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Weave Specialist (PHILLY)


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Instagram photo by crazy_handz - silkbase closure  #shakeyadidmyclosure
- silkbase closure #shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
hourglasswaisted14 - Hourglasswaisted @crazy_handz I have been calling the number to make a appointment an no one is answering an I left a vm
mrsjenkinstoyou - her.....mrs! GM @crazy_handz I been calling there's no answer for pricing
wifematerial_since1986 - 👰Mrs. Wydia Angelique Becton💍 @crazy_handz Hey! When's the best time 2 call??? I had an app on Tues but yall wasn't open so I wanted to reschedule. I can never get an answer tho.😕
juanista59 - Juanista59 I have been calling to confirm my appointment for Saturday morning and no one has been answering for me either. I've been calling since Friday @crazy_handz
joowhite_ - joowhite_ @patricialathan
poochie_who - Ri_Ri♉️💋 Why be so rude and unprofessional? 😩😫 I luvd you guys... Now I have to find another stylist since I was cursed out for no reason 😩😩😩 #wherestheluv #ijustwantedashakeyadidmyclosureundermypicture #ivebeendenied #whydenymeiwasloyal 😩... But anyways.. You still my number 1 hands down... Until I find better... 😘
mzlaney79 - Hannah Mcdaniels How does one actually set an appointment? I called and never got an answer. So I left a message and Nobody ever responded.That was last year. You do amazing work. Getting back to potential clients, not so amazing.
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - CUSTOM UNIT .. Using @myhaircloset
- CUSTOM UNIT .. Using @myhaircloset
crazy_handz crazy_handz
_gotta_love_nia_ - 👑💕 Flawless 💕👑 Can you make one in black with the same hair 😍😍😍 @crazy_handz
mrsibim - ShaNia Porter @flawlessbysomalia you need this
nursebrooks1221 - Quindara Burns I've been trying to reach you for some services @crazy_handz
darkn_lovely86 - EbbyLove (CoCo) @lanise1987 I wanna go here
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - BASICALLY 💅
crazy_handz crazy_handz
k_toofly - ✨Saila✨ 😭😭😭😭😭😭
crazy_handz - Weave Specialist (PHILLY) @tyegreatnesshair u hit this on the 👃👍👌
_stevie18 - _stevie18 When will you be accepting appointments? I wanted to make one for May 21st, for prom. I tried calling but every time I call, it goes to voicemail.
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - STILL NO RUNNING  WATER
crazy_handz crazy_handz
miagetlikeme - L.T They better do a good wash and make them appointment!!
_sassy_scorpio_ - Ginou So sorry for you girl
babydee2u - Dejrae Vickers Let the pipes drip to prevent that from happening again.
be_you_tiful__40 - La ilaha illallah!!! She stated in big bold letters...DUE TO COLD WEATHER THE PIPES BUST!!!! YES WASH YOUR HAIR CHILE😒😏
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - ITS ON ITS WAY..💁💯🙌..THEY SAY IF U CANT CONTROL YA EDGES U .. Can't CONTROL YA MAN .. So ladies u gone need some #crazycontrol😂💁
- ITS ON ITS WAY....THEY SAY IF U CANT CONTROL YA EDGES U .. Can't CONTROL YA MAN .. So ladies u gone need some #crazycontrol
crazy_handz crazy_handz
ms_gigi_f - ms_gigi_f @skinnykorinney @trizz_beats the caption
brownskinpoppin_like - I been this way... Fu¢k wit me I can't wait to try your product 😀😀 @crazy_handz
gotham1217 - Beautifully Flawed I was just cursing at all the edge control I've used over time and doesn't work.
trizz_beats - latricia @ms_gigi_f lmao
_theonlytrice - Unbothered 💅 Mix breed 🙈 Are ️Yu booked saturday ? @crazy_handz
foxedva - foxedva Im trying to make an appt
stardar - The Dropout Chef: Stardar I am looking for your LoGO guy Kedar I can't Find his Instagram can you point me to the right direction
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - @iamminglee ...🙌💯YESSSSSSS
- @iamminglee ...YESSSSSSS
crazy_handz crazy_handz
missredgal - Pro-MUA&AccessoryBoutiqueowner When is the next class @crazy_handz
chinnxx_ - 6ix⚽ 👏👏👌💯
crazy_handz - Weave Specialist (PHILLY) @mygirlzrmypriority any questions & pricing u have to call the salon ... During working hours .. Thank u
crazy_handz - Weave Specialist (PHILLY) @mygirlzrmypriority that's what I pay a receptionist for ..
allstyleshaircare - AllStylesHairCare @crazy_handz I admire and love you !! So humble and winning 😍😍😘😘
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - 💁💯🙌
crazy_handz crazy_handz
keetlollis - Niketa Lollis @msnada92 I was thinking the same thing I will be annoyed at work flipping that hair out of my face so I could read the medicine bottles!!!!! But this hair sho is FLY!!!!
shatbrwn85 - Shataya Brown @krystal_brown @sadehill
zhyaires_mom - Shawnice I agree @could_care_less_times2
ambitious_aries416 - 💜🎀Dilynn Kharter🎀💜 My aunt SHARP🔪😍 @simplee_tamyra
ashleyymariee___ - VII.XXIX.XI Mrs.FRANKS Yessss @simplee_tamyra she slayedddd that 😍😍
queennadira - Nadira💎👑💄👠 @la_bucky @therealtiffanyn
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - 💯🙌😍💁
crazy_handz crazy_handz
boss_kitty_ - Porchia💋 @blossum_beauty ♥️♥️♥️
mothaaxthrift - ivana gladden Can you sow hair in on locs ??
theetrademark - ™ Coldest in the game. 😍
sharetta_star - sharetta_star @yooo.nellyyy Is this the kind of wavy bob u was talking about?
yooo.nellyyy - CoCo.Janell🌀👑🎀 I want it to look a little more natural . This is really nice though . It looked crimped @sharetta_star
sharetta_star - sharetta_star Yeah, a Lil more loose but this kind of cut right? @yooo.nellyyy
yooo.nellyyy - CoCo.Janell🌀👑🎀 Yes @sharetta_star do you remember how Ciara had that Bob like 2 or 3 years ago ? It was like wavy but not to wavy .
sharetta_star - sharetta_star Yuppp! @yooo.nellyyy
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - 💁💯🙌
crazy_handz crazy_handz
styledby_lia - Alia Im in love with this hair
sexilexy - Alexis Clark @crazy_handz I live in Nyc and wanna kno about an apt and pricing but no one answers when I call
crazy_handz - Weave Specialist (PHILLY) @sexilexy u have to call during working hours in bio
sexilexy - Alexis Clark @crazy_handz I have called during those hours and even left messages still no response. I'll try again on Tuesday! I love your work
s.h.a.n.i.y.a - s.h.a.n.i.y.a I wanna purchase some hair do you have any instock??
chamika519 - chamika kilson Do u hv any blonde bundles in stock..@crazy_handz
Instagram photo by crazy_handz
crazy_handz crazy_handz
tyleisha65 - Heaven @crazy_handz I like this👌👌👌👍😀
nurseheb15 - Ebony hebert Hi I'm from Trenton and I seen ur pics ur the bomb! I wanted some pricing info and to know do u supply the hair? @crazy_handz

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