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Weave Specialist (PHILLY)


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Instagram photo by crazy_handz - Cutie ❤️😍💯
- Cutie
crazy_handz crazy_handz
_snow____ - ❄️Snow❄️ I got soooo many complement on my hair😘😘😘 #CrazyHandzCutie
lay_1980 - Lay💋💋💋 @crazy_handz 🔥🔥🔥
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - #shakeyadidmyclosure
- #shakeyadidmyclosure
crazy_handz crazy_handz
__asia_______ - Asia Smh with my hair falling out at the top I really needed to see this @heavenlea_7
__asia_______ - Asia @reem__rothstein
_wheres_wally - K @lightskinnedaquarius
roxythebody - 1013 @prettylex_20
niquethebuyer - niquethebuyer @ameliahottness now hers goes down the middle and side to side
Instagram photo by crazy_handz
crazy_handz crazy_handz
kema_nata - Kema 😙 😩 do classes in the new year!!?
chlozus - chlozus @kema_nata right 😩
kema_nata - Kema 😙 Need to learn her techniques asap!! @chlozus
__noella - __noella Can I come pick up two bundles?
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - #crazyhanddidthat WHET CLOSURE
- #crazyhanddidthat WHET CLOSURE
crazy_handz crazy_handz
faithtabulous - Kitra She's baaaaaacccck!!! 👏 love this and all your work suga!! 😘
_giftfromvirgo - Mandy 🏆 @brandname_hope when did u go!
brandname_hope - Hope_Sharece I can't wait to see you again, hopefully February I'll contact you soon before you book up.
brandname_hope - Hope_Sharece @_giftfromvirgo this was before the cruise.
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - Instock $100
- Instock $100
crazy_handz crazy_handz
onlyone_uptown_toya - onlyone_uptown_toya @crazy_handz how much u charge for sew ins with closer
deancassandra - Cassandra Dean How can I order one crazy _handz
rachelalyxi - Rachel @adjee81 they r back in stock. Are you still able to pick one up for me?
shaunika_j - Simply NIKA Is that a frontal closure.@crazy_handz
monaa_leeza - Paint A Picture Hi I was wondering how much a sew in bob cost? @crazy_handz