In light of recent events I want to share something that’s been weighing heavily on my mind. Even more so as I am doing this 100 days, 100 conversations project. ▫️How many people do we pass in our daily lives that we will never know? How many missed opportunities are out there? Even for something as simple, and possibly day-altering, as a smile and hello? How many of us even take the time to get to know our neighbors? Even worse, what about the acquaintances in our live? Friends? Family? ▫️Conversations are integral to connection and understanding. ▫️How many times do you think Stephen Paddock was passed and overlooked by others? ▫️I am not condoning or justifying his actions. This is a devastating tragedy. I am however asking us all to consider the people we pass everyday or interact with daily. The people who may be hurting. The people who are crying out for connection and to be understood. The people who are in pain. ▫️While love and concern won’t solve all the world’s problems. It does allow you the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life TODAY. ▫️So put your phone down and learn to connect on a more personal and engaged basis. And when you get home tonight, turn off the tv and love your family by giving them your full attention. ▫️My heart goes out to everyone impacted by what happened. And if you ever need someone to talk to, I’ll try my best. 💛

  • @stephfile : ✌🏼

  • @ladybuges : Great idea, sad that my first thought about having 100 conversations with random people around us on a day to day basis was "ballsy or courageous" ! We all need to try harder

  • @elementaljewellerynz : I saw the most wonderful video yesterday about a little girl who struck up a conversation with an old man at a supermarket checkout. It turned out he had lost his wife earlier that year and had been very lonely. Long story short, now they are best friends, she visits him every week and he spends Christmas with her family ❤ To me this is such a perfect example of how making a simple connection can change someone's life.

  • @thewatersmark : Preach sister. Totally agree. I choose to smile at Strangers. Help. Hug. Even if I don't know them. We will change the world by embracing each other. Not sticking our headphones in and ignoring the world. 💛

  • @thinkingwithouttalking : Putting my phone down now - thanks Grace x

  • @annienorbeckart : Absolutely true and necessary and also something I want to instill in my young sons early on... 💛

  • @crklevy : Beautifully said. ❤️

  • @sierrarmcclain : Yes. So much yes.

  • @modpretties : Beautifully said.

  • @play_pieces : Yes. Such a simple thing, but one that is fast becoming so foreign to us.

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