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Instagram media by silpadadesigns - Half-Moon Bay Earrings: "Like" or "Dislike?" Shop at Silpada.com #SilpadaStyle
Half-Moon Bay Earrings: "Like" or "Dislike?" Shop at Silpada.com #SilpadaStyle
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  • User profile for lauren_blekicki

    LOVE! I've had a pair in my regular rotation for the last 5 years. Can't go wrong with them!

  • User profile for bettyrewolinski

    ❤️❤️been wearing all the times❤️❤️

  • User profile for kettraathome

    They are my favorites by far! @silpadadesigns

  • User profile for professorcarmen

    There is no such thing as "Dislike" when it comes to #Silpada! 😁🌟👍@silpadadesigns ♥️💎💍 #SilpadaStyle 😀😎🌟

  • User profile for shaylynnette

    #silpadadesigns #myfav #lovethese

  • User profile for msmagnolia8

    @silpadadesigns These are my favorite earrings in the world right now! I've worn them for two years almost everyday!

  • User profile for sterlingsilver_gal

    Now these are HOT..... very chic Indeed!!!

  • User profile for curlsandchiffon

    Love them.