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Weave Specialist (PHILLY)


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Instagram photo by crazy_handz - Good morning .... CAN I BE GREAT PLEASE
- Good morning .... CAN I BE GREAT PLEASE
crazy_handz crazy_handz
1_dope_chic - 1_dope_chic That u are Boo😘
lovejoy81 - 🎀Neesha🎀 @crazy_handz the best
kiwidouble - Keisha Smiley Hello I was told that your the BEST at your craft and I'm interested in a bob style but I know nothing about this as far as do's or don't's of kinda hair or the pricing but I would love a new look @crazy_handz
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - SHE ROCKING THIS BOB
crazy_handz crazy_handz
blackwelljasmine24 - blackwelljasmine24 I no ur shop close today so tomorrow I'm goin to call to mak an a app where can purchase a good lace fontal from
xuxunanaukyo - 许炜娜 do u need hair wholesaler sweetie?
itsmrsjones_2u - Nurse Jones💉🏥 Do you have any openings tomorrow?
crazy_handz - Weave Specialist (PHILLY) @itsmrsjones_2u not sure .. U have to check with the shop
xuxunanaukyo - 许炜娜 hello sweetie do u need hair wholesaler?we are sexy Lady hair company in China. factory company. all hair factory price and provide wholesale to those do hair business. take consider plz.
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - Another frontal /sew-in ..#shakeyadidmyclosure
- Another frontal /sew-in ..#shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
africanbraidingqueen_215 - Mez Monyoukaye How early do you start to take calls?
cutie1228 - cutie1228 Hey sakia I made and appointment for Wednesday @ 1i think can I come at 330 when i get off @crazy_handz
iam3in1 - Kristen I like this one better @iyonah_23
__luckyash - LeeLee how much is this
__ajeetatyana - __ajeetatyana I need this @iamprudence
kaikai___ - Kai👑 Do you guys sell raw Indian ?
__rdash - __rdash I been emailing you im tryna make a appointment
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - #shakeyadidmyclosure
- #shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
still_snatched - JOY To my mouth just fell open @kreebreezi when are we going real talk
ab_dotcom - AB Laaaaaaid! Is it sewn down or bonded?
wymeerah - wymeerah @_____her_____ @brownstar82 I have a full lace wig on
thereealjennag - Therealjennag I know, but wow you just made it look more natural than I've EVER seen!!! It looks better than the strippers who pay hundreds! Lol!😂😂
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - #shakeyadidmyclosure
- #shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
queenneen94 - Nina.. @itsmeohsostacey ..yooo shes a problem i need this!!
ladyjones3225 - Markeia Jones how much do u charge for these style? @crazy_handz
king_choc - Choc @coffee_no_cream
eboni833 - Getyourlife Nice 😱 @godsbeautifulhair
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - Full lace .. /frontal #shakeyadidmyclosure
- Full lace .. /frontal #shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
chinadoll1284 - chinadoll1284 Hi I called u 30 min ago to ask u some questions @crazy_handz
blesssed__ - blesssed__ Where did she get the hair ? @crazy_handz
kichilee_ - Kichi Lee Thnks @keyda_cole
nikki_1573 - Nikki Where can I purchase one of these frontals from ?
sweet_chanel03 - Chanel Rivers Where are they getting these frontals from?
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - OWNER & founder of CRAZYHANDZ
- OWNER & founder of CRAZYHANDZ
crazy_handz crazy_handz
insatiablet423 - Tiffany Kemp U look fab! This is cute
author_pazzion - Pazzion Place Presents @crazy_handz ❤️that color on you
msqueengag - Shontay Thompson 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥GF!!! ❤️❤️it @who_fly_ass_shakeya
chanel____tiff - chanel____tiff Your hair is all that sis it came out real cute
lashon_selfmade - Hooper24 How much do you charge ?
vette_vette1 - vette_vette1 😍😍😍 Yeeeees
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - I need change
- I need change
crazy_handz crazy_handz
brih_ - brih_ can i book a appointment?
__tymerah - Tymerah Burgess Hey how much is a sew in with the closure
sheybutta_ - Bre'Shey The Hairstylist Are you still having the closure class ?
leahlovebug3 - Elle'a ♥ Hey boo how much for a sew in wit a closure?? N wen r u avail @crazy_handz
lovelee_ree - Sherria Do you have wedding packages
shadesbypizzy - shadesbypizzy accepts paypal I cant call out try to call my phone
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - #shakeyadidmyclosure #Crazyhandzindianhair
- #shakeyadidmyclosure #Crazyhandzindianhair
crazy_handz crazy_handz
_corbinique - _corbinique Steph 👋👋😘 hey boo! @barbsdollz @barbisadoll
barbsdollz - @Barbisadoll 😍😍😍😍 I luv it sooooo much thanks gf @who_fly_ass_shakeya , heeeeyyyy my fave @shamey31 😘
barbsdollz - @Barbisadoll Hi honey bunny 😘👋👋 @_corbinique
_mominkdup - 💎 I'm calling no answer I will like to buy hair today @crazy_handz
jack0falltrades - Shonnie 💄👠 Chloe's Ummi 💞🎀 I've been calling no answer as well, do u have walk in on Wednesdays?
aubrey1036 - Sylvia Harris How do I get in touch to make a appointment I've been calling to & no answer. @crazy_handz