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Instagram photo by retro_johnson - What you listening to in 2k16πŸ‘ˆ
- What you listening to in 2k16
retro_johnson retro_johnson
ste__vie - The on the soundcloud ?
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @ste__vie naw not yet bro I'll put one up tonight and let you know
ste__vie - You ain't gotta tell me I follow you so it messages me telling me you added new music lol
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @ste__vie πŸ’―πŸ’― fashow
itsrayiguess - Haroun Ray Niggaaaaa! Release this shit! lmao
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @itsrayiguess oh it's all done now my man! I can't wait to drop it
itsrayiguess - Haroun Ray I gotta be one of the first to hear it bro, forreal!
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @itsrayiguess oh you already know brodie!
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - Retro shit
- Retro shit
retro_johnson retro_johnson
mommyscandoit2 - Hot mama mission When's the next show brobro??....what u working on? When we going to Hollywood and hand out some mixtapes/albums? When we gone start getting shit cracking!!??
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - "Hypnotized"
- "Hypnotized"
retro_johnson retro_johnson
bay650rose89 - RosalinaπŸ’Ž πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
itsrayiguess - Haroun Ray Brooooo! Where is the project at?!!! All the shit you been posting been fire! lol frfr
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @itsrayiguess good looking bro you will most definately be one of the first ones getting my tape!!!
itsrayiguess - Haroun Ray We need to link up bro forreal! Ima try to find something for us to collab on for my EP πŸ‘
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @itsrayiguess yea fashow let me know bro
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - Baby paaahh me da hoookah!
- Baby paaahh me da hoookah!
retro_johnson retro_johnson
jessiverrochi - Jessi Verrochi I love this picture. 😍
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @ninjarena most definately
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @jessiverrochi yea it is pretty dope I'm like "where's @jennifarts_insane but she sacrificed herself for this pic 😳
jessiverrochi - Jessi Verrochi I know @jennifarts_insane we all love you!!!
alisa_ak09 - πŸ’«Alisa KayπŸ’« We all cute doeeeeeeee 😜
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @alisa_ak09 my bad I didn't think I had you on IG too or else I would've tagged you
alisa_ak09 - πŸ’«Alisa KayπŸ’« 😯.... Lol .. It's all good, well now u know..,😁
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - Super regular..
- Super regular..
retro_johnson retro_johnson
ayarin_b - Ayarin Bennen πŸ’ž πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ not lurking or anything πŸ˜†
therealteddy_ - TEDDY Trying to get there u got some tips since u used to be in same situation sort of
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @therealteddy_ yea man my biggest thing was diet I used to always workout but nothing never really changed since I started a "real" diet for like a month and a half no cheating I had no more than 50 carbs a day some day none at all only thing with this is it'll make you tired so I don't know how you feel about pre workouts and stuff man but I pretty much needed them, but if you're all natural now you doing good bro keep up the good work!
therealteddy_ - TEDDY Thanks bro appreciate it
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - Follow me on snapchat: swaggysed
- Follow me on snapchat: swaggysed
retro_johnson retro_johnson
alexeandrea - You look skinny than mug
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @alexeandrea Girl you know how the camera take away ten pounds! πŸ™Œ lol
alexeandrea - No it adds ten pounds lol... but you're lookin good folks
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson Yea I know just a joke that didn't go so well lol but naw 8 need my weight back
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - Over like you ain't know boy!!
- Over like you ain't know boy!!
retro_johnson retro_johnson
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson #gbp #greenbay #packers
seasunj - You guys weren't talking NO kinda of shit on thanksgiving thoπŸ˜‚
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - "Like I was taught"
- "Like I was taught"
retro_johnson retro_johnson
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @itsrayiguess lol tired of shaving, but goodlookin bro!
itsrayiguess - Haroun Ray West Coast Living all day boy! I'm proud of you bro, your sound has grown so much! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @itsrayiguess Wcl! Yessir it's all in the pain
ste__vie - If you don't make a damn soundcloud already
ste__vie - Ima fista Lay yo ass out then let my home girl @los_90huh piss on you
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @ste__vie I do have a sound cloud it's just out of date lol what the hell @los_90huh my daughter boy ha!
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson Good lookin sis @_blackdahliah