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Weave Specialist (PHILLY)


Instagram photo by crazy_handz - ITS AWAYS A GOOD DAY WITH @dquese
crazy_handz crazy_handz
tyegreatnesshair - Stylist/Tye Area/Philadelphia Hes such a sweetheart ☺️ @dquese
sheenbean215 - sheena b That food looks awesome 🙌🙌🙌🙌
b_l_e_s_s_e_d__ - Olivia Hi I have a appointment next month for my sis wedding I wanted to get a curly Bob and was wondering if I should get 2 12in bundles or one 12 and one 14in Thanks
crazy_handz - Weave Specialist (PHILLY) @b_l_e_s_s_e_d__ call the salon
dquese - Marquis Black @tyegreatnesshair 😉
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - @rikkibhd #influence  #cutting&coloringclass with my boo @dquese
- @rikkibhd #influence #cutting&coloringclass with my boo @dquese
crazy_handz crazy_handz
kings__mommy - A Mother to a Young King 👑👶 @lips_on_zah look at ur boss wit her popping color
nyab00 - Shania Boskie @ellaes_glam I'm sad I missed this one
sharod0911 - sharod0911 It was good meeting you your work is 💯💯
crazy_handz - Weave Specialist (PHILLY) @sharod0911 same here😍😘
1stlady_swagg - 1stlady_Swagg Luv to learn new can I b down
hairmagician_hhl - House of Hair Lounge I was pose to go to that class yesterday too. How did you like it?
burr_itsbreezy - Breezy 💋 It was so nice to meet you! You're work is so nice!! Always give props when it's due 🙌 hope to see you at the next class!
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - CLASs WITH @Rikkibhd was great influenceclass... AS A STYLIST U NEVER KNOW TO MUCH ... It's always good to stay updated @dquese #crazyhandzson
- CLASs WITH @Rikkibhd was great influenceclass... AS A STYLIST U NEVER KNOW TO MUCH ... It's always good to stay updated @dquese #crazyhandzson
crazy_handz crazy_handz
sheenbean215 - sheena b 👌👌👌👌
yourhairinmycare - Nicole Williams Great Product!!!! Hey boo @crazy_handz
stylist_lyfe - Joy lol. Thanks Le! @kings__mommy
stylist_lyfe - Joy @crazy_handz Hey boo I wanted to greet you today! But I was bein' pulled in a mill places. Hope to see you at our next class and we can talk then. 👌
crazy_handz - Weave Specialist (PHILLY) @stylist_lyfe yessss's AWAYS next time
stylist_lyfe - Joy This is TRUE! 😉 @crazy_handz
yellowgal40 - yellowgal40 Love that mind set
1stlady_swagg - 1stlady_Swagg Wen n where is the next class being held I would luv to b apart.
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - WITH MY BOO THANG #crazyhandzson @dquese  #influence.
- WITH MY BOO THANG #crazyhandzson @dquese #influence.
crazy_handz crazy_handz
sheenbean215 - sheena b Love ya hands..blessed.u r...
dniceuptown1 - dnice @_kieamonea_ when what she said she in a class....Now!
_kieamonea_ - kiea Darn I'm in school smh wen is the next class
_kieamonea_ - kiea Clearly I know now sweetie @dniceuptown1
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - @vegaznavada215 🎶🎵🎼 dir.@4evernyce_ #GSF
- @vegaznavada215 dir.@4evernyce_ #GSF
crazy_handz crazy_handz
ms_tonigurl2 - RashidaGurl's Mom OMG:-) :-) :-) :-) :-D :-D :-D :-D
youngnella - S H A N E L Hi I sent you an email about an appointment I haven't heard anything back ! Please respond
badgalchink - 🎎🎀🍊NOVEMBER 14th🍊🎀🎎 Do I have to come to the shop if I am looking to buy hair? @crazy_handz
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - Another happy client 💁😊
- Another happy client
crazy_handz crazy_handz
kingwang25_ - KINGWANG25 Can't wait to see you wear your earrings 😘😘
meekbabe_ - 🌸GiveMEEKiss😙 I can't wait til. B one 😂
vivalaveese - vivalaveese Hi @crazy_handz let me know if you're still interested in The #SexiestSalonSession. I think you and your clients would have a great time 💃 #FlirtyFitness #LadiesNight
wandig_101 - On a mission I've been trying to call the shop.....but no answer...I need an appt asap
mimiflics - LMTP @crazy_handz I tried calling the shop but didn't get a answer I wanted to schedule an appointment for Saturday
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - 💁💇😍
crazy_handz crazy_handz
muminah_vs_meeka - muminah_vs_meeka You slayed that as always tho
gwen______w - Gwen THE BOMB! See ya very soon! 🙌😍👌👍
mrskye_2u - ✨Kye✨ I'll be calln y'all 2morrow @crazy_handz @who_fly_ass_shakeya 👋✋👋✋
dylanisking14 - Delaunda vs. Diamond This looks sooo 👍👍👍
babygirl91928 - Serena Michelle Gary How much for this style ?
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - #shakeyadidmyclosure #idontknowwhodidyours
- #shakeyadidmyclosure #idontknowwhodidyours
crazy_handz crazy_handz
shonna_1013 - Shonna Thanks again loved my hair 🙏🙏🙏
sydthe_sciencekidd - Justice Renee @crazy_handz hey when my closure starts to slip do I have to get the whole thing taken out and put back in ??
sydthe_sciencekidd - Justice Renee U did my closure in August
crazy_handz - Weave Specialist (PHILLY) @sydthe_sciencekidd no ... Has it been 4 weeks .. Tag me in one of your pics so I can post it
sydthe_sciencekidd - Justice Renee I just kno u did it like the middle is August and u want a current pic ? @crazy_handz
blk_wonderwoman - Tyra Elam-Rodgers Is there more than one stylist. And do I bring my own hair. Can I make an appointment for a consultation first.
Instagram photo by crazy_handz - CUSTOM WIG UNIT ...#shakeyadidmyclosure #idontknowwhodidyours
- CUSTOM WIG UNIT ...#shakeyadidmyclosure #idontknowwhodidyours
crazy_handz crazy_handz
toalwaysshine - chandelier cuz I am going How much do you charge for weave caps
ammmbbbbeeerrrr - Amber What?? That's a wig omg it look like it grew out her scalp
bee_sexy - Brandy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
zelly4u - Dazzelle @crazy_handz u really are amazingly talented
kall_her_kay - kall_her_kay Transformation Tuesday's