • @mossandblue : Could not like this more!! You are such an inspiration and incredible human. Keep going, girl. I'm right behind you.

  • @niromastudio : And just like that, you've found your calling. ❤️ go get it lady!

  • @jbplusdg : This is such an exciting place to be. Excited to see everything you share moving forward!

  • @jennedbalskyneal : Letting go and moving forward bravely - thank you for the inspiration Grace!

  • @lingerginger : Just bought the portal! Also would love to chat with you about your new direction. I need this in my life ;)

  • @flyingfreediaries : I love this so much. Thank you for sharing where you're at and what you need to move forward. Also about to DM you because this just hit home. 💛

  • @hitchandarrow : Thanks Grace that last part about letting go of something keeping you tethered really resonates with me right now! Congrats on going in full time on cyl! 🥂💃🌷

  • @createaholic : You are so brave! 🙌🏼 Your pep talk (message) and advice the other day was just what I needed... You’re definitely on the right track in life because you’re so damn good at it! 💛

  • @natalie_ranae : Good for you Grace! Also I think it takes a lot to even realize these things! And I 100% agree with Fanny @createaholic you are on the right track!!!

  • @katetangneystudio : Love this Grace! I've been hanging on to something for awhile myself and I think I need to reevaluate. Thank you for the inspiration, and can't wait to follow along on your journey ❤❤

  • @burntwoodmakery : 🙏🏼✌🏿👍🏾

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