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Weave Specialist (PHILLY)


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Instagram photo by crazy_handz - SHE ROCKING THIS BOB
crazy_handz crazy_handz
la_troi_ - la_troi_ How much for a cap
msmika82iam - msmika82iam Yes she is👍💯😍
blackwelljasmine24 - blackwelljasmine24 I no ur shop close today so tomorrow I'm goin to call to mak an a app where can purchase a good lace fontal from
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - Another frontal /sew-in ..#shakeyadidmyclosure
- Another frontal /sew-in ..#shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
africanbraidingqueen_215 - Mez Monyoukaye How early do you start to take calls?
cutie1228 - cutie1228 Hey sakia I made and appointment for Wednesday @ 1i think can I come at 330 when i get off @crazy_handz
iam3in1 - Kristen I like this one better @iyonah_23
__luckyash - LeeLee how much is this
__ajeetatyana - __ajeetatyana I need this @iamprudence
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - #shakeyadidmyclosure
- #shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
still_snatched - JOY To my mouth just fell open @kreebreezi when are we going real talk
ab_dotcom - AB Laaaaaaid! Is it sewn down or bonded?
wymeerah - wymeerah @_____her_____ @brownstar82 I have a full lace wig on
thereealjennag - Therealjennag I know, but wow you just made it look more natural than I've EVER seen!!! It looks better than the strippers who pay hundreds! Lol!😂😂
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - #shakeyadidmyclosure
- #shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
firstlady_1987 - 🌺Ms Jasmine🌺 Sky's mom @crazy_handz this is nice how much u charge for this style
firstlady_1987 - 🌺Ms Jasmine🌺 Sky's mom @crazy_handz im coming from Bristol pa
queenneen94 - Nina.. @itsmeohsostacey ..yooo shes a problem i need this!!
ladyjones3225 - Markeia Jones how much do u charge for these style? @crazy_handz
king_choc - Choc @coffee_no_cream
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - Full lace .. /frontal #shakeyadidmyclosure
- Full lace .. /frontal #shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
chinadoll1284 - chinadoll1284 Hi I called u 30 min ago to ask u some questions @crazy_handz
blesssed__ - blesssed__ Where did she get the hair ? @crazy_handz
kichilee_ - Kichi Lee Thnks @keyda_cole
nikki_1573 - Nikki Where can I purchase one of these frontals from ?
sweet_chanel03 - Chanel Rivers Where are they getting these frontals from?
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - I need change
- I need change
crazy_handz crazy_handz
brih_ - brih_ can i book a appointment?
__tymerah - Tymerah Burgess Hey how much is a sew in with the closure
sheybutta_ - Bre'Shey The Hairstylist Are you still having the closure class ?
leahlovebug3 - Elle'a ♥ Hey boo how much for a sew in wit a closure?? N wen r u avail @crazy_handz
lovelee_ree - Sherria Do you have wedding packages
shadesbypizzy - shadesbypizzy accepts paypal I cant call out try to call my phone
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - #shakeyadidmyclosure #Crazyhandzindianhair
- #shakeyadidmyclosure #Crazyhandzindianhair
crazy_handz crazy_handz
_corbinique - _corbinique Steph 👋👋😘 hey boo! @barbsdollz @barbisadoll
barbsdollz - @Barbisadoll 😍😍😍😍 I luv it sooooo much thanks gf @who_fly_ass_shakeya , heeeeyyyy my fave @shamey31 😘
barbsdollz - @Barbisadoll Hi honey bunny 😘👋👋 @_corbinique
momtattedup - 💎 I'm calling no answer I will like to buy hair today @crazy_handz
jack0falltrades - Shonnie 💄👠 Chloe's Ummi 💞🎀 I've been calling no answer as well, do u have walk in on Wednesdays?
aubrey1036 - Sylvia Harris How do I get in touch to make a appointment I've been calling to & no answer. @crazy_handz
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - #Crazyhandzindianhair #shakeyadidmyclosure
- #Crazyhandzindianhair #shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
shamey31 - Shamanique She cuuuute 💁💁 @barbisadoll
neesh_np_26st - Tanisha Skinner I'm loving the style on her!!!
__rdash - __rdash Can you email me back
iamginab - Gina B You're once of my favorite stylist. Love this man. I specialize in extensions in Cincinnati. You should look @ my work.
aviyagaia - Alyssa Do u sell the hair or do we have to get it prior to the appointment?