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Instagram photo by biggsed - Ask me why I'm f****** sick!!!!
- Ask me why I'm f****** sick!!!!
biggsed biggsed
los_90huh - Carlos @biggsed ha aye you know whe go way back right ha let me hold some
Instagram photo by biggsed - "Binirds"
- "Binirds"
biggsed biggsed
cyncerely_yours - Cynthia You & los really love parking on the top level lol
biggsed - Sedric Johnson Lol my boy @los_90huh
los_90huh - Carlos @biggsed ha that's my dawg
Instagram photo by biggsed - πŸ‘‘
biggsed biggsed
uniqueraquel_ - Look at that ass on her. She's pretty πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Instagram photo by biggsed - Fresh start..
- Fresh start..
biggsed biggsed
biggsed - Sedric Johnson @everydaywithmenae what time do you usually go to the gym man I'm about to get lvac
everydaywithmenae - Jasmen'e Dennis I wish u would hurry up! I normally go around 6:30 7ish p.m
tamoi_ - (tuhh-moy) i see you bro!
Instagram photo by biggsed - Boooooy if you dont!
- Boooooy if you dont!
biggsed biggsed
fastlanerep - Lol that really wasn't cuzz lol
biggsed - Sedric Johnson @fastlanerep I know that shit just funny haha
everydaywithmenae - Jasmen'e Dennis Lmaooo! πŸ˜‚ Bwahahaha
jly23 - Gerald @ay23lee @y23rp @aceboogie_wwh @laviish2tatted
Instagram photo by biggsed - 😎
biggsed biggsed
_dawkinss - Ashley Dawkins It's about damn time
_lizann - _lizann Eddie left his phone in yo car can u charge it
biggsed - Sedric Johnson @_lizann lol smh how did he leave his galaxy!!? Haha I got it tho
_lizann - _lizann Drunk πŸ˜‚ , can you charge it? And what's your number .
biggsed - Sedric Johnson @_lizann it's charging now 7023557108
allafons - Lol ...