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Instagram media by momspark - Are maxi dresses still cool?
Are maxi dresses still cool?
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  • User profile for karanoellawson

    I hope so because the are so flattering.

  • User profile for hercreativeescapades

    Great dress and I love the color!!!

  • User profile for kajunkim

    I still wear mine.

  • User profile for momspark

    I bought this one from Etsy. I was thinking it would be great for the cruise?

  • User profile for babylovingmama

    I saw several maxi dresses while shopping yesterday so i would say they are!

  • User profile for amylnorton

    I sure hope so because I have three that I wear all the time!

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  • User profile for tifathgf

    Does it matter? ;) wear what you want.



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