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Instagram photo by retro_johnson - "The dumbest shit" 😩
- "The dumbest shit"
retro_johnson retro_johnson
alexeandrea - I really want to know how makes these memes man
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @alexeandrea some lonely hurt girl person
alexeandrea - Lmfaooooo hurt girl person I lve those choice of words
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - "She's a bad mama jama"
- "She's a bad mama jama"
retro_johnson retro_johnson
mr_bobbykelly - Bobby Kelly Did you post your new stuff yet man??
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @mr_bobbykelly naw I had to push it back because we ran into a problem at the studio but it'll be out this week fashow nightmare!! Lol
mr_bobbykelly - Bobby Kelly Take your time! Can't rush greatness lol!!!
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @mr_bobbykelly and you know this!!!! Lol
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - "Capitol Revenue" Video link will be on my profile tomorrow! #TRJT
- "Capitol Revenue" Video link will be on my profile tomorrow! #TRJT
retro_johnson retro_johnson
lovencash - CashMere, but you knew that πŸ’‹ I couldnt be in the background?? Or get my 15 minutes πŸ˜‚
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @lovencash you would've had to have been cross-faded like everyone was lol
lovencash - CashMere, but you knew that πŸ’‹ Oh.....that....well ummm, my acting skills are on point lol
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - What you listening to in 2k16πŸ‘ˆ
- What you listening to in 2k16
retro_johnson retro_johnson
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @itsrayiguess oh it's all done now my man! I can't wait to drop it
itsrayiguess - Haroun Ray I gotta be one of the first to hear it bro, forreal!
retro_johnson - Sedric Johnson @itsrayiguess oh you already know brodie!
mommyscandoit2 - Hot mama mission Umm where my CD!?! I'm waiting!!!
Instagram photo by retro_johnson - Retro shit
- Retro shit
retro_johnson retro_johnson
mommyscandoit2 - Hot mama mission When's the next show brobro??....what u working on? When we going to Hollywood and hand out some mixtapes/albums? When we gone start getting shit cracking!!??